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  1. Why is Audette still on the top line? Has he been playing like he belonds there? Am I missing something?:hlogo:
  2. HF and here are the places to be. Good job.:hlogo:
  3. Well,Higgins should play in Juneau's spot,Dackell(who is scared of his own shadow)should be in popcorn row. Put Sunny with Ward and Ryder. He is being wasted. Please lose Audette somewhere along the way.:hlogo:
  4. Muller 11

    Hi from England

    Welcome aboard Fez. There seems to be a lot of us newbies here. Habs fans rule.:hlogo:
  5. Muller 11


    They say he'll be back next Tuesday for the home opener. All-Star Hope so. He's a important part of the team and quality leader.:hlogo:
  6. Keep it close and anything can happen. The pressure is on the Sens to perform well at home. Especially against a so-called weak team like our Habs. We will catch them off guard. 3-1,with an empty-netter.:hlogo:
  7. Hello to all. Great to have another board to discuss the Habs. Hope the year is a positive one to build on.:hlogo:
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