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Penguins vs Habs, Feb. 7, 7:30 PM


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For the record, there was a dumb, selfish, and unnecessary penalty by Pleks. Far worse then the accidental one that PK took. So... do we bench Pleks for a period?????

(by the way, my answer in both cases was a resounding NO).

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I'm all about tanking, but still love to see the young kids do well.

Great defensive play by PK and great goal for Louis there.

It is a problem for me as well. i am hoping for our kids to do well, but the refs to completely screw us out of the win. then we can lose, see some nice plays, and spend the next day railing about the crappy officiating and how we were robbed...

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The Habs will lose the game.

The Pens are in a battle now for the playoffs and Malkin has yet to hit the score sheet.C

Carey will not get consecutive shutouts, I would expect a Pens goal about 6 or 7 min into the 3rd.

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interesting idea on TSN... Trade Erik Cole.. playing his best hockey of his career, highest value.. prime the rebuild...

I guess it would depend on who you get back.. but if a good enough trade, why not.

and there is the shorty..

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I would trade Cole if someone gave back a similar young player and a 1st round pick and a top prospect.


Cole to St Louis



1st round pick

and one of their prospects.

But lets save that for the trade thread.

Back to the Game


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Isles win on Tavares and Neilson goal in the shootout.

Habs clearly showcasing Darche to try and acquire 8th round pick.

I like that.


Looks like the Habs wil pick up a point tonight.

Excellent effort by Lars.

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