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Canadiens vs Bruins 7:30pm


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Kulak- Benn  

















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1 hour ago, Trizzak said:

Most important opponent this month. Good opportunity for a statement game that the Habs will be a playoff team this spring. 


10 points available before the buy week. I want 8+.


I'll be happy with 6 to be honest.   Anything past that is gravy. 

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14 minutes ago, Habopotamus said:

Good job Byron. Haven't seen the speed in a while 


It was certainly a good time for a vintage Byron goal.  He was due.


Not a great period overall from the Habs but I'll take it.  They'll need to be sharper in their own end in the third if they want to hold on.

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Their fighting literally and hanging on in this game.

I like how Kotka is playing in the top line.

Reilly is doing his Hall Gil impersonation tonight and Mete is having a great game 


thank God we have Carey being Carey again

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36 minutes ago, Habopotamus said:

Be nice to see Domi get one. I'm not going to lie, this is more like the player I thought we were getting in the Galchenyuk trade. 17 games now with out a goal.


He may not have scored in a while but he’s still getting points and is responsible for many game winning assists over the last 17.


He’s an assist guy we all knew that, his goals were just a cherry on top. He’s still battling and playing hard and trying but is a bit snake bitten. I’d rather him get hot towards the end of the season and hopefully the playoffs.

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