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Lessio and Andrighetto recalled


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Well, one thing for sure is that no one on this roster even seems to have any push back, or even stands up for his teammates.

No don't need a goon, but a 'fiesty' player or two wouldn't hurt.

Lessio-Mitchell-Flynn-Pelly-Weise are all soft and can on and on down the roster and either are soft (Pacioretty) or small (Gallagher). Even on defense got Beaulieu (who is no intimidating player neither) and that is it.

The team is definitely missing having an asshole player, a Prust, White, or Lapierre (that yappy little shit).

It's nice that Bergevin is building a stoic, character-driven team... except that the team is losing and we're seeing a bunch of emotionless robots watch the season pass them by.

Scott isn't the answer to that, by the way. Call him up if you want to lose more games, but he ain't fixing the lack of emotion on this team.

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I've noticed a real correlation that winning teams have united rooms and losing teams have division. (In general, there are exceptions, see the 2015 blackhawks whose room was reportedly a mess).

Its kinda chicken and egg though.

Does the unity create the wins... or do the good feelings that coming with winning create the unity.

Does the disfunction create losses... or do the losses piling up create pressure which causes people to be frustrated which causes pointing of fingers.

I tend to think its the latter and not the former... that the winnign/losing creates the team atmosphere, but thats just me.

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Do you think they should go out and sign Kovalev? I remember that was your solution last year.

Your sarcasm is relentless LOL, but in all honesty, at least Kovalev would give the team a chance to score MORE than 2 effin goals a night.

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Sorry but not sorry? That's how I deal with trolls that are overly outspoken. This isn't your first rodeo and it sure won't be your last.

Your solution to dealing with trolls is to act like a four year old and call them names? Says a lot about your intelligence level if you fall into that trap.

Doesn't matter what you think of me though... I know that every single poster on here who is knowledgable about hockey, and whose opinions I respect... those posters have always treated my opinions with respect; so whatever you think of me... I couldn't care less.

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