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  2. Giordano re-signs with the Leafs for peanuts. They've had a few guys sign for less than they could have got elsewhere, as well as being picked a few times by the top European/NCAA free agents. We need to become this sort of destination for players.
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  4. I dont think so. I think second round picks are a low percentage to be stars anyways like 10-15%. And then you take a small sample size and variance can happen and you have a ~10 year run where no one really panned out as a big star at the first pick of the round.
  5. (Lines are from last game) Quinn - Malone - Rousek Murray - Jankowski - Ruotsalainen Biro - Krebs - Peterka MacInnis - Holmstrom Davidson - Fitzgerald Schuldt - Prow Tischke - Alt Boka Dell (Lines are from last game) Harvey-Pinard - Dea - Ylonen Gignac - Paquette - Belzile Bourque - Abbandonato - Martel Roy - Teasdale Ouellet - Belpedio Niku - Dello Schueneman - Paquette-Bisson Norlinder Primeau Media Notes Puck drop is at 7 PM and can be listened to here. It's also televised on RDS2.
  6. https://montrealhockeynow.com/2022/05/21/shane-wrights-elite-underlying-numbers-should-comfort-montreal-canadiens-fans/ https://montrealhockeynow.com/2022/05/21/canadiens-have-six-draft-picks-tied-to-playoff-outcomes/ Rank (* Projected) Original Owner Of Pick Acquisition Method 1st Round - - 1st overall Montreal Canadiens Owned 29th overall* Calgary Flames Trade 2nd round - - 33rd overall Montreal Canadiens Owned 54th overall* Edmonton Oilers Trade 3rd Round - - 65th overall Montreal Canadiens Owned 74th overall Anaheim Ducks Trade 94th overall* Carolina Hurricanes Offer Sheet 4th Round - - 97th overall Montreal Canadiens Owned 121st overall* Tampa Bay Lightning Trade 122nd overall* New York Rangers Trade
  7. Guhle 0pts 4 shots in 5-1 loss. North Bay Battalion at Hamilton Bulldogs 7:00 pm - OHL Semi Final (Hamilton leads series 1-0) Joe Vrbetic - Jan Mysak - Arber Xhekaj -
  8. It looked to me that kadri is after the loose puck/rebound and gets tied up with the dman. I didnt think it was dirty.
  9. Kadri doesn't get the benefit of the doubt from me anymore. He had an incident with binnington in november
  10. Do teams overthink it overnight before start of 2nd round?
  11. Since 2010 Justin Faulk, Boone Jenner and Brandon Carlo have been drafted 37th ... maybe habs should trade down ... 😉
  12. The video is there (unfortunately Sportsnet puts a commercial in before you can watch it).
  13. Boxscore shows no penalty called Looks like a text book example of the NHL Video Rulebook "definition" of boarding ... it seems like this could be called multiple times in many games but rarely is ... and the NHL claims to care about player safety ... 🙄
  14. Multiple suspensions. Multiple intentional injuries to other players. Just keeps doing it.
  15. Nice shot for goal by Leky! And St Louis quickly answers.
  16. Kadri with the old "oops I fell" maneuver on Binnington.. he is a piece of crap imo
  17. I thought the 1st pick of 2nd round would be good ones...but quick look and seems horrible results. 2009, 2011, 2012, 2014, 2015, 2016 picks all BUSTS and 2010 was Tyler Pitilick, 2014 was B Lemieux.
  18. It's nice to see that the Canes have enough cap space to pay $5M/year for a 10-minute/game forward!
  19. Farrell was up on the top line for this one and has clearly made a good impression on the coaching staff. Good to see. On the other hand, Dichow being on the bench for all but two periods so far stings. If he had played a little better against Switzerland, I think he'd have gotten another game (likely today's) by now. They get Canada and Slovakia back-to-back; perhaps he's being set up to play against Canada and then come back with Dahm for a key game against the Slovaks.
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  21. The Nicolas Deslauriers career path - it's an interesting idea if he can't stick on the back end.
  22. That's a good point, hadn't thought of that. He could be a bruising left winger , create all kinds of havoc in front of the net.
  23. The question often seems to be whether Xhekaj has the defensive game to play in the NHL ... *** IF *** in the end it turns out he doesn't, could he be moved up front ... he seems to have puck skills.
  24. Well he did ... 20 seconds ... of course that could just be a bad line change ... definitive 4th line minutes ... again.
  25. Armia 1g+0a, 14:17 TOI in Finland 6-0 win over Great Britain (yesterday) Armia 0g+0a, 12:43 TOI in Finland 3-0 win over Austria (today) Anderson 0g+0a, 13:59 TOI in Canada 3-6 loss to Switzerland Farrell 0g+0a, 17:20 TOI in USA 2-3 OT loss to Sweden Dichow on the bench in Denmark 3-0 win over France
  26. Assuming Wright is in the NHL next season (not certain he has much to gain from another OHL season) then starting as the 3C would put him in a much more comfortable situation. That is the rationale assessment ... and one I agree with. One question I would have is what Pronman means by "All-Star" ... if he means the All-Star Game then it is not all that impressive, if he means (year-end) NHL All-Stars then it is.
  27. I could see Anderson liking the big ice. It’d give him more room to blast by D on the outside and then cut in toward the goal - which, to exaggerate only slightly, is basically the only thing he ever does out there. He’s a one-trick pony but it’s a good trick.
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