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Is there serious talk about moving Gomez?

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It hasn't even hampered them. They are sitting with millions to spend on July 1st. This is essentially a rehash of an argument that was valid when he was signed and becomes less important with every year removed from his contract and every year that the cap increases.

• 2008 he took up 15% of the Rangers cap and was paid $10M per.

• 2009 it dropped to 13% and an $8M commitment

• 2010 it remained 13%/$8M

• 2011 it dropped to 12% and $7.5M

• 2012 it dropped again to 11% and $7.5M

Next season it will likely drop again and the salary commitment will be only $5.5M per season.

It seems like a relatively lazy stance with the cap continuing to sky rocket from $39M to $64M since the lockout. It obviously has to stop at some point, but a $7.3M cap commitment on a $50M cap and one on a $64M one constitutes a huge difference. He is overpaid and if he drops another 30 point season than he will be dealt, he might get dealt if he puts up another 60 point season considering all the teams needing to reach a floor that is $8M more than the initial salary cap.

I am not really that worried about him at this point, suggesting that 3/4ths of the guys dealt for him have done NOTHING has resulted in the 2nd worst trade of anything is silly to me.

I agree and while I hate his contract lets be honest we have nobody who can carry the puck into the offensive zone the way he does consistently. The transition game (which the habs love to play) needs a guy like Gomer. We need gomer to have a much better year and I think he will. He is a leader on this team. We cannot trade him unless we can replace him. I see nobody coming back who will do that. The reason Habs fans want to trade him is his contract. this is Brisebois all over again. An over paid guy not playing to his contract. I think we should wait till next year and see how we can replace him if he shoots the bed again.

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I predict that Gomez's contract is going to look much better 24 hours from now.

I also think that the possibility of the cap falling needs to be borne in mind. For instance if the Canadian dollar were to fall. Also who really knows what will happen under the new CBA. I really don't see any one (other than Richards) worth spending big money long term on. Given the players available I don't see any need to try to get to the cap.

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Phoenix, Colorado and NYI are all well under the cap floor, and all have mostly full teams.

Both NYI and Phoenix have limited depth at centre.

If Gomez goes anywhere, those are probably the teams with any sort of interest in him.

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Colorado? Add the $2.75m for Varlamov as rumoured, nearly $4m for Landeskog, plus signing their RFA's... not much concern about cap floor.

Phoenix has to sign Yandle. $4-$5m?

Islanders wanted a D via UFA (went after Ehrhoff)... they'll probably have at least Niederrieter ($2.75m) and maybe both of de Haan and Strome on their team next year.

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