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Habs Fan From California

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Hey all !! I forgot to introduce myself ... I'm Brett .. from Orange California ( about 4 miles from the arrowhead pond ) ... been a habs fan since 92. although until recently its been hard to watch games .. Thank the Hockey Gods for Center Ice !!! now I hardly miss a game :D ... I look forward to having some good debates and convo's with you guys and gals about the Habs. So I guess i'll leave it at that for now.

:king: :hlogo: :king:

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Welcome to the board.

Mathieu Garon?

acutally I met him at the Frozen Fury last year ... he was with his wife ( uber hot btw ) outside the main entrance to the MGM grand arena ... NOBODY NOTICED HIM ... except me :) ... so I basically went up to him and shook his had and said .. guess your not playing tonight huh ... he's like .. yeah and the wife made me late so i'm going to get chewed out ! too bad I didn't have a camera with me :( ... he also told me he was suppised i recognized him and that I was the only one who did ... I told him i was a HABS fan :) ( and who can not recognize that bald head of his ! haha :P )

btw ... to bad the Kings have givin up on him ... i'm pissed about that ... I'd still take him over Cloutier any day

Welcome, Cali....Hope you like the sig ;)

Yeah I love it bro ... but yours is still the best !!! take that Tucker ! over and over and over ! haha :lol:


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Wow, neat story. I guess that's one cool thing about living in an area where hockey isn't big.

I remember a buddy of mine telling me the same story when he went to Florida. I think he met Donald Audette once in a shopping mall.

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