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Mar. 31/09 | Chicago vs. Montréal | Game Thread

Spider-Man NL

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Damn, NYR beat NJD 3-0....

Another must-win game tonight if we want to keep a hold on 8th and maybe shake NYR's grip on 7th.


:hlogo: :hlogo: :hlogo:

Nice to see you back for a surprise game thread, Spidey :)

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Higgins out with a virus.

He was playing very good hockey lately, on penalty killing he was very good with Metrepolit.

This probably means Stewart in. So the fourth line is weaker, Plekanek line really needs to step up.

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Lets hope that Huet doesn't come back to bite us in the ass.

Win or Loss...You Know He'll be Smiling :lol:

Keys to the game:

1) Stay out of the Box! Chicago has a damn good Powerplay

2) Draw First Blood

3) This game will require a full 60 minute effort for a W

I'm going to side with the Hawks on this one and say 4-3

Markov, Kovy, S.Kost

Toews, Havlat, Versteeg, Pahlsson

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Wow, 3 pages already and the game hasn't even started........... :P

Welcome back in the good ol' GDT who start 32 hours before the game !!!! :clap:

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I have a huge amount of respect for Huet, he won a lot of big games for us and he was one of my favourite players when he was here...I want him to do well tonight but make no mistake, I want my Habs to win.

btw, thanks again everyone.

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