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Non-Rocket Habs Prospect tracker


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13:41 icetime for The Tsar


Two other LH -d prospects doing fine;

5th rounder Jarret Tyszka 2a, 16pts in 20gms and

3rd round pick Scott Walford 1g(7)1a, 31pts in 44gms.

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Just perusing hockeydb.com to check out how the Habs' prospects are doing, and I'm finding the 2017 draft class to be really interesting. Seems to me that every Habs' pick from that year is on track for a contract offer: Fleury and Brook already got one. Poehling is a lock (probably this year), Primeau and Ikonen are likely in a couple years, and Walford and Tyszka are on the bubble but are putting up points as left-handed D so they fill an organizational weakness. 


Obviously 2007 will be tough to beat for most star power, but for volume of talent 2017 has got serious potential.


Can any of our prospect guys weigh in? Has 100% signing rate for a draft ever been done before?

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Poehling  2g (4,5) 2a in 5-1 game !:clap:

Fonstad   2g (19, 20)

McShane 2g (21, 22)- 3rd period

Suzuki      1g (26) 1a

Teasdale  1g (28)

Ikonen       1a

Primeau    2g 28 shot loss.

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Olofsson with an assist today.



Brook vs fonstad

Both have 1g1a, fonstad and prince albert lead 3-2 after 2


Suzuki 1a

Hillis 1g

Guelph beats kingston 8-1


McShane 1g


Teasdale 2g


Poehling 1a



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