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  1. THE CODE ? ? ? ? ? Because it would have just triggered many, many, many more fights? Because it would be embarrassing to get beaten by them?
  2. Agreed ... the players all have agents ... if the NHLPA won't vigorously represent the safety of the victim then they should excuse themselves entirely and let the agents represent (engage representation for) both players ... not that it would make a difference ... the NHL has never even admitted the danger of concussions in hockey, like the NFL
  3. Even at 20 yrs-old, a 3rd year, third overall pick, with "projected" 1/2C talent shouldn't need a rookie with 5 games under his belt to get him going ...
  4. Re-wound ... both Anderson and Caufield were around the board side of the left face-off circle in theOttawa zone as the puck left the zone and Caufield did not really hustle back ... in fact, CC took the time to glance up at the clock to check how much time was left ... whether he could have made it back to the mid-boards to to support Merrill (who had his back turned when he threw the pass), or to cover the left point who took the shot that Paul tipped (if that was his coverage), is an unknown.
  5. Funny ... that is what his wingers have been saying much of the season
  6. On the weekend/beginning of the week I read somewhere that the Rangers (i.e., Dolan) were unhappy with this season and considering cleaning house ... so the "cover story" may be true ... but I agree, firing the guys that have the Rangers on the cusp of a strong team seems to make no sense ... now, I have to wonder if Drury didn't stage a coup d'├ętat and gain Dolan's ear ... appointing him GM makes some sense (he was obviously groomed) but also making him President seems like a reach to me
  7. I *** DO NOT *** advocate this approach ... but given Tom Wilson's status as one of the best fighters in the NHL it has a certain disgusting and disturbing logic ... beating up Wilson will not cause him to no longer be a danger to opponents ... so make his team and teammates pressure him to change.
  8. The Kraken cannot buy out any players they select until after the 2021-22 season ... but rules seem to be silent on trade-backs
  9. Can't see anything in the rules against it, but just doesn't seem like the kind of thing the NHL would allow.
  10. Maybe not in absolute dollars ... using 200 day seasons for simplicity of calculations ... Haley: 700000/200 = $3500 ... half = $1750 ... which is 0.25% of this salary Wilson: 5,166,666/200 = $25833 ... half = 12916 ... or 0.25% ... but capped at $5000 means Wilson loses 0.097% of his salary (about 1/3 the impact for Haley) My point was less about the actual dollars but more about the relative impact on the offenders ... let alone how ridiculous the $5000 cap is a deterrent to future behaviour
  11. So the game is going to O/T? LOL ... maybe "jinxing" will get him a regulation goal ... in any event, certainly looks like the Habs won't be an 3-on-3 wimp next season
  12. The other ting this points out is how ridiculous the $5000 maximum fine has become ... and it is all the worse when it aggressor is a Tom Wilson ($5,166,666) instead of Micheal Haley ($700K, only player with more majors than Wilson in the last four seasons) ... Wilson pays less than 0.01% of his salary while Haley pays a tad over 0.07% of his ... more should be done and discipline be more strict and consistent (no more "but he hasn't;t been suspended for doing THAT" crap) ... but at VERY least, the amount be converted to a percentage of salary, and for simplicity round it up to 1%
  13. EXACTLY ... the majority of the former enforcers lost at least as often as they won ... but getting punched out never stopped them from fighting ... the VAST majority of players who pull the sort the outrageous and dangerous shyte won't stop because they get beaten up ... it will just make the fans feel better because they will feel their team got a pound of flesh ... if teams want toughness find the modern Chris Nolan (i.e., a legit modern NHL 3rd/4th liner who can also fight) ... or better yet, a Tom Wilson with brains/integrity.
  14. Seemingly bad choice by Vielleux pressuring with the puck below the goal line when Dauphin had been knocked down on the other side of the net allowed the Marlins a 2-on-1 that they converted
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