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  3. General caution, it is the beginning of TC ... let's wait until at least actual pre-season games before getting excited (or panicked) about anyone. Roy ***might*** make the team if Hughes is able to move a couple of veterans for cap purposes, but I expect Stephens and Anderson are ahead of him in terms of starting the season in Montreal ... I would prefer he starts in the AHL for a good stretch, and only move up after some sustained serious success. As regards Mailloux ... general caution ... Logan missed almost two full seasons of junior development ... even ***if*** he were to look great in the pre-season I expect he will greatly benefit in the long-term from a season in the AHL.
  4. Getting excited about Newhook 🤩 Can Roy actually make the team? Maybe Mailloux is putting it together quickly? Twitter screenshot of Habs Chronicle guy on his thoughts from day 2 training camp.
  5. Having that 2 pronged attack with speed wouldn't take away from Slaf being on the line as long as Slaf knew his job was to come in behind and park near the crease. Also at Slaf's age, making him the slower piece of that line would give him motivation to work more on his skating. I really believe Dach(most likely) or Slaf would be with Suzuki and Caufield, either way they wouldn't be on the same line.
  6. Stuff I saw on twitter about that line today was that Slafkovsky couldn’t keep up to the speed of Newhook and Anderson. Lots of positive comments about Newhook and Anderson chemistry. Two very fast players…Slafkovsky might work well with Monahan, Dach line. Who would be a good fit for the speed line? 🤔 ? - Newhook - Anderson
  7. Last week
  8. If Slaf starts to use his size effectively, that could be a great second line.
  9. Slafkovsky - Newhook - Anderson This was what the Habs rolled with today. I wonder how they did?
  10. Edge is very similar to Chrome now, both use the same open-source rendering engine.
  11. I just hate Bing and Microsoft Edge. I use google and chrome.
  12. I use firefox on iphone, windows and linux. duckduckgo is my search engine
  13. There is a long twitter help ticket with many people having this issue. Many people there say it’s a problem with Safari. I might download another browser and try. Although I was posting tweets successfully just last week out of Safari so my issue might just be that dumbass Elon musk. Other ideas from that help ticket were about accepting third party cookies or not having twitter blue or bad plugins on this site (unlikely because many tweets get posted).
  14. Below for example, pasting the URL works for me: Wonder if it could be browser sensitive?
  15. Making the "don't use LTIR to be cap compliant to start the season" even harder if they want to have a full 22/23-man roster for the first game. BTW: Was about to post the news, but:
  16. https://x.com/canadiensmtl/status/1704875973533958272?s=46&t=C6D_OzldSuuSefel4GDZoQ Wideman out indefinitely. Good #7 guy that can sit in the press box with no ill effects to the team or player development.
  17. That's right, my bad. Apparently Ferraro was "The Big Ball of Hate." LOL
  18. Yes and Killorn could blow out his knee or hurt his hip (monahan) or have some other injury in the next two years, or just see his performance go downhill due to age and wear and tear, to the point where he wont get the same contract two years from now. Its a lot to expect of any player to take those risks instead of guaranteed money.
  19. I’ve done it on my mobile. It is tedious I have a twitter account and that may make the difference
  20. Thank you for the detailed explanation 👍 I did everything except the initial imbed tweet option on twitter. The embed button does not appear for me after hitting the three dots. Everything is the same as your post above except that embed button. Perhaps because I’m using mobile? https://twitter.com/sportsnet/status/1704613938309239295 Doesn’t seem to work either for me. I have posted many tweets so I’m not sure why now.
  21. Now that I see the quote ... his hand strength is at 80%. His hand/wrist may in fact be completely healed now, but his muscle strength is still not where it was, due t othe very long period of not being able to use his hand. If my interpretation is correct, I'm significantly less worried than if the wrist injury were only 80% healed.
  22. Hard to say, might be close to being enough. However it would be the opposite kind of trade to what Hughes has been doing. He has been giving up cap room to get more picks, this would be the exact opposite. I guess it all depends on how things net out after all is said and done.
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