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HabsWorld 2011 NHL Playoff Thread


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Well... Bieksa. What a weird way to end a serie...

Yeah, what a weird bounce off the wall! First time I see that kind of direct bounce back. Nobody on the ice knew where the puck was except Bieksa who saw it at his feet and was wise enough to take advantage of the situation and shoot the puck asap. congrats Canucks!

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Consider that the Bruins and Lightning were almost identical in season and playoff stats... save the playoff special teams where TB was vastly superior (25.4% vs 8.2%). I'm not one to conspiracy theorize, but I find it intriguing that the ONLY penalty-free game in the last 20 years (when they started tracking this stat) comes in a situation that would seem to favour the Bruins.

Now, I watched about 50% of the game, and I didn't note any egregious non-calls, but still... How fortuitous for Boston.

Much like Horton scoring the series-winning goal one game removed from facing no discipline for squirting and throwing a water bottle at a TB fan.


edit: Looks like Horton was fined an "undisclosed" amount for the incident. They took their sweet time releasing that info.

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lol @ Chara & Thomas.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: size is not a skill. Being big might make a payer useful to his team, but that's not the same as saying said player is a good player. Chara being a good case in point tonight. I only watched the third period (and those 11 seconds of OT) and Chara was on the ice for both Canucks goals (Sedin's tying goal and Burrows' gamewinner), and he turned the puck over in his own zone a number of times.

Chara might very well be the most overrated defender in the NHL right now IMO.

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