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Round 3, Game 6: Vegas Golden Knights @ Montreal Canadiens

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1 hour ago, Habsfan said:

So who would be rather face? The Islanders or the Kucherov-less Lightning?

No guarantee they will be Kucherov-less .. unless I've missed something.

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Be careful what you wish for.. but give me the Isles.


I think we could get to their goalies.. and matchup well with their depth.

Would be a great series.

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6 hours ago, GHT120 said:

Caufield was a steal delivered on a silver platter by cowardly teams ... glad Habs weren't ... Suzuki was a great pickup (obviously) and looks like the Habs first legit 1C in forever ... KK is still a mystery to me ... ups his game in the post season ... scores some BIG goals but seems to have games where he disappears ... only just about to turn 21 so hopefully consistency will develop with time.


Love guys who can up their games in the playoffs. That's what it's all about. And he is still only 20. 

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KK is so smart for a 20 year old.. Weber might not break the ice yesterday if Kk doesn’t get up and screen Lehner.


My favourite Hab right now! Love the kid!

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12 hours ago, Commandant said:

Wish Drouin could play this.  Not cause I want to change the lineup, just cause a revenge series would be fun for him.


The Drouin enigma is a tough one. I hate to say this, but the team coalesced decisively after he was removed from the roster - and it is not inconceivable that the two events are related.


Think about it. The two leading guesses (and they are only guesses) are that he had addiction or depression/anxiety issues. If the former is the case - and again, I am NOT saying it is - you have a teammate who is abusing substances and not preparing as he should, grinding against the culture of unrelenting work and dedication this team requires in order to win. That’s not great for chemistry. If the latter is the case, you have a guy who is emotionally volatile and unreliable due to mental illness; also not great for team chemistry. When the guy in question is the most talented forward on the team, it also tends to aggravate the chemistry issues, because everyone would be frustrated that he can’t get it together.


I’m not saying this to be mean, and wish the young man nothing but the best as he seeks to recover from whatever it is that is plaguing him. This is a moment for joy in our Habs, not ruminations on this source of pain and negativity. But in terms of team dynamics, I think his subtraction may have helped. :(

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1 hour ago, Commandant said:

That can all be true and still wish he wasnt going through whatever it is hes dealing with and want him to be part of the team in a positive way.

Same here

I also think there is a third possibility of what is ailing him. He may be taking care of a loved one and needs to focus on that because his head is not on hockey if he doesn’t 


he strikes me as the type of person who would do that


again, this is me just thinking out loud and sharing my thoughts 


I also would like him to be part of this team going forward once he sorts out his life 

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Thought of you all when the boys made it to the finals!! Decided it was a good time for a comeback haha


We all deserve this, years of supporting a build, it didn't always make sense but we had to trust the process, and try to find the positives, the ups and downs, it has been a crazy ride. Hopefully they make it count in the end, but please, years down the road, in the event that we don't win, can we not use this season as "meaningless because we didn't win" type argument, making the finals is a huge deal, it is a shining moment, I hope I don't see it downplayed later on as if we forgot the stupid joy it has brought us now.


With that said, Lets get what we came here for Boys!!





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On 6/25/2021 at 10:54 AM, The Chicoutimi Cucumber said:



Classy Tweets by those guys.


I have to say - normally during the playoffs, I develop a real hate-on for whoever the Habs are facing. In  my mind, TO *deserved* to lose because TO is the Devil; WPG deserved to lose because of Scheifle's disgusting assault on Evans. But apart from irritation at how the NHL rigged the expansion rules to create a contender from scratch, I have no animus toward Vegas whatsoever. They work hard, they roll four lines, they play an admirable solid and dedicated game, and they play hard but basically clean. DeBoeur is a classy coach who speaks with unusual honesty, and those Tweets show a fundamentally sportsmanlike culture in the organization. All respect to them.


This hasn't been pointed out, but not long before the Habs won it, Max Pacioretty had a clear shot from right in the slot and Carey Price stoned him. There is a real poetry in that - and I'm sure, for MaxPac, a real agony knowing he had the game on his stick and could not beat his old G.



I was actually surprised at Lehner’s tweet. He seemed like a prick at some of his interviews. Fleury seems like a good guy - I’ve grown to really respect hom the last few years - I used to think he was flakey when he was younger.  On the other hand, Scheifele was a guy I always wished the habs had, but I hate that classless prick now.


I think the guy who really seemed agonized is Stone - and if we weren’t the ones that beat him I’d really feel sorry for him.  I just love how hard he plays and the way he just seems honest and wear his heart on his sleeve.

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16 hours ago, hab29RETIRED said:

I was actually surprised at Lehner’s tweet. He seemed like a prick at some of his interviews ...

Clearly he is no fan of the media ... often that doesn't entirely reflect the person ... Lehner's has not always been well treated by the media ... even after his mental health struggles became public knowledge.

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39 minutes ago, Prime Minister Koivu said:

Cant believe that we are 11 hours away from Stanley Cup finals and our team is playing 🙌🎉🍆

Yes, from winning game 7 in round 1 onwards, not sure how to put it; am in shock, bit surreal...?

Anyways, just hope they keep playing like they have been tonight.

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