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Plekanec- History will be Made


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Is it just me or did the camera stay on Cammalleri way too long - maybe thinking he was Plek? (#13 / #14... easy to confuse). RDS same problem (same camera...). Also, RDS had announced Cammalleri as the goal scorer on screen.

Either way, great vid because of the caption at the end regarding the Theo/Tomas Jagr joke. :P

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i just caught your funny saying,

"Never run faster than your guardian angel can fly"

The funny thing is , my guardian angel (who I have named Celeste) is famous in my family for keeping me from getting speeding tickets in the most unbelievable circumstances. So apparently Celeste is pretty quick...at least 140 kph...

My daughter and her friends all swear by her for parking spots , even down at the Beaches on Friday night. When the car rolls up, one pulls out right in front of the building they want enter.

Celeste has moved with me from Quebec To BC to Ontario, but she apparently still operates in the earlier locales...so feel free. Next time you need a spot...or are in one...just say, "Celeste, please?".... She... ok, angels aren't male or female... but she is for sure a big (metaphorically speaking) Habs fan. (On orders from further up. ) :D

Could not sleep so I decided to make this:

Nice one Quebecois! Celeste likes it too! :P

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Very cool clip man, props.

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Sidenote, I guess Pat Kane is growing a playoff mullet this year. must be because he doesn't shave yet lol.

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crazy good! love it!


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