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  2. Playoff point leaders… 4 Oilers in the top 4 - Good luck Dallas
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  4. Yeah the risk is the cap space and what else you could use it on more than the picks.
  5. I think a big part of that is that our members are much more familiar with the Oiler team and are aware of any warts they have have whereas Dallas is not as widely known. I am pretty sure the Oilers had the best record in the NHL in the 2nd half of the year. I think the Oilers started something like 2-11, they have come a long way.
  6. I think it comes down to if Dallas can contain McDavid and/or Draisaitl. I don’t think even Dallas can prevent Edmonton PP goals though. Much will rest on Skinner’s performance too.
  7. I sort of hope you're right. Mcdavid, Draisaitl worked for it. But Dallas is deep. Really deep.
  8. Slafs Slokavia crushed by Sweden. 6-1. But at least Slaf got a nice assist.
  9. The risk is the cap space, not the picks of course. What does this move prevent you from doing on other fronts?
  10. Definitely a risk but I guess Tampa is going for it. They don't have a pick until the 4th round this year and the 3rd round the following year. They are emptying the cupboard to try and win it one more time. Do they have enough cap room to resign Stamkos? I guess it depends on what he is willing to sign for.
  11. Well there you go, that’s why it’s cheap I guess. 6.75 isn’t crazy but it’s not cheap either. That second year is gonna sting. Smart move by Nashville
  12. His contract at 6.75 million per year for 2 more seasons, and his age, turning 35 in June, make his acquisition a risk.
  13. The #TBLightning have reacquired Ryan McDonagh (plus a fourth-round pick) from Nashville for a second- and seventh-round pick. Seems pretty cheap
  14. Lots of Ranger hope but the cup winner is totally spread out 🤔 I think Edmonton is winning the cup. Nobody can stop that offence
  15. Cole Caufield with 2 goals and 2 assists today.
  16. They are more optimistic about the Oilers than our members are!
  17. I voted for Edmonton to beat Dallas and win the cup. Nobody is stopping that offence and as you guys have said the Oilers are much better defensively too.
  18. Sound Analysis as usual CC I do wonder what would have happened if DiGiseppie (sorry for bad spelling), had scored on his mini breakaway late in the third when it was 3-1. In any event the series was fun to watch
  19. I think battle-hardened is the key phrase. They learned a lot from the Vegas series last year. Even the stars on the Oilers were willing to block shots, that sets a great example for the rest of the team. They were hungry and willing to pay the price. Dallas is deeper up front but they don't have a McDavid or Draisatl. I think the key is Skinner. If he plays well then the Oilers have a real chance.
  20. Edmonton was too strong - you took the words out of my mouth. Too much experience, too battle-hardened, more talent overall. The Oilers took the series over in the last two games and the Canucks had no answer. I know that Canucks management had really, really wanted to add a top-6 W at the deadline, and with Boeser out, you could really see the lack of extra offensive push. The Canucks HAD to capitalize on their scant chances, especially in the first. Instead they kept missing the net. The first period reminded me of Game 2 of the 2021 Finals, when the Habs were outshooting the Lightning by a similar margin...the difference was we came out of that period tied and wound up losing the game, not surprisingly. Here the dominant Oilers kept the Canucks off the sheet altogether until the mad scramble at the end. What impressed me over the series was Edmonton's defensive game, which is much better than their rep suggests. They just suffocated Van, even in the last few minutes. Like most people, I doubt they'll beat Dallas, but who knows.
  21. No idea how MoneyPuck came up with these percentages but why not
  22. Yup, the Winnipeg pick is now 26, not that 1 spot is a big difference but in 2014 the Bruins drafted Pastrnak at 25 and the Habs took Sherback at 26, don't know if the Habs would have taken Patrnak had he been available, probably not. LOL The Oilers Canucks series was such a fun one to watch. Great intensity.
  23. Congratulations Edmonton 🎉 Vancouver could not do anything during the last three minutes of the game. Our Winnipeg pick just got a tiny bit better 🎉
  24. Edmonton is too strong Vancouver played a good second period and Silovs made some great saves but you can’t stop Edmonton’s PP I think Vancouver has to activate their Dmen far more in the Ozone or they won’t catch up
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