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  1. I think he was disagreeing with the point that we are tanking, therefore you two aren’t actually on the same page. I don’t have to beat the topic to death in that I don’t support tanking but I also don’t fully understand your final point. You are in the “camp that believes we are tanking”. According to who? Do you believe management is in the process of tanking? I already know the coaches and players are not in “tank mode”, and others have already thrown out arguments to show that management are not making moves to officially tank. I am unsure how early Hughes was aware of the Carey Price ordeal, but with a number 1 goalie, our team can actually battle out there. Although our defensive corps is putrid, the Edmundson injury was also unforeseen and I do believe a lack of solid goaltending will be our achilles heel until that changes. It simply seems to be, as others have stated that the Habs simply don’t have a top tier team, rather than outright tanking. Now if what the comment was supposed to mean, is that we should be tanking, then it is simply a matter of personal opinion, just as much as mine is (meaning I am not necessarily correct) but sometimes us armchair GMs just aren’t right and the team can either 1) surprise us and end up to be an entertaining and successful team or 2) underperform and play even worse than anticipated. I feel as though these tanking, rebuild, retool, we don’t have a chance, the team is 3 years away, etc. perspective can be SERIOUSLY damaging to any organization and could lead a team to remain in an eternal search for the cup because the mentality is that they are “never quite there”. Although my perspective will make certain people cringe at the thought, I personally much prefer both as a fan, as well as being part of an organization, a mentality whereby “anything is possible” or “that’s why they play the games”. Tanking and defeatest mentalities may sometimes be “smarter” or “more accurate” but I feel as though the mentality can be detrimental to overall performance and would also take away from any enjoyment of watching the game by “knowing” a team won’t win for another 4-5 years. The problem with this is that we once again do not actually know (how many people said our team would make the finals when they did in Weber’s final year). The final issue is that as a fan it would be incredibly draining to watch seasons with such a negative mindset. May as well just wait 4 years to watch a game then. Not only that, but once the team misses their chance in the said 4 years. Well, now it’s once again time for that slow rebuild again. It’s the right thing to do! /endrant
  2. I am not a tanker but the words “the tank” followed by “is on” may or may not have crossed my mind once I saw the news.
  3. Someone may make a thread about it but Edmundson out indefinitely… (Suzuki out for two weeks)
  4. I don’t mean to come off a certain type of way to those who say no, but it’s an obvious “yes”. I will leave two pieces of evidence to rest my case. 1) https://www.quanthockey.com/nhl/teams/montreal-canadiens-goalies-career-nhl-stats.html Feel free to sort by wins as well. And despite my previous post about Rinne… 2) https://www.espn.com/nhl/story/_/id/33364704/former-goalie-pekka-rinne-no-35-becomes-first-jersey-retired-nashville-predators?platform=amp In regards to 1, his simple longevity with the organization as well as number one in wins does it for me.
  5. Tanking is never the logical thing to do pre-season. Of course we already have posters who are predicting our demise pre-season but even they cannot agree where the Habs will finish. We have the same bunch who are claiming the Habs will finish bottom 3 and the same people predicting a bottom 5-10 position; the same prediction they make on a yearly basis. There have already been many season where the Habs outperform these expectations. Heck even the season the Habs made the final there were those same comments as far as rounds 1 & 2. I dislike our defense and even more-so our goaltending, but I do not think that tanking is the logical thing to do. It never is, until at least the new year.
  6. I voted yes and think it will be yes due to the fact that he has the most wins as a goalie for the franchise. However when I think about Nashville and Pekka Rinne, I don’t necessarily reach the same “obvious” conclusion. Similar careers to one another in the NHL.
  7. Dislike our D and goaltending. Hopefully Matheson surprises however even then, as I expect him to do well.
  8. 1) If Price is done, then we may not have another goalie of similar calibre for 20 years. Just wanted to say that while others casually scroll over the reality of his career being over. 2) I am fine with the Monahan move. It’s a good one to me.
  9. It was a joke 🙂 Also, not sure about Juraj’s choice when it comes to the ominous history surrounding the #20 and Habs players. The Habs have now had 16 players wear that number since 2006, and it is 2022.
  10. Looks like I’ll have to replace my Weber name tag with Wideman on my Habs jersey.
  11. Happy to have him back. He earned it last year.
  12. I liked the trade when we acquired Weber and like the trade now that we had to ship out. Thanks for your service Weber, I shall still wear my (your) jersey proudly.
  13. Looks like it’s either Perry or Lehkonen who win a cup this year.
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