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  1. @dlbalr is there a HabsWorld mock draft this year ? Or did I miss it ?
  2. Another reason could be the bankruptcy of Diamond Sports group / Bally. There is some sort of uncertainty about eh TV rights earnings right now. I'll leave you guys dig into this, but the NHL and other major sports could be affected by this situation in terms of revenus (salary cap, revenus sharing, etc)
  3. Dach's zone entry on Hoffman's goal was amazing. He straight up sacrificed himself and took the body check while making a slick pass to Hoffman. He could have go for the dump and chase easily but chose to use his body instead. Bless the big skilled guys. fixed that for you
  4. How far back would you allow it ? The direct play, 1 minutes, 2 minutes, 5 minutes ?
  5. That OT PP was pathetic. No real puck movement through the slot, same 4 players (which is not a bad idea), same strategy all 2 minutes long, no adjustment. Was almost too easy for the Hawk's triangle. Very frustrating to watch IMO.
  6. It's almost been two full days and I still can't get over the last second goal. That shit was insane. I mean, Caufield missed the net with 5 seconds left, you'd think it's over. But somehow, he gets another chance and burries it. Unbelievable !!!
  7. I need Sillinger to get things going in Fantasy. Kinda liked this goal 😁
  8. What's the deal in the KHL regarding players who "finish their hits" ? Are they doing that ? Some of them ? Because I feel like Slafkovsky often seems to believe that the play is over and that he's safe and then he gets rammed.
  9. Minor move here. https://www.nhl.com/canadiens/news/canadiens-acquire-nicolas-beaudin-from-blackhawks/c-336823570
  10. Even more so now that Landeskog is gone for 12 weeks.
  11. 28-44-7-3 = 66 points 8th in Atlantic 30th overall 32 goals
  12. We're almost there folks !!! I'll leave Peter Puck do his thing about the Habs, I'll focus on NHL wide predictions. 1- Who are your top 3 players you think will compete for Rocket Richard Trophy this season ? (most goals) 2- Who are your top 3 players that will compete for Art Ross Trophy this season ? (most points) 3- Who are your top 3 players that will compete for Calder Trophy this season ? (Rookie of the year) 4- Who are your top 5 teams that will compete for the Prez Trophy this season ? (1st place overall) 5- Who do you think will be the first coach to be fired this season ?
  13. Any opinion on some 2nd/3rd year players for Fantasy purposes ? Who will/should have the opportunity to have an impact (PP time, great line, etc) ? C. Sillinger Kent Johnson McTavish Jarvis Beniers Eklund Perfetti Boldy Rossi L. Reichel Byfield Power Addison Anyone stands out for you ? I kind of like Seth Jarvis a lot on Carolina RW. Beniers should get the best spots on Seattle's offense, right ? Do you guys believe that Calen Addison could get 1st PP time with the Wild over Spurgeon and Dumba ?
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