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  2. Habs can clinch as early as today with a Habs win and a Canucks loss.
  3. Old time hockey. You could see this coming, not surprised at all. By giving Wilson nothing but a little tap on the wrist the Rangers had no choice, out of the playoffs, they had nothing to lose.
  4. unless that 20 year-old 3rd overall pick probably should also have been a rookie.
  5. The line brawl off the faceoff is just good television. Gotta have one a year.
  6. What a backwards league. Here is the issue... The NHL could be promoting Connor McDavid having the best season since Wayne/Mario.... Matthews lighting up the goal scoring.... young talented D like Hughes, Makar, Fox, etc.... Nathan MacKinnon etc. Nope, cause DOPS is a joke, the league becomes about eye for an eye violence again. And yes, current fans like fights and stuff. But this will be the image of the NHL tomorrow on every sports show, and sports fans who aren't NHL fans will never be exposed to the skill parts of the game and think th
  7. shit game. Meanwhile the Sens are 7-1-1 in their last 9 games, ruining their draft position after being eliminated from the playoffs. Feels like what the Leafs did for years from 2006-2014
  8. THE CODE ? ? ? ? ? Because it would have just triggered many, many, many more fights? Because it would be embarrassing to get beaten by them?
  9. Agreed ... the players all have agents ... if the NHLPA won't vigorously represent the safety of the victim then they should excuse themselves entirely and let the agents represent (engage representation for) both players ... not that it would make a difference ... the NHL has never even admitted the danger of concussions in hockey, like the NFL
  10. I don’t get why the rangers didn’t go after ovechkin or backstrom.
  11. The magic number is three points over Calgary and even if Calgary loses, Vancouver can mathematically catch the Habs still. It'd take a Montreal win tomorrow along with a Vancouver loss tomorrow and a Calgary loss tonight to do it.
  12. One of the fundamental issues with the whole setup is that the union defends the offender, and no one is there to speak or represent the interests of the victim - who is also a union member.
  13. Good on him for firing them in that situation. They’ve done a good job building, but I think it sends the league and message that teams are any going to keep bending over and accepting bad decisions. I wish more owners with join him in voicing their displeasure. Looking at the box score today looks like the league did a great job handling the situation 🤮
  14. El-Stink-O We will clinch tomorrow against Toronto
  15. Not a confidence booster to get dusted by the last place team with a week left in the regular season.
  16. It’s been a good run Triz 😢 No OT Caufield tonight
  17. Just got home from Physio. Well I guess no comeback tonight.
  18. Jeez, they've looked dangerous in the last 2 mins. If they can score they could do it again real quick and this could get interesting. or The Sens could score again. Crap.
  19. Carey Allen coming out far to play the puck.
  20. Ya, a comeback depends on who scores the next 2 goals. 🤣
  21. Can't see a comeback tonight. Execution is horrible today. They really need to practice cycling. No goals off the rush equals loss everytime.
  22. They probably won't be able to keep their best players, but they're an example of a rebuild that looks to be on track, though you never know until they're actually winning. The Habs, on the other hand, did a half-assed retool and whiffed on the key pick. Winning the bubble play-in series and missing out on Rossi or Perfetti or whoever and ending up with Guhle might come back to bite us as well.
  23. Even at 20 yrs-old, a 3rd year, third overall pick, with "projected" 1/2C talent shouldn't need a rookie with 5 games under his belt to get him going ...
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