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Is Pacioretty A Real Leader?


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3 hours ago, xXx..CK..xXx said:

I agree with you and although it’s been happening more often in the recent past, it’s still not a common practice to trade away your captain. 


I personally like Pacioretty for what he can bring to the table but some people might argue that he is partly responsible for us being perceived as a collection and not a team. 


That’s not my perception but it seems to be a somewhat popular one. (If it is true that we are a collection and not a team, that falls on management and coaching)


Although, it does seem to be mostly for the value he can bring back in a trade that it’s been suggested. 

Reading the posted article by Bennett? on Subban, and Markov and Radulov not feeling the love... I found that really consistent. We are people. Persons. This means  that we are agents not objects, and agents in relationship with others and existence itself. Its a bond. It's not the money. And its not about the money. 

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Well, guys...on Pacioretty's contribution when not scoring, I'm sure Commandant is correct. Perhaps it would be more accurate to say that when he is not scoring, he doesn't do anything particularly *notable* to impact the game. You know, solid defensive play doesn't exactly strike the eye or make an obvious impact. By contrast, Galy can still agitate, a physical player can still hit, etc.. (This isn't really a criticism of Patches, of course - although in terms of "leadership," it's arguable whether or not it might be better to have a guy whose game has some real "oomph" even when he's slumping).


On trading him: yes, Pacioretty can be a huge piece to a contending team. We are not a contending team and are unlikely to become one in what we realistically should expect to be maybe three more years of peak performance from him, if that. I don't see the point of keeping him, then, provided we turn him into a significantly younger, high-quality asset, especially a C. This team does not have a single clear-cut legitimate top-6 centreman. Not one. I don't even ask for the Big Stud C everyone fantasizes about. (I'm on record as thinking Nuge + good prospect might be acceptable return). But no one is going to win the Cup with a giant donut of a team. Let's reboot the FW unit with an actual centreman fer chrissakes.


I hear Torontohab on loyalty, but one of the few things our idiot GM got right was saying, 'if you want loyalty, get a dog.'  Patches isn't really the type of player that I, at least, develop strong feelings of attachment to - he's so bland. Anyway, it's been 25 years of crap. I want to win. F**k everything else.

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