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Round 3, Game 5: Montreal Canadiens @ Golden Knights

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Crappy start, but that penalty kill gave us a boast!  Does KK have the highest goals per game playoff game rate on the team? 2nd straight productive year!

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2 minutes ago, Pino10 said:

They won’t especially now that Montreal has got the lead. 

I think with the heat they got from the last game I'm sure they've been told to call everything. So the boys better be careful tonight otherwise can see a parade to the penalty box.

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That play with Stone on the defensive end is a perfect example of why we need an upgrade on D. Chariot is a guy who is always chasing the play. 

have similar issue with thr D in the offensive zone. We have two guys that are always battling hard behind the net, but the only threat is the other forward in front. There is absolutely no pressure from out Dmen. I get we have one in Petry, but he’s hurt, but we need more than that.  Most of our goals have been goals on the rush on odd man  on breakaways and 2-1’s.the fourth line is the only one that has consistently scored when we have zone pressure.

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1 minute ago, BCHabnut said:

The dude has been awesome this playoff. 


Just wait until you see him Umberger somebody.  I'm just dying to see him do it.  


If a Vegas player was carrying the puck over the blueline on that play he likely would have done it.  



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