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2011 Draft Thread/Chat - June 24, 7PM


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they have several people who job it is to determine draft list and they study film and interview lots of prospects and debate it for a couple months, i assume, so while we all like to question picks in hindisght, have our favorites and maybe wonder why a guy like LeBlanc's old teamate Seth Ambrose didnt get picked till 100 something, even though he was highly rated last fall and on paper /hightlights he looks like a power forward worth taking, Dietz or whomever else Timmons chose, do have promising aspects, that somone thought better of i guess.

The czech pick is one that is intriging to me, as i was hoping Habs might trade down and take Jaskin, who seems very similar to Pribyl (6'3" and 190lbs) and possible a nice big winger in a couple years and hopefully plays in QMJHL with Bornival this season?

All in all draft picks seems a fine group.

ON the Draft- If anyone tries to sell the fact that the Habs pick the best person available, they should be committed. I believe they were trying to hit a home run. I expect some of those picks might have been still available at the end of draft. I like that there was reasonable size and the first pick was from N/A and will be available to us sooner than later. We don't have any choice but to trust Timmins. Please don't make him into a SAINT.

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I'm over the top for this one. My junior team and my NHL team finally converge! I've talked to the kid briefly at a season ticket holders function, seems less serious, more of a joker type. Grew up a Canucks fan in Alberta.

On the ice, he definitely went under the radar, but I like his skill set quite a bit. He got more bold as the year went on, looking forward to what he'll bring as potentially on the Blades' top pairing next year with Siemens. He's got great instincts as far as pinching goes.

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About Magnus Nygren.

I followed him close last season as Färjestad went all the way to win the Swedish cup.

He made the roster in Färjestad mid season and was their best defenceman from then. He has good playmaking skills and makes things happen on the powerplay. Not that strong but that could change. I would like to compare him to a young Niclas Kronwall of the Detroit Red Wings.

I think Montreal did a good job drafting him. He had the same points totals as David Rundblad and more than Adam Larson (4th pick overall) in the playoffs.

This could be a steal for the Habs.

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