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Nothing To Do With Anything


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It's over NINE THOUSAAAAAAAAAAAAANNND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I remember all of those scenes!

Nothing beats the Cell saga though. Nothing.

yeah i dont get that stuff either, should we laugh, should we be amazed. Wots with that pokemon...stuff cartoons

1. It's called anime. And it's not even close to Final Fantasy's art style.

2. Not at those scenes in general but the way he put them together is supposed to be funny. The first one isn't, the second one is.

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Now he's really getting huge...I hope my body can take it

###### you Vegeta!


there are so many ways ot take Dragon Ball Z out of text.

man, that was a classic show.

so let's try and hit 1000 on the 17th!!


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Speaking of Faerie...

I finally finished It!

fearie stinks...............

Who or what is this fearie you speak of? Is it a spooky ghost left over from Halloween? :rolleyes:

No no.

Seems you've managed to take it away from me. I smell like a rose.

I guess after yesterday's wild night, my perfume rubbed off onto you... ^_^

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Faerie always stinks.....

Faerie, look in the mirror...the faerie is YOU!

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I see a pretty Faerie, but I don't smell a stinky one. :P

Smell harder......

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At least you're not denying the first part of my last post! :lol:

Don't need to. You will always be denied. B)

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less than 5 pags left... this is too easy...

Errr, at which board setting are we attempting to reach 100? Because on the default one, we're only at page 71.

I did but it didn't flow well with the energy shield thing. So I just took it out, let 'em think what they want. Haha.


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