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  1. For what VERY LITTLE it is undoubtedly worth ... not certain what value the puck and vehicle are supposed to lend to the rumour.
  2. In 6 seasons with the Pens, Chad Ruhwedel played 232 games and averaged about fifteen and a half minutes per game ... so maybe a potential 6/7 stopgap. Mark Friedman played 42 games over 4 seasons with Philly & Pitts, and averaged just shy of thirteen minutes per game ... so I'll say not likely. EDIT: Ruhwedel's contract is only $800K but also covers the 23/24 season ... so I doubt the Habs would want to make such a commitment to a marginal NHLer.
  3. He hasn't played an NHL game since 18/19 ... so I am guessing the Habs pass.
  4. While I agree, and would add the 'Yotes into that hope, my REAL focus is with hoping that Toronto (all but a given), Ottawa and Boston make the playoffs so they have no chance at any of the top prospects in the 2023 draft.
  5. Given the frequent Canadian bias towards the CHL for development over NCAA it is somewhat surprising that NCAA is higher rated ... but with fewer games/more practices and overall older players it may make sense.
  6. Based on 8 seconds of action ... I expect it is a typical NCAA Division 1 game between a ranked team and a perennial sub-.500 team.
  7. Didn't the guys get Pitlick's message ... he REALLY didn't want O/T ... he left a pot roast in his slo-cooker at home and needs to get home
  8. Agreed ... I should have increased the font size to really emphasize that ... 😄
  9. Agreed ... ***IF*** somehow the roster allows, keep him around for a few days (even if he doesn't play) so he can get a pay cheque and get a little feel for the "real NHL".
  10. Louis Dominique has had an up & down career ... $775K for this season and next ... 5 yrs older than Montembeault but $225K less on the cap and better career stats ... Sam is fully buriable ... worth a claim? Michael Hutchinson a couple of years even older ... $25K cheaper ... pending UFA ... another option? EDIT: Conflicted as I like Montembeault as a contributor to the Be Bad for Bedard project
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