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"emergency" Game Thread /montréal @ Ottawa/ 06-04-2006


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It's true. All 7 wins were against bad, below .500 teams. Let's give this winning streak some meaning.

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We need this win and we have a challenge tonight. I think our forwards and D will play well, this game will end up to be in Aebischer's hands..or glove..lol

K that was corny, LES HABITANTS SONT LAA

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Wasn't Arnason absolutely just nailed a few nights ago? I wonder if he's still feeling tender?

McGratton not dressed tonight, Chara out with injury! No worries about getting into fights we can't handle.

Out of town scoreboard: Satan scores, 1-0 New York vs. New York.

Interesting stat, both goalies in the Battle of New York have been nailed for playing the puck outside the specified zone.

We haven't won in Ottawa since November 15, 2003! :o

And we're off!


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