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What do you think about this guy? Bulis


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What do you think about this guy?

Bulis scored a power-play goal with 1:17min remaining in the third period to lift the Montreal Canadiens to a 3-2 victory over the Tampa Bay Lightning at the Bell Centre. Good Game.

I think Bullis needs to work a little more on his stick handeling.

Alex from accounting.

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What do I think of him from a fantasy perspective? (this it the fantasy forum)

I think he should only be picked up if your in a deep league , such as a league with 15-20 teams and rosters 20+ players...

He's a 3rd line winger on the habs, who will rarely see top line action. He's not on either of the top-2 PP units , so he's not going to get you any power-play points either... Plus he's playing with guys like juneau/dackell so he's not going to get many even strenght points too.

Bulis has loads of talent , if he was used on a top-2 line and played with some consistancy then he could put up some decent numbers... say... 40-60 points.

Edit : He's now on the 1st line... but you probably already know that.

[Edited on 2004-1-17 by puck7x]

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Bulis=solid player.

Bulis is probably the speediest player on the habs, and he gets alot of breakaways.

and for his size, he has some talent in throwing his weight around. I'm not saying that he often does it, but he can really lay some guys out, i've seen him.

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