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Feb. 16, Habs vs Lightning, 7 PM


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Following the script of the Nashville game: hang close for a couple of periods, but the inability to finish and the shit PP contrast with the other team burying the prime chances when they get them.

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9 minutes ago, Trizzak said:

The team-wide chirp fest would carry a lot more weight if they actually decided to show up this period. 


Well said.  If they would channel more of that energy into hard forechecking, hits on puck carriers, and going hard to the net, they'd be further ahead.

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47 minutes ago, Habopotamus said:

Drouin did the same thing last game. Weak ass turnover that leads to a goal 


I'd like to know if there was communication that the D was changing there.  If the defence isn't heading to the bench, that turnover probably isn't too costly.  If Drouin knew the change was happening though, he needed to get it deep.


25 minutes ago, Trizzak said:

1 shot this period and they're taking stupid penalties on Erne. 


Tampa is deep in this team's head. 


I have no idea what Weise was doing there.  That's not how to make a good early impression on a new team.


18 minutes ago, sbhatt said:

They sure look like a bubble team when you watch them play good teams.


They are a bubble team.  That's what being a team in the mix for a Wild Card spot is.

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