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  1. I was indeed content when I saw that Allen was still in the net at 2-9.
  2. I haven’t been the only one to comment on the timing of some of the goalie pulls this season. Some games have been alright, some games the timing has been off, whether it has been because of our positioning on the ice at the time of the pull, or another reason. From my standpoint, there’s a reason I am discussing this topic this season and never have before, even though Patrick Roy started a trend years ago.
  3. Analytics also show that the Habs are top 5 worst in terms of success rate when it comes to playing with an empty net, and have allowed the second most goals against in the same situation. Perhaps the coach should make an adjustment based on the specific team he is working with, rather than follow a general trend.
  4. Not talking about this instance specifically but St. Louis has been terrible at deciding when to pull the goalie. Not pulling your goalie with 3-4 minutes left is not giving up on the game, and there have been many instances where he has done something of the like. We go from having a chance, to not having a chance. This also doesn’t really change your point as Lehkonen was indeed generally used in a defensive role, but just as recently as our last playoff appearance, Lehkonen was used on the top line with Danault and Gallagher. He was also used earlier in his career to replace Tatar on the top line with Pacioretty and Drouin. Regardless, not his primary use, and not much of a comparison talent wise to what he’s playing with now In Colorado.
  5. As I’ve stated before, we are really good at letting in empty net goals.
  6. My perspective as well. I always go back to thinking about having a child and watching the game with them. A fictional example, but seeing the child sad after a loss and telling them “it’s okay Jimmy, the Habs are trying to lose this year”. I don’t think I would have become a fan of the Habs or sport if I grew up wishing the Habs would lose at any point. I’ve always wanted them to win every game. One could argue that a child is naive and “adults know better”, but I also think that a losing mentality goes against the grain when it comes to sport that it is so unrealistic to actively cheer for it, because there is not a single player on the team that are actively trying to achieve that result. That type of mentality has to stem from someone who has not faced mental adversity in sport before, and the players we should want on the team need to be mentally strong and keep competing when faced with adversity. For the myriad of reasons mentioned already, I cannot be on the same page. But alas, you summed it up very well, and I agree.
  7. I’m not here to change anyone’s mind but there are key differences. 1) I don’t equate fighting for a playoff spot as the same as fighting for last place in the league 1a) fighting for a playoff spot is good for the team. 1b) fighting for the tank is good to get 1 player, who will likely only have a slight impact on any future championship, relative to the reality that there are 18 other players on the ice in any given game. This, in addition to the fact that a losing culture is bad for the current players, especially the youth, whereas winning develops our youth in a positive environment. 2) For all we know, Arizona goes on a 10 game winning streak immediately after this game. 4 point game? Whoopdy do. Perhaps if the game were in April and we actually saw that it made a difference. 3) The Habs are the team we cheer for. It’s much different to cheer for the team against a division rival so we can make a playoff spot, rather than root for our team to lose for the opposite reason. Personally, I don’t equate the two, but realize that some people do.
  8. It’s probably so rare that the game that people wish the Habs lose because of the reasons stated actually make a difference come the end of the year.
  9. Some points people will agree with, some points people won’t like. 1) Anaheim’s 2nd regulation win of the season after 31 games. 👏 2) Drouin has had some decent spells since being back. I thought he had a good game the other day until he had a huge gaffe at the offensive blue line which led to an empty netter. With that being said, he also had an assist and caused a penalty which was a borderline penalty shot due to his hustle. It is what it is in terms of fan perception, but I actually expect him to go on a decent run. Unfortunately for Drouin and the fanbase, a decent run for him could mean 10 points in 15 games along with a -11 total. 3) Only a small annoyance, but I am getting tired, and have already been tired of padding the other team’s stats with poor goaltender pulling tactics. Sometimes it has potentially cost us the game as well.
  10. After watching it a few times (as I only caught the 3rd period) I agree that it’s a penalty.
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