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Sykora to Habs/Bruins


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Losing Zednik might hurt. I know I would question it. Yes, he can be a pain during the regular season. However, I believe he is worth it because he's a playoff NIGHTMARE. Here are some shooting percentage stats from the playoffs:

2003-04 Montreal 9.38

2001-02 Montreal 18.18 (Until McLaren ruined everything)

1997-98 Washington 17.50 (Lost in final to DET – he was a nightmare, I remember)


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Originally posted by marky_and_komi

well sykora will be a UfA at the end of the season and Zed has a year left on his contract. so if gainey wants to dump some money in order to get one or two good UFAs next summer, the trade would be ideal

That doesn't make any sense. THe caps going up next year, and as it is Montreal is several million below the cap anyways.

Sykora is make probably double what Zednik is anyways, and with half the season still to go, your not really saving any money by trading him anyways.

Stick with Zednik, hes the better option and theres no use messing wiht the team chemistry if you don't have to

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Can somebody please explain me why in hell Sykora should be slow? I only remember the days when he was playing at the A-line in New Jersey, alongside Elias. Both were pretty good skaters and used their speed to their advantage.

Sykora is still a speedy winger, I simply don't get it why some guys label him as slow ...?

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I agree with Tony, Z is a clutch palyoff player.

Why do we need to trade anyway? The Habs are on track. The Habs have a LOT of youth and prospect; our time is not this year but a few years from now. As far as I know we are playoff bound - objective achieved.

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