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  1. The team also confirmed that forward Kirby Dach will miss a minimum of one week with an upper-body injury.
  2. FLA@MTL: Projected lineup (nhl.com)
  3. TONIGHT, the worst case scenario IMO is overtime.
  4. I understand your point ... I expect you understand my perspective as well ... I just don't want to risk "affording" a win and have confidence that last nights' dead cat bounce from Tkachuk's dad calling the team soft will not endure ... agree to disagree.
  5. No thank you ... a win drops Habs from 5th to 6th worst (in points and winning%) and within 3 points of passing Philadelphia to 7th.
  6. Was really just seeking clarification of the rule ... I doubt they need another look Primeau ... maybe they were "showcasing" him as part of a Carter Hart trade (98% kidding).
  7. I take it giving Primeau another game would require using that remaining recall ... but not certain they would have any intention of making another recall in any event, outside of legit emergency situations arising due to injury/illness ... perhaps Heineman if his good play continues.
  8. STATISTICALLY ... 13:03 (9th amongst Habs forwards), one takeaway, bagels otherwise.
  9. I had an extreme dislike for Tiger Williams ... so can't say I am impressed with the celebration ... the goal was GREAT, but ........
  10. ALWAYS possible ... even possible a team can get the player they would have taken with an earlier pick ... BUT it is simply a matter of having the best chance to draft the best player possible ... without having to count on teams to pass on the player you want or getting "lucky" (i.e., the player the Habs draft ends up being better than the players even the Habs had ranked ahead of him).
  11. So it's DON'S fault if they fall out of 5th ... 😉
  12. 4. Following last night's victory, St-Louis confirmed that Cayden Primeau will start in net against the Flyers. The goaltender was recalled by the Habs from the AHL's Laval Rocket prior to the start of Monday's tilt.
  13. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ... you truly can't be serious that 8 losses would condemn them to years of being one of the worst teams in the league ... and the youngsters can do well while the Habs lose
  14. Dave built himself a 13 year, 445-game NHL/WHA career ... "beating" Ken in that regard ... if not in performance and accomplishments.
  15. Dangerous to assume it is "Montreal or bust" for PLD ... My fear is he gets traded at the deadline to a team that then wins the Cup, or makes the Finals, and has/makes the room to re-sign him to "keep the gang together" for a second run.
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