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Dec. 7, Hamilton vs Syracuse, 7:30 PM


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After defeating the league leading Heat in their last time out, one would logically think things would get easier for the Bulldogs (7-9-1-1). Sadly this is not the case as tonight they travel to Syracuse to take on the Crunch (13-5-1-1), the Eastern Conference leaders. Syracuse is three points behind Abbotsford but have two games in hand. Keith Aulie and Brett Connolly are both expected to return to the lineup for the Crunch, as if their lineup wasn't good enough already.

Projected Syracuse lines:

(These are guesses based on +/- data from previous games which means surely some of these will be wrong)

Brown - Conacher - Connolly

Palat - Johnson - Panik
Labrie - Angelidis - Wyman

Killorn - Devos - Neilson

Cote - Taormina

Barberio - Gudas

Aulie - Nightengale


Projected Hamilton lines:

Holland - Dumont - Gallagher
Blunden - Boyce - Leblanc
Quailer - Chaput - Palushaj
Hagel - Nattinen - Stortini

Beaulieu - Ellis
Tinordi - Commodore
Nash - St-Denis


Puck drop is at 7:30 PM, Funny820 as always will have the play-by-play; click the banner below to listen.


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Palushaj scores in the last minute (great play by Beaulieu to control the puck, skate behind the net before centering) to make it 3-1. The score flatters Hamilton who has been dominated in every facet of the game. Shots are 18-6 through 1.

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No scoring in the 2nd, a period that the Bulldogs were considerably better than they were in the first (though I'm not sure they could have played worse). Leblanc missed a glorious opportunity in the last minute, he hasn't had a great game. Shots are 32-12, Desjardins is the only reason this is a game still. After a shaky start, he has been terrific.

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hoping the NHL settles shortly or we can expect more of this the rest of the season. I like your theory that an NHL settlement will help the Dogs who shouldn't suffer any major roster hits and should be able to develop their young talent at a better pace against more evenly matched teams.

I know I'm a homer (d'oh) but I have found, since becoming a Dogs fan way back in 1997, that there always appears to be officials who "have it in" for certain teams. In years past, we suffered through the unexplainable calls of Bob Langdon and then Dean Morton. I've found in the last few years, any games the Dog's play where Dave Lewis officiates, we seem to get in unexplainable penalty problems. Two men down early in this game for almost a minute and a half takes the wind out of the sails pretty early. Man, this season is getting frustrating. The Hamilton media is still semi ga-ga re the attendance but the school day game, Marlie games, Bell Centre games have given the figures some inflation.

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A really tough schedule hasn't helped their cause either. Quite a few times I recall typing that a team was either a league, conference, or division leader, and we're just 20 games into the season. I haven't looked ahead any but I'd have to think that it's bound to get easier at some point.

5-1 is the final, I'm glad I didn't stick around for the 3rd. Sadly with Desjardins coughing up 5, we'll likely see Mayer tomorrow. http://theahl.com/stats/game-summary.php?game_id=1010186

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