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24 games to go!


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On ‎2017‎-‎02‎-‎16 at 6:28 AM, TheDriveFor25 said:



MB adds a big name to the team and the HABS fly into the playoffs

Do you have any of that stuff you are smoking left?:P

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I can't go against my prediction of 106 points prior to the season so 16-4-4

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On 2/17/2017 at 6:30 PM, TheDriveFor25 said:

They'll come out of the break skating hard for the new coach, then hopefully MB adds a couple of pieces to keep it going. 

Ok the skating hard thing didn't happen so let's go for the trade part.

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Julien, Smulien.


Price is back. Therefore, the Habs will win lots of games.


This will hold true until they run into a playoff team whose goalie plays at close to Price's level, when our scoring will dry up, our D will be exposed, and we will lose. That'd be my general prediction.

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1 hour ago, IN THE HEARTS OF MEN said:

Or... price brilliance continues... our secondary scoring heats up like the first 20 games and we coast to glory


Yes, that is the best case scenario. Personally, I look at the blueline and think, 'no way does that stand up for four playoff series,' but hey, stranger things have happened.


I do see Julien as an upgrade on that idiot Therrien, so it doesn't hurt, but the team will go as far as Price takes it.

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