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Oct. 19, Predators vs Habs, 7 PM


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Well, that was by far the worst period of hockey this season.

In the NHL.

I have a hard time thinking of a period being worse in SHL as well. Pure crap, the same as what I saw against Columbus as well. Not one line on this team that can create some offensive punch and be a real threat every time they are on the ice.

CMON Therrien, do something!

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Looking at the ice time, Bournival played just 2 shifts in the 1st. That's a surprise after how well he played the other night. I know the Habs were shorthanded a lot but he's a player than can play the PK. Markov played nearly half the period on the flip side.

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Not true!

Stephane Waite is still fine...

Easily the best signing.

Lots of great plays out of Bournival.

Tinordi is cooked, he needs to go back to the a whenever Murray is ready.

Briere, meh. Hope he's ok, but he's clearly not missed on the ice.

PK and Markov are very quiet tonight. Great game for Price.

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Are we supposed to act like losing Briere is some kind of blow to the team? Please. :rolleyes:

No one said anything about a blow to the team. Just another in a long and never-ending list of injuries.

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