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NHL 2004!!!


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I am a big fan of PC NHL computer games. I was severely disappointed in NHL 2003, but that's OK.

Here's a link for NHL 2004


-New fighting system? Not too keen on that. But now Jose Theodore can kick the *&^# out of Vaclav Varada in the game when Veranda interferes


-Using a dual-analog controller gives you 360 degrees of checking as well as deking. You can now give hits anywhere on the ice, in any direction. Hip-checks are my favourite, and when I'm done with the other team, it'll be awesome.

-You can get points as GM to hire better staff, and get better free agents. This is more like it. EastCoast Hockey Simulator didn't cut it for me, I hope their 2004 version is better.

So check it out. Should be a good buy, but don't quote me on it.

And if you happen to have a copy of either NHL '93, '94, or '97, please let me know. I have a collection of every other one, and I'd like to make it complete.


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Yeah the game sounds awesome , I'm thinking about actually "buying" this one (PC), I bought 2001 , but not 2002 or 2003.


I just wish they had a more realistic franchise mode with REAL prospects.(but of course they arent allowed to use the names of the players ... ) ahh well.

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I love Nhl2k3.. its like much more realistic. If Sega works on this one a bit more they will have the best hockeygame ever (since i happen to love almost every hockeygame I play accept those rock the rink kind of games I want to know what u think of nhl2k3)

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''Improved fighting and hitting and deeking''?

How about improved AI intelligence which doesn't allow you to take the puck from behind your net and go coast-to-coast in a straight line without anybody touching you. And that's on '''difficult'' mode.

EA always had the best graphics, sound and realism in terms of animation, but they have to step it up big time in terms of difficulty.

They also said they were going to wait after the lockout (hopefully it will just be a discussion, but you know...) before putting salary caps into the game. I can't wait for that, it will make the franchise mode even cooler, although I like what they did this year.

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Actually, harder would be better. At one stage I was winning 7-0, then I stopped playing, and now I struggle as Japan defeating USA in tournament mode.

But you know what they need?

Better loose puck AI. Somehow, everytime I lose the puck, or it's dump and chase, I can go past the puck 20x times, and miss it. Or the comp will go past 20 times. But in the end, the 2nd player will get the puck. I don't know what's up there, but I hope it's fixed.

BTW, Don Taylor's getting replaced.


I'lll miss his antics. While immature and wearing, sometimes a well placed comment makes you stop playing, and laugh and laugh and :lol:

Oh well, hope they have better songs. I couldn't get the song-adder-inner to work, and that pissed me off royally (:king: )

[Edited on 2003/6/29 by TheAussiePosse]

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The guy before him was much better, he actually talked hockey....And the humour is absolutely ridiculous, it's sad that they actually think it's funny.

Thank God EA finally realized the Don Taylor thing was horrible and Craig Simpson is in this year, I can't wait!

Go EA go!


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I want real goalhorns and songs.. cant be too hard to get the real habs goalsong from the team can it?

And then I want more serious checkings like in nhl2k3.. not allways crosschecking to the head.

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Well, you got your wish with the real checking. This one will allow you to choose which hits. Which is a big improvement.

However, Here are a few players who are on our roster now in NHL 2003, but shouldn't be:

Patrick Poulin

Matts Jarventie

Eric Landry

Gino Odjick

Mathieu Descoteaux

Sylvain Blouin

Well, Blouin and Landry are in the minors, but they're not part of the team anymore.

Instead, they should use those spots for the following players:

Jason Ward

Chris Higgins

Josef Balej

Alex Perezhogin

Michael Ryder

Tomas Plekanec

And Ward better be above the '70' that they give to all rookies.

It makes me angry when they do pointless players.

And you won't like me when I'm angry...


:P (the closest Emoticon I could find to the Hulk)

Edit: Added link


[Edited on 2003/6/29 by TheAussiePosse]

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