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  1. Exactly. In this one crazy unicorn world described by Peter Puck, Gavin McKenna could be ours.
  2. holy cow, that would be Gavin McKenna 😐
  3. I've always wondered if the picks of Tinordi and McCarron were really Timmins' picks. It seemed, to me at least, that those 2 picks were a command of the management to get bigger at all cost. Tinordi was drafted after the Habs were bullied by the Flyers in Semi-Finals, being swept like 2-3 games out of 5. Flyers had big size talent players and it showed. Same for McCarron, I think it was after getting ####ed up by the Sens, including the Lars Eller incident. Anyway, I guess we'll never really know, but this is a question that I'd love to ask Trevor Timmins.
  4. I usually like to grab a smoked meat sandwich at Dunn's on Metcalf st. before games. It's pretty close to the Bell Centre and, well, I like smoked meat
  5. Meh. Thought he could stick around as 6-7 for a while, but… meh.
  6. Pretty happy with that outcome. Go Habs Go !!!
  7. Man... that goal by Perry. I mean, that assist by McDavid
  8. Simon "Snake" Boisvert, a guy in Quebec medias who does lists (not mock drafts, but his own list) also has Silayev veeeery far, like 24th. Projects him as a 3rd pair dman. He swings for the fence and makes his list purely based on talent, doesn't really care about NHL potential as a middle-bottom lineup player. He has a podcast with Mathias Brunet from LaPresse, it's called Processus. He has Connolly #2 and Demidov #5.
  9. Not sure we can get a player at the caliber of Kent Johnston just to sweeten the pot without giving back something because Columbus would not unload all of Laine's contract, just 3.5M$. Would you do Laine + Johnston for Josh and a pick (late 2nd, 3rd) ?
  10. Anyone who played hockey at that kind of level knows that it's kinda true though. Not all players will play tougher with Xhekaj in the lineup, Suzuki and Caufield are probably not playing any tougher but some will. RHP, Pezz, Slaf will. Struble and Mailloux will play tougher protecting their goalie with the extra glove shove knowing that the other theam knows Xhekaj is dressed.
  11. I'm guessing they're hiring the staff behind the site and are buying the whole technonlogy, tools and all the existing data behind it.
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