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  1. How far back would you allow it ? The direct play, 1 minutes, 2 minutes, 5 minutes ?
  2. That OT PP was pathetic. No real puck movement through the slot, same 4 players (which is not a bad idea), same strategy all 2 minutes long, no adjustment. Was almost too easy for the Hawk's triangle. Very frustrating to watch IMO.
  3. It's almost been two full days and I still can't get over the last second goal. That shit was insane. I mean, Caufield missed the net with 5 seconds left, you'd think it's over. But somehow, he gets another chance and burries it. Unbelievable !!!
  4. I need Sillinger to get things going in Fantasy. Kinda liked this goal 😁
  5. What's the deal in the KHL regarding players who "finish their hits" ? Are they doing that ? Some of them ? Because I feel like Slafkovsky often seems to believe that the play is over and that he's safe and then he gets rammed.
  6. Minor move here. https://www.nhl.com/canadiens/news/canadiens-acquire-nicolas-beaudin-from-blackhawks/c-336823570
  7. Even more so now that Landeskog is gone for 12 weeks.
  8. 28-44-7-3 = 66 points 8th in Atlantic 30th overall 32 goals
  9. We're almost there folks !!! I'll leave Peter Puck do his thing about the Habs, I'll focus on NHL wide predictions. 1- Who are your top 3 players you think will compete for Rocket Richard Trophy this season ? (most goals) 2- Who are your top 3 players that will compete for Art Ross Trophy this season ? (most points) 3- Who are your top 3 players that will compete for Calder Trophy this season ? (Rookie of the year) 4- Who are your top 5 teams that will compete for the Prez Trophy this season ? (1st place overall) 5- Who do you think will be the first coach to be fired this season ?
  10. Any opinion on some 2nd/3rd year players for Fantasy purposes ? Who will/should have the opportunity to have an impact (PP time, great line, etc) ? C. Sillinger Kent Johnson McTavish Jarvis Beniers Eklund Perfetti Boldy Rossi L. Reichel Byfield Power Addison Anyone stands out for you ? I kind of like Seth Jarvis a lot on Carolina RW. Beniers should get the best spots on Seattle's offense, right ? Do you guys believe that Calen Addison could get 1st PP time with the Wild over Spurgeon and Dumba ?
  11. I read that Slaf lost Giroux on the goal. How was his game ?
  12. I disagree with Burglar. Added my comments. Didn't see any replay or any description, was at the Bell Centre. Pezzetta had a very good game overall. Fighting hard for 13th forward.
  13. Slaf in Laval the full year would count on his contract, or slide ? I thought since it is a pro league, it would count.
  14. I guess there are not too many James Neal.
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