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  2. I would not sign him as a 3rd line centre but I would sign him as top 9 lw depth if it a cheap show me contract
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  4. I just noticed something - when NBC and USA are both airing the same love track events, they have separate commentary. So they can pay two groups of people to cover the same event, but can't stream their own commentators? Good grief.
  5. I would bring back Chucky on a cheap contract league minimum contract cheap contract for one season. Would you?
  6. It's definitely an improvement on previous years where some events had no commentary and others had what sounded like student interns. But NBC has lots of announcers and commentators that I actually like, so it drives me crazy that they don't just use their own feed. I mean, they're already paying them to call the action, so why not use it? You'd think by now that contracts for on-air talent would include streaming. They do the same kind of thing on Peacock for snow sports. I tried it out since they really cut back on biathlon and cross-country skiing this year, so I gave Peacock a try. Video with no commentary. Unwatchable. Even alpine skiing witch they aired on TV with their regular commentary only had video online. US took down Canada for the bronze in track cycling women's pursuit. But WOW at the Germans winning gold. They practically caught the Brits!
  7. We have that too. Some of the specialty channels simply show the international feed but that's fine. Lots of times, they're better than the people CBC trots out as commentators that have no business calling anything on TV.
  8. I have seen reports that KK's father has had cancer surgery (seem to be several Finnish sites reporting it) ... may explain his not being signed ... KK may have other priorities at the moment ... assuming it is true, best wishes to Mikael, Jesperi and the entire family.
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  10. I have high hopes for Ylonen. I drink coffee in their honour , lots of coffee
  11. I have given up the evil liquor, but Go Finn contingent Go! Maybe Ylonen can join em this season?
  12. he he he 😄 Alright, let's drink for a great 2021-2022 season for the twin-Fins
  13. I must admit that I prefer the winter Games, but I've rarely been that much NOT invested in the Olympics in my life. Probably because it's overnight. I remember always watching rowing, a lot of swimming races, most of track and field events like 100m, 200m, relay, long jump, high jump, pole, etc. But this year, nada. I barely watched the male 100m final to see DeGrasse and that's it.
  14. Well $5.7m for 60points + key defensive play, is more correct and sounds way better.
  15. Not much happening and most likely seen TSNs bit on Guhle. Kid is now listed 15lbs heavier (6'3" 203) which cant hurt and nice to see him fill out a bit. https://www.tsn.ca/video/~2252326 Guhle 1g1a today, in 2nd period so far. Trudeau plays later today. (he managed to avoid getting any points in a 9-8 game, just 1 cross-checking penalty)
  16. And they've got the rights through 2032. Ugh. It seems like they are actually showing less this year than in precious years. They relegated tennis and wrestling to The Olympic Channel, which they've never used for live coverage of events before since it doesn't have the carriage of their other networks. They're also not using MSNBC at all, which is unusual. They don't even follow the schedule they have online, so I have to record every hour of coverage and check to see what it is before I watch/delete it. And while I am not big on gymnastics in general, one event I do like is the rings. They didn't show one competitor on that apparatus in either their team coverage or all around coverage. Their online coverage is annoying, too. They do at least have some commentary on the events, but it isn't NBC people. And they stick in ads everywhere on the streaming. They ignored much of the late rounds of archery one day and they put in a 30 second ad between every single set. And they did it by cutting off the commentator in the middle of a sentence. I remember having complaints, but I don't remember it being this bad. I don't know if it really is worse than usual of my excitement about the Olympics just clouds my memory. Or maybe it is just that I love the winter Olympics and their coverage of that tends to me better since it isn't as popular here. I feel like I remember not evening watching any of the prime time coverage because everything had already aired live. Of course, that is what they want to avoid in the summer.
  17. So too is Byron ... so over $9 million ties up in those 9th/40th forwards ... all nice players but IMO, cap-wise, bad to all three.
  18. Both Lehkonen & Armia are 30pt/yr guys. Maybe if all stars align they might be close to 20g in a year, but would be a career year.
  19. I look at 5-on-5 TOI when considering how players are used in terms of "lines" ... until this past regular season, AL had been top 9 in that stat every year with Habs (minimum 10 games played) ... he was 4th (19-20) and 7th (20-21) in his post season appearances ... IMO he just isn't more of a scorer than his historical 15g/82gm .
  20. I'd say he has spent most of his career at LW; it is his natural position. He has moved around interchangeably at times but I'd hazard a guess he has way more games at LW than RW. The challenge with him on RW is that they already have Toffoli, Gallagher, Anderson, Caufield, and Armia as natural RW's. Moving Lehkonen there would shift two of them to their off-wing and even then, he'd still be on the fourth line.
  21. If he could just get a few more goals, the guy would be a total gem. He is an amazing forechecker and defender. Amazing player without the puck.
  22. I've yet to see a positive comment anywhere about NBC's coverage. You'd think after all these years, someone would outbid them for the rights or someone at NBC would see all the negativity and think about changing things up a little. I can't complain about the Canadian coverage. At times, there are five separate stations showing live events with plenty of recap shows during the day to catch up on anything important that was missed.
  23. His sophomore year, he had 12 goals in 66 games while averaging 16:29 per game (2nd line minutes). A year later, he had 11 in 82 while playing 15:33 per game, low 2nd/high 3rd line minutes. Even in 2019-20 he logged over 15 minutes a game and had just 13 goals in 70 games. Lehkonen has been above fourth line minutes for the majority of his career and just can't score with enough consistency to justify the extra playing time.
  24. I am sure that he could have a 20g season if he played 3rd-line minutes instead of 4th-line/PK-specialist minutes. From memory, I am almost certain he has a higher shooting rate playing RW than LW, just by the way he attacks the net and positions himself for rebounds and dirty goals.
  25. In 2016-17: 12:11 TOI (on 5v5), 9.5 shots/60, 10.64% shooting In 2020-21: 11:00 TOI 8.0 shots/60, 7.25% shooting The rookie season shooting percentage was likely unsustainable at 10.64%; 7.25% is low but not atrocious. He's taking 15% fewer shots/50, and in addition to that, he's getting 10% less 5-on-5 time, and instead playing on PK, where is far less likely to score. The biggest factor is the drop in shooting percentage but 15% fewer shots/60 and 10% less 5-on-5 time make in impact.
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