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GDT | Boston vs. Montreal | September 25th, 2011 | 6PM EST


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Best I could do with short notice:


  • Archambault (#78)
  • Avtsin (#36)
  • Blunden (#45)
  • Cole (#72)
  • Darche (#52)
  • Engqvist (#63)
  • Gallagher (#73)
  • Gomez (#11)
  • Kostitsyn (#46)
  • Masse (#80)
  • Palushaj (#60)
  • Wilsie (#56)


  • Beaulieu (#40)
  • Ellis (#85)
  • Gill (#75)
  • Henry (#24)
  • Weber (#68)
  • Yemelin (#74)


  • Budaj (#30)
  • Mayer (#65)

The game starts at 6pm EST, and will be seen on RDS. No idea what the line combinations will be, nor Boston's roster... save that Chara and Pouliot will play tonight and not tomorrow night in Montreal. Budaj is projected to play the full game.


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Anyone know if this game will be on radio ? if so what station... I need some pre-season hockey to kick start things this season.


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Completely outmatched by the Bruins. Not sure of the ratio of NHL to rookies on the Bruins squad, but we have no answer for their bigger, tougher team.

3-1 Boston.

Come on ref.. guy send the puck in and then the Bruin takes him into the boards well after the play with a cheap shot.. no call. God I hate the Bruins almost as much as I hate a league that lets a team play that way.

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The real issue is setting up your exhibition season to have 6 games in 7 nights.. it means you never have more then one decent line. while it is nice that the rookies are getting lots of games, at this point we should be having most of the regular lines in place and getting use to playing together.

We need to quickly get to the real team and start building the chemistry. Keep the top 5 prospects around and let them play on the 3/4th lines, like they would as call ups.

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I realize that you cant judge a team by their preseason play, but they need to come into the season ready.

Either you believe it, or you don't. This is a 50/50 statement.

The Bruins were 1-3-1 in last years pre-season. They gave up 3 goals per game and averaged barely two per.

They started the seaosn 6-2 and gave up 11 goals in 8 games, the same amount they gave up in the 5 game pre-season.

AND, they won the Stanley Cup.

The Vancouver Canucks had a 3-5 pre-season record and gave up 27 goals in 8 games. They won the presidents trophy

and made it to game seven of the Stanley Cup final.

The Leafs finished the pre-season in first place in the East through September 2010. In 2009 the leading goal scorer in the pre-season

was Viktor Stalberg. In 2009 the Leafs beat Philly, Pittsburgh, Detroit twice.

These games mean NOTHING. There is no proof that teams carry momentum from the pre-season into the regular season.

Carey Price has played 120 minutes in 5 games. Subban has played two games. Markov has played none. Palushaj has played most of them.

When they start to count, I will begin to get concerned.

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These games mean nothing, but at some point you need to start getting your vets in game shape. The Bruins look like they have 80 percent of their NHL roster playing, so losing to them is no surprise.

I want to start seeing something close to our opening roster soon.

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