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GAME#23 Habs vs Panthers 7pm Thurs Nov 30 2023


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Primeau looked normal in this game, oh well hopefully he rebounds in the next game he gets.


I wish when they are on the PK that they stop auto-icing the puck and look around and see where other guys are.  At 1 point they could have gone on a minimum of a 1 on 2 man rush or a 2 on 2 but he just dumped the puck into the corner.  Case and point, later on in the game Evans did try that and almost scored. 


Evans also made a good read on the Flor dman that was attempting to keep the puck in the Habs zone but failed.  Evans telegraphed where the puck was going to go to and headed to that spot so the dman didn't have time to keep the puck in.


Ylonen continues to look good - too bad he missed on his big chance.  I'd say that was the Habs best scoring chance.  He definitely looks like a NHLer and even if he's only a 4th liner he's a good 1 at that.   I can picture him being dangerous on a playoff team playing on the 4th line.  He seems to be higher than average at converting scoring chances into goals and that's exactly what you want from a 4th liner.  


The final score seems nutty because I thought that was 1 of their better played games this year.  



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1 hour ago, IN THE HEARTS OF MEN said:

tweet says an ankle twist. I think its knee for sure 

The way his leg twisted, best case scenario is it's a sprained ankle.  Knee is likely, but that type of rotation of the toe could easily cause spiral fractures, which is probably the worse case scenario.  At this point I would take missing the rest of the season as long as it's not a spiral fracture.

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Not a lot of positives... other than "red hot" Kovacevic with his 4th goal in last 7 games!!!

Pearson had 4 shots at least, i guess.


Ten Thoughts Habs Run Out of Gas in Loss to Panthers – HabsWorld.net


"1st Star – Josh Anderson 

Stats: -2, 5 hits, 14:24 T.O.I. 


2nd Star – Brendan Gallagher 

Stats: 2 PIMS, even, 1 shot, 1 hit, 13:45 T.O.I. 


3rd Star – Cole Caufield 

Stats: 1 assist, +1, 16:46 T.O.I. "

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I liked the speed they showed in the first two periods.

Similar to the speed they showed in CBJ

Sloppy play, that eventually caught up to them. Too many blind passes and turnovers.


Primeau had two solid periods. Anderson was flying. Gallagher looked good. Strubble co tinted to play well, he is still riding the high of his first call up.

Evans is such a good defensive center. Ylonen is progressing on the 4th line like Lekonen before him.


I disagree with St-Louis’s assessment that it was a good game, structurally they played like chickens without heads and the power play is aweful (in a year where he said he would make it his focus). His post-game interviews are useless, laconic and misleading . I wonder why the reporters do not challenge him more

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Last outing Primeau looked like Price for the first period, then looked like crap. In this game he was Price like for 2 periods, then fell apart. 3rd time a charm? 


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