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  1. Yep. It made zero sense excluding a guy the mgmt team made a statement move at their first draft to acquire.
  2. I sure he doesn't move back. I'd rather make sure we fit at least one of the top 4 forwards, or top 3 D. This year there may be 4 forwards picked before us, 1 forward and 3 D, or any permutations in between. I'd rather see ensure we get who they've evaluated to be among the top 5, rather than risk thinking we can get that guy later and find the guys we want our gone.
  3. I think back has a better chance of being a #2 centre, than the guys he listed. I'm bullish on Dave. I think if he is healthy, he may even be a #1 centre OFFENSIVELY. He isn't close to being the all round centre than Suzuki, but I do think if he is healthy, he can put up more points.
  4. Damn. forgot about Allen. Wel, cam move one with retention.
  5. I'm saying if they want a D, I'd rather move Matheson than Zegras - I think he has more value than Zegras - especially given his contract. but the id want more in return for him.
  6. That depends on your priority of who you think it's worth moving up for. I'm not really willing to give up assets to draft a D, unless it's a clear cut Makar or better type of dman. Lots off options on D, with no clear Dman identified as being head and shoulders above others. With Lindstrom, I'm nervous of even drafting him at 5. Herniated disc is scary, because it could become a chronic issue. I'd want to be 99.9% sure there are no risks with taking him. If we got a 2nd pick, between 6-12, and he is available, I'd be willing to roll the dice, after already getting a major piece with our own #5. Demidov is the only player I'd be willing to give up something to move up for.
  7. Agree on the Drouin comparison as a risk. I wouldn't mind going after Zegras, just not at that price.
  8. Well I don't see Anaheim asking for Anderson or Gallagher for Zegras. They are going to ask a lot. Question is, how many teams are going to pay a lot when a rebuilding team is willing to give up in a 23 year old? who would you value more, a 60 point dman, or a 60 point centre? I'll pick the 60 point dman every time. I don't want to love Matheson, but if we get a high top 10 pick for him, I'd rather get another pick to try and get Iginla or Sennecke with that pick, rather then move Guhle for Zegras.
  9. 100% agree. If we were to move Guhle, I'd want more. The best case scenario for Zegras is that he has a ceiling to be a 1B type of centre. The more likely scenario is that he is a 2nd line winger, and hopefully a high end second line winger - unless he shows commitment to becoming a more complete player. I think his floor may be that of a one dimensional, undependable 3rd liner. He has top 6 skill, but the question is does he have the work ethic to be a top 6 on a championship team?? Having said that, we have a need for at least one, potentially two 2nd line wingers, so he is a guy that could fill a huge hole in our lineup even as a winger. The question is do you want to value him as a 1b centre when you are looking at the acquisition cost, or as a 2nd line winger?? from what he's shown, I wouldn't want to risk overpaying for him - we've seen that movie before with some of MB's deals. on the other hand, I see Guhle's floor as a #4 dman, and his ceiling on a championship/serious contender teams as a #2 minute munching guy. I think he will be and may already be better than a guy like Nurse. IMO a top 2-4 Dman is usually more valuable than a second line winger. So I wouldn't move him for Zegras unless it's Anaheim adding a sweetener. I don't think going from #5 to #3 is enough of a sweetener, unless Chicago doesn't take Demidov. If We made that deal on the draft floor after Chicago picked a dman, or Lindstrom, I'd have to think harder on whether to move Guhle - but I still think od want more. i would much rather try and move a guy like Matheson, the Winnipeg 1st round pick, and other assets like Savard, Armia (either, or both with retention as a sweetner), or Harris to other teams that said they are willing to move their #1 like Columbus, Utah, Ottawa, NJD, or Buffalo. If Demidov is gone either of the first three teams listed here were willing to make a deal, we could potentially get Iginla and a dman, or Iginla and Sennecke. If NJD or Buffalo are willing we could potentially get Eisrerman as the second pick. getting a second top 12 pick in this years draft could give us the long term core to build around. I also think if the acquisition cost is low, we roll the dice on Laine. It would be great to see him with a healthy Dach to assess Dach with an elite winger.
  10. I'm still bitter for us not taking Getzlaf, but we already have one guy who has been injury prone in his career up to now Dach, not sure if as one of the most injured teams in the league the last few years I'd want to take a chance on a guy with a herniated disk. I want Deminov, but it's sounding more and more like he will be gone. Ideal situation would be to be able to pick Deminov (but that will require on teams passing on him) AND adding another top 4-7 pick. If we can get the 2nd high #1, we can pretty much get the last key pieces for our future core, and than start assets to build around that core. if someone in the top 7 is willing to live the puck for a package that includes Matheson, I'd do it. If during the draft, it looks like a high end forward like Iginla/Sennecke/Lindstrom/Eiserman or a D like Patel/Buium/Dickerson are still available, I'd like to try and get the Buffalo or NJD picks.
  11. Laine+ Columbus 1st for: Winnipeg 1st Montreal 2nd Harris Anderson Mesar or Kapanan or Winnipeg 1st Matheson Montreal 2nd Anderson would that be enough? does Columbus only want to move down if the pick is still in top 10?
  12. My guess is that MB probably pushed the kings to trade FOR PLD. I'm much happier with our new mgmt team!
  13. Thank god our mgmt team didn't give into all of the French media types wanting us to get PLD! Might actually be a good move for PLD, since the caps are desperate to get a centre for Ovechkin.
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