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Panthers vs. Habs - Nov. 29th, 2003 - QUINTAL IN!


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<B>Time :</B> 7:30 EST. 4:30 PST

<B>Location :</B> Le Centre Bell - Montréal, Québec

<B>TV :</B> RDS

<B>Radio :</B> CJAD, CKAC, Team 990 (postgame)


<B>RDS Line-Up News</B>

<B>Stat Comparison</B>

<B>NHL.com Score Sheets</B>

<B>Projected to be Between the Pipes:</B>

<i>Jose Theodore? versus Nik Khabibulin? </i>

<B>Projected CH Line-Up </B>

<I>20 Zednik – 11 Koivu – 73 Ryder

94 Perreault – 71 Ribeiro – 26 Dagenais

38/37/25 – 90 Juneau – 24 Dackell

15 Langdon – 22 Begin – 25/37

44 Souray – 43 Brisebois

08 Komisarek – 05 Quintal

51 Bouillon – 52 Rivet


<B>Panthers Line-Up</B>

<i>: Lecavalier, Boyle, Sarich, Richards, Modin, St. Louis</i>

<B>Probable CH Scratches</B>

<I>25 Kilger/37 Sundstrom (circle one), 17 Ward (ankle –damn Malakhov), 82 Audette (separated shoulder), 79 Markov (bruised foot), 38 Bulis (TBD – bruised foot)</I>

<B>Probable Panthers Scratches</B>

<I>No injuries to note. Coaches decisions to be made.</I>


<B>Key Match-Up</B>

1296.gif <b>vs.</b> 0256.gif

The centrepieces of their respective offences, Saku Koivu and Brad Richards.

<B>Habs Game Thoughts</B>

[*]With all signs pointing to Andrei Markov sitting out another game to injury, can the Habs motley crew of rearguards hold strong against the talented Lightning?

[*]Supposing that Jan Bulis is to miss his first game of the year due to a bruised foot, can Chad Kilger or Niklas Sundstrom show enough on the checking line to prove themselves worthy or regular ice time?

[*]Mike Komisarek should see his third game of the season on Tuesday night, but will he see an increase in his playing minutes?

[*]Vincent Lecavalier, struggling with no points in his past five games, is a good candidate to break out against his hometown team. Can the 6’4” centreman be shutdown by Joe Juneau and company?

[*]What must Saku Koivu, who has yet to find the back of the net, do to get the oft-moronic media off of his back?

<B>Who to Watch For</B>





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Pretty disappointing to lose it in the 3rd period. Rivet took a penalty, the announcers seemed to think it was a bad call, it's pretty debatable. Rivet should have been more careful though. Panthers then had a two man advantage with the extra attacker and finally beat Theo.

Rivet received a ton of boos for the rest of the game.

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Pretty boring overall game to watch. I’m going to make it short and sweet: this continuous dump and chase habitude is getting really annoying. First of all, this team doesn’t even have the strong forecheckers needed to keep the puck in the offensive zone, but it also allows the other team to get out of their zone and create some sort of attack most of the time. I must say watching the Hamilton Bulldogs is more entertaining actually. At least, these guys show the willing to create something after they cross the red line. I guess it’s all about the trap, that made people lose all interest in hockey. Anyways, to come back to the main point, Jose Theodore missed the chance to earn his 100th career win tonight. You have to give Florida credit for not letting up. I’m trying to be unbiased here, but was that Craig Rivet penalty a real one? I mean, the other guy looked like he threw himself on the ice. I guess there’s nothing we can do about it…

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Last night I attended my first NHL game. I've watched hockey since I was 4, I am now 20, but I've never had the opportunity to see the Habs play live before. I lived to far away and now in Sherbrooke I took the chance.

It is a much different game live than on t.v. First of all, the game past way to fast for my liking. In the second period I looked up and there was already only 1 min and half left. I couldn't believe it. To most if must have been a boring 1-1 tie, but I was in to in the whole 65 minutes.

Montreal's strategy is really evident in person. Just wait. Don't press the play, the way for the puck to come to you; which is really sad. But the truth is, the Canadiens do not have a forward that can take the game to a higher level. Saku did not have a good game and from what I saw he cannot be a guy who can carry an offense. Maybe with more support but, I think he needs an offensive leader to help out. I only counted 5 legit checks. Neither team was remotely physical, but I expected it.

The thing I couldn't get over is the fans, especially the two morons that were sitting behind me (in the last row of the arena, very far away from the players). They did not say one positive thing about the team, any of the players or the game. The game I understand, but why would any pay $30 to go and complain. If you're going to pay that much, might as well encourage the friggin' team. Fans are too anxious and willing to jump on the players for any play whatsoever. It could be a product of frustration from the last 6 years, but jumping on the players' back like they do is unproductive. I couldn't believe how those two guys in particular were all over Brisebois. Whenever he did anything it was the wrong decisions, even when he got the assist, they said the scorer was wrong. Everytime he yelled at briseboes, i yelled back "keep going brisebois". Finally at the end of the game, someone turned around and told him to calm the ###### down. IT was ridiculous.

When the fans began to boo Malakhov, he got traded. I think the fans percieved some sort of influence because of that. They tried with brisebois and it didn't work. NOw they moved to Rivet. I hope Gainey doesn't trade him; just to show those fans who runs the team. Rivet, Koivu, and alot of players did not play good, but when they hear what has to sound like the whole arena booing when they touch the puck, it cannot help them.

And what a shot Souray has. What did they put in his wrist during his time off.

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I guess it was the most boring game of yesterday. We should have gotten 2 points against Cats; however we should give some credit to Florida they didn’t deserve to lose this one. Feel sorry for Rivet, he did have pretty good game and screwed up at the end….was it a penalty or not it doesn’t really matter right now. He got it and that’s why we lost 1 very important point against more than average team. The best players in our team were: Bulis,Koivu. Ryder and Boullion had pretty good game as well.Rivet should be traded ASAP, at least right now we can get something valuable in exchange.

The guy is useless -8 so far and it’s going to continue


I don’t see how we are going to survive against Tampa


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