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Favorite / least favorite Habs?


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It's a simple topic : Who are your favorite Habs and least favorite Habs?

We often put a lot of emphasis on our favorite players, but it might be interesting to discuss our least favorites. (Not to be negative but merely to explore a different topic)

My top 5 favorites:

1. Koivu (i could write a book on why this guy rocks, i don't think i need to explain myself)

2. Higgins (koivu jr. see above)

3. Rivet (he's solid, a great leader, a real team guy)

4. Souray (see rivet)

5. Bégin (teamwork, intensity, motivation and all-around nice guy, what's not to like?)

My least 3 favorites:

1. Niinimaa - I desperately want to like him, but so far it's just not happening. Between sloppy play and the "guarantee"... nope, just not happening so far.

2. Plekanec - Never been a huge fan, but his goal in tonight's game makes me like him a little bit more ;)

3. Perezhogin - He's a great player, and i'm impressed with his play so far this year, but - and i'm not too sure why - i just don't like him all that much. I certainly don't hate him, i always cheer for Zhogs, but... he's not among my favorites.

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1. Koivu

2. Higgins

3. Kovalev

4. Samsonov

5. Ryder

(In the future, when he developes more, Lats will definitly crack that list)

6. Perezhogin

It's too difficult for me to list a "dislike" list. It usually goes game by game, depending who I'm currently mad at for their play that night. I've been frusterated with Rivet and Niinimaa, but that doesn't mean I don't like them..

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Other than Niinimaa who I feel bad for because he is playing his wrong side.



Theo & Ribs were on my dislike list, but Gainey ditched them :D

My 5 fav Habs are:

1) Rivet

2) Begin

3) Higgins

4) Koivu

5) Komisarek

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To join the chorus, there's nobody I really dislike.

Plekanec? Love this guy. He's having a crap start to the season but he was quietly amazing last year, without the stats to show it.

Perezhogin? I always picture him as Kovalev's 8-year-old brother, clutching a teddy bear. He's got such a sincere look of innocence on his face whenever you see him. He makes me happy to be a human.

Niinimaa? Not much of a hockey player from what we've seen so far, but I'd trust him to be polite to my mother and carry her groceries and get her to laugh now and again on the way through the parking lot. His first interviews with the Montreal press were pretty funny.

You gotta love Bonk for his geometrically exotic nose, Markov for being the grumpiest man on earth, Ryder for being a Newf, and Koivu, Higgins, Begin and Downey for being Koivu, Higgins, Begin and Downey.

I don't find Streit likeable, but I am a fan of him as a hockey player - same deal with both of the cold-blooded goalies. I'm glad they're on the team.

Same goes for Johnson. My only problem with him is that for some reason, I don't like the shape of his head. And he is a Toronto boy, grew up rooting for the Leafs, and played for the Leafs back in the day. But the Flanelle purifies all.

Really the only guy who rubs me the wrong way is Dandenault, which is nonsensical as he took a pay cut to play here. I don't know what bugs me about him except that he disappointed me.

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I cannot hate anyone unless they are complete stuck up losers. And in bob we trust got rid of those guys.

I'm tempted to put a Saku picture on my wall of greats next to my 4 pictures of Pierre, my Che, FDR, Tommy D, Orwell, Obama, Mitterand, and T Woods. There's a spot below Orwell and Woods where Saku would fit perfectly.

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1. Kovalev (the offensive machine, the showstopper)

2. Higgins (busts his ass, scores goals, kills penalties...what's not to love?)

Least Faves:

1. Rivet (played better against Ottawa, but screws up far too much)

2. Plekanec (just doesn't do enough to stand out most nights)

Jury Is Still Out:

A guy who I can cheer at times and absolutely hate other times is Saku Koivu. He can take over a game offensively on occasion, and other games can hurt the team with stupid penalties while contributing nothing offensively. I think I'm frustrated with him more than anything...has never really has lived all the way up to his billing for an entire season; the guy has so much skill...I guess I just expect more from him more often. I think I also resent how overrated he can be by his fans at times (I know, not his fault). The thing that has soured me on him most as of late was how poorly he played for the Habs post-Olympics, after being an absolute force for Finland. That being said, a solid season followed by a good deep playoff run this year for Koivu, and last season's post-Olympic crap play could be forgiven.

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Kostitsyn (both of em have been nice to me so I'm biased :) )

I hate Downey and Murray.

Yeah I know they have alot of heart and are energy players and yadda yadda yadda, but to me they are taking up ice time ( albeit little amounts) from prospects that can do the same job and yet might have some more upside or potential. ( Lapierre, Ferland, Kostitsyn etc)

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Perezhogin? I always picture him as Kovalev's 8-year-old brother, clutching a teddy bear. He's got such a sincere look of innocence on his face whenever you see him. He makes me happy to be a human.

This made me laugh SO hard! but it's true. I feel the same way.

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My favorite habs is Koivu.

I really enjoy these posts, because it shows how differently we see things. While I would agree that Pleckanec isn't having a great start, I do see the little things that he does on the ice. He uses his speed well. He seems to make good defensive plays, which is good when you consider who is behind the bench. His developement is fairly slow, but I see him as a solid 3rd or 4th line centre. He's a role player, and I like him. I'm not saying he's a favorite, but he's solid.

How can anyone hate Rivet these days? I could see it a couple of years ago, but he has really inproved his play, and he is basically co-captain right now. His leadership is critical. It's going to be scary next year, because we all know that the Habs are going to have to give up either him or Souray next year.

I totally agree with the anger about Ninimaa. This guy takes way too many penalties.

Streit is my second least favorite. He's a defensive liability.

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I totally agree BCHabnut, it's funny how people see things on players. You like Rivet and think he is a great leader and i think he stinks. Why is he a great leader? His play on the ice is poor at best. What has he led his team to? I especially like his quotes we need to play better and work harder. Thanks Craig i couldn't figure that one out. Every says Niinimaa stinks, however when paired with Dandy they had the best plus minus and were the most consitant pair. Not many points, i'll give you that but he also doesn't play on the PP where Souray has all but 2 of his points. Everyone praises Streit, Niinimaa's partner, however he turns the puck over and gets beat alot during 1 on 1 battles. So how do you figure all that out? Fans like who they like. I just just like players who work hard and show up every night. This year that would be Komi, Bonk and Johnson. They have been outstanding and Markov is coming on strong.

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Rivet is a leader because no matter what he's there day in and day out ready to go. He's always ready to address the media when need be also.

Apart from that, he does the little things, like the hit he put on one of the Carolina players in the 2nd period that really boosted the team in general.

I agree that he takes some awful penalties at crucial times, but a lot of guys do that. It happens because he's so into the game and wants to win so bad that his emotions get the best of him. Personally, I don't see how you can ditch aside a guy who is here to win. He wants this team to be successful, and he does whatever he can to make it happen. Sure he's not the most talented defenseman, but he gets the job done.

The guy never takes a night off. Players like Rivet and Begin have to work it every night because they aren't the most talented players on the team, like say, Kovalev. Sure, Kovalev has a ton of talent and I love him for it, but he'll take whole periods, whole games off.

Anyways, sorry for the rant, lol. I'm just a big Rivet fan and it seems that he's becoming everyone's wipping boy lately because people want the team to be perfect or something. :P

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Hard to pick one favourite:

-Higgins (just awesome right now, and hardworking every game even when he's not getting points. I think his shot percentage is over 20% right now :clap: )

-Bonk (rooting for him because last year I HATED him and how bad he was playing, and now he's really turned it around. I think it was also a matter of expectation. Once we realized what he's best at, we could appreciate it a lot more than expecting him to be the big first liner or second liner)

-Koivu (I used to get annoyed by how much everyone loved him, but he's grown on me, and besides, if people overrate him, it's not his fault. Bottom line is this guy is very very classy, on or off the ice)

-Johnson (LOVE this guy. and his quotes are lots of fun too)

-Markov (I can't remember who said it first, but I like the fact that he's a grouch :lol: )

-Kovalev (I know he's not always working the hardest and can be a bit of a diva, but somehow I'm willing to put up with his antics)

-Souray (Great attitude. Awesome shot. I REALLY don't want him to leave at the end of the season)

-Ryder (Newfie :D Really improved his all around play this year)

-Komisarek (hard working, classy, really admire the way he dealt with his mother's illness last year)

-Franky Boul (Love this guy. Such a hard worker! Fast, makes stuff happen even though he's unbelievably short)

I don't dislike anyone. If Ribeiro was here, he'd be my least fav, but even though he was a cancer in the dressing room and totally in love with himself, I don't think anyone actually took him seriously, so I found him quite amusing. I'm actually glad the guy he got traded for (Niinimaa) is quite colourful with his quotes, because otherwise it could have gotten boring. Someone had to pick up the interesting if not-exactly-politically-correct quotes once Mickey Ribs was gone :D

Actually, if you had asked me this question last year, Bulis would have been my least favourite, and I would have felt that Ryder was one-dimensional (but his upside of 30 goals even if he was one-dimensional was TOTALLY worth it), Zednik didn't try hard enough, Theodore (I actually supported the guy for ever, but for God's sake, can't you just stop being such a DISTRACTION), and Bonk would have all been on my list... Goes to show the team is MUCH improved this year. Gainey and Carbonneau are slowly but surely bringing back the glory days :D


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Don't know about the glory days, but I am VERY excited about the improvement they have made.










All except the 2 below

Least Favs:

Sammy - good player, didn't like his "media war" with the coach. Have some friggin respect, suck it up, and play where they tell you to play.

Lats - Mostly cuz I am jealous (wish I got to play for the habs at 19)...also I like Kosty better. Other than that, I think he will be an ok player one day.

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Actually i think Niinimaa is beaten up more then anyone right now. Rivet is up there, but not as much.

I agree. He was playing quite well with Dandenault, but now he's playing on the wrong side. Just give him time (and wait for Dandenault to heal) and I think we could be in for a pleasant surprise.

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Kovalev (lack of hustle)





Souray- Monster shot, but sucks at the defensive part of the game, has bright moments but has terrible moments

Theo- I HATED HIM, he couldnt stop a puck for his life, he had a terrible rep as well

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