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  1. But... But how? My hypothesis is that after you rage quit: 1) You still followed along on HabsWorld 2) You followed along on NHL.com 3) You are in a fantasy league and saw the score
  2. If one has terrible vision, it was even more beautiful. I thought Petry put the puck between his own legs prior to the pass at first glance.
  3. You guys should be careful what you wish for. Regardless of how you feel, I tend to believe that the Habs are better off in the playoffs with Price than Allen, as well as Weber over Chiarot playing on the right side, all of a sudden. Romanov isn’t exactly an upgrade on Weber on the PP, either. And I’m not even going to say Caufield is right this minute, even though I am extremely high on him. Weber is a power play legend when it comes to scoring goals. 10th all time for goals on thr power play by a defenseman, and 5 behind Brian Leetch for 9th. Third this year,
  4. Nice to see Weber blast one in 🚨 1-0 Habs
  5. Looking forward to seeing Caulfield. I’m not one of those who hypes prospects up and in fact like veterans more than your average person, but he’s the real deal. No expectations right off the bat but it wouldn’t surprise me to see him put the puck in the net soon. Big game in general here. 4-2 Habs
  6. Hopefully Primeau can have a strong night. I don’t have faith in him but it’s to no fault of his own and more-so that I didn’t expect to see anyone outside of Price and Allen supervising our crease this year.
  7. Are both teams going with the 11 forward - 7 defensemen formation?
  8. I am not the type to wait eternally for the perfect moment to throw something that someone has said in their face. With that being said, my post was predicated on the fact that you were trying to portray the image that the Habs organization is one that is full of excuses, whereas the Canucks are not. It was admittedly an irrational post as you said yourself that you were angry at the Habs, but I don’t see your point. How do the Canucks seem to appear to be rising to the occasion, and why do the Habs seem to be making more excuses than the Canucks? I have not
  9. I did read your post. It brought up the Canucks, for some odd reason, and how they were apparently “rising to the occasion” after a mere two wins. That’s what I was responding to. Well, they’ve lost 3-0 against Ottawa last night and so it doesn’t look to me like anything you said about them was actually true. It was nothing more than a romanticized story about a team that I frankly couldn’t care less about. The Habs on the other hand will make the playoffs despite all their faults and excuse making, which you seemingly love to point out. And if I have truly misunderstoo
  10. By the way, remember this post when the Canucks crap out and end 6th place in the division. Two wins and suddenly the narrative is changing from being the team that the Habs were lucky to face to a team who is “rising to the occasion” after two wins. Once their schedule catches up with them, which the Canucks organization from coach, to manager, to player have already cried ad nauseum about, they will feel the effects and begin to lose their fair share of games. The fact the Canucks have repeatedly complained about their schedule was conveniently left out of your storyline involving “excuse ma
  11. Exactly. It seems the opposing view is that Vancouver will somehow have this miracle run, and not only that, the Habs haven’t faced as much adversity as them so those who are angry at the Habs are wishing ill on the Canadiens so the other Canadian team with a “C” on their jersey can enjoy the opportunity at a cinderella run. woosh. Did I get that right? You can find me on this side of the fence when it comes to that argument ... <—🐳 Then again, I don’t reside in British Columbia.
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