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  1. I must admit that I prefer the winter Games, but I've rarely been that much NOT invested in the Olympics in my life. Probably because it's overnight. I remember always watching rowing, a lot of swimming races, most of track and field events like 100m, 200m, relay, long jump, high jump, pole, etc. But this year, nada. I barely watched the male 100m final to see DeGrasse and that's it.
  2. I have my doubt. the closest he went in terms of adding a puck moving dman since Markov left is Gustaffson II. (Sergachev was already drafted AND he still traded him)
  3. I wish we'd go after a legit top 4 puck moving dman instead of a redondant shutdown guy.
  4. My brain eveytime I read Joe Vrbetic :
  5. This would ease up a DeAngelo signing. 🤦
  6. William Eklund will be selected by an NHL team tonight. E4
  7. Are Seattle tanking for next season's draft with the great top 3 ???
  8. Alright, so Price couldn't be picked up by Seattle and traded back with salary retention. But Danault as a real UFA ? Could he ?
  9. Yannick Weber folks, relax.... Yannick Weber retires from NHL after 13 seasons
  10. A proper rubuild would have, in my opinion, older dmen and younger forwards, not the opposite. Drafting Sergachev was the beginning of what could have been a proper rebuild. Trading Sergachev put an end to it.
  11. I sure hope that tall the injury talk related to Price and Weber will work out fine for us. Otherwise, I might spend some time in jail.
  12. Easy fix for next CBA. Playoffs cap hit. Regular cap + x% or xM$
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