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  1. Monohan has zero trade value until he shows he can be healthy for a full year, and unless it is for a very cheap contract - $1.5m tops, know way I’d risk signing him to a multi-year deal. As it is I don’t even know he gets $1.5m on a 1 yr deal. Physically he is extremely broken down relative to his age.
  2. The NJD have WAY more elite talent than us.
  3. Will agree with you on that. I also want to Lose to the panthers. Try and slide down to 4 if we can. Than hope that the panthers lose the rest of their games.
  4. Why rush into a deal and give up a lot of good players for him, when we still won’t be a playoff team. If he decides to go elsewhere fine. But you build through the draft. We aren’t at that point in our development as a team that you start moving high picks and prospects YET. When you are ready to win, you can start to give up assets, you don’t do it on the hope that PLD is the guy. even with only a year left we are looking at giving up a top prospect, 1st rounder+. You do that when you are ready to win for a difference maker. PLD hasn’t been the main guy on either of his two teams, and I wouldn’t want to be mortgaging the future so we can be on the cusp of being a bubble team.
  5. I get that you don’t want to give up much for PLD - I don’t either, given adding him next year isn’t going to get us into the playoffs anyways. But someone will be willing to give up something similar to what the isles gave up for Horvat. I get Horvat resigned with them, but the Canucks weren’t allowing teams to negotiate prior to a trade. I can see a team giving up a top prospect and a first rounder at a minimum - more if the jets ray half the salary. So I think the jets can get more than Harris and and a cap anchor. personally, I think if they can’t get good value for him, they may hang in and try to make a run while they still have Scheifele and Helleybuyck (their MVP), and Ehlers. The first two have two years left while Ehlers has three. I can’t see Helleybucyck resigning in Winnipeg - but then I never thought Wheelers would either. If they win and have success, it may convince some of those guys to stay. They aren’t going to stay because their GM replaced PLD with Harris, and they certainly are not a better team by making that trade. I’d rather wait it out and see if PLD wants to sign when h is a UFA, but it would depend on how much he wants. If he can get $10m, on the open market as a UFA, I’d pass. Bringing in Tavares is actually hurting the leafs in building a team, I certainly don’t want to make the same mistake, when we still have Caufield to resign, and hopefully Slafkovsky will earn a Pasternak type contract. I certainly wouldn’t pay that much for PLD. He’s a good player, who is happily sign to a deal in the $8m range, but I wouldn’t consider him to be a franchise player, that id go too much higher than Suzuki.
  6. I think we be giving up a top D and forward prospects and a first rounder to make it happen. This isn’t a Chicago with Kane situation where Kane was only willing to go to one team AND the hawks had zero chance at the playoffs. I can see another team willing to give up more for one year for a top centre than spare parts and salary cap albatross like Armia.
  7. Why would the jets want a junker like Armia? Or even if we included Matheson? They have better chance of making the playoffs with PLD, and adding pieces for one more run, before they also lose control of Scheifele and their best player - Helleybuck, than being a playoff team next year without PLD, and have an overpaid 3rd/4th liner and one dimensional second pairing dman? I think they’d want someone who’s a difference maker not salary cap junk dump (referring to Armia).
  8. I took an instant dislike to MB when he brought back that piece of shot baboon Therrien as coach. His next big move was deciding to play hardball with Subban, while every other GM was rushing to sign their RFA’s before the CBA expired. The only other team to make the same stupid mistake was the Avalanche with ROR. We are in cap hell, and MB left the team in a much bigger mess than when he took over. The only other GM that can say that is Houle. Only difference is that at least Houle is an extremely nice guy, while Bergevin is a dick who’s won squat in his career.
  9. There is zero chance of him being available with Florida’s pick.
  10. But then Armia usually only actually shows up 1 in 5 games, and I’m not even talking about production. he’s the type of player you never want to pay more than $1.5m for, and should be letting them walk rather than overpay for what he brings.
  11. I’m hoping Hutson will continue to overcome the size issue and questions. The question is whether his hockey smarts, skill level and ability to avoid getting hammered allows him to be a legit second, or even top pairing guy. Rafalski was considered too small - particularly for the period he played in and was a solid second pairing guy who could slide up. Krug was even smaller and has a solid career as a second pairing guy who can also slide into a top pairing role. On raw skill, Hutson looks to be way ahead of where they were at the same age. The question is whether he can add at least another 15lb to his frame over the next couple of years AND still retain his speed and agility. It’s hard getting a handle on his actual size. I’ve seen him listed anywhere from 5’7” to 5’10’ and between 155lb to 168lb. I’ve never seen him play a full game, but on clips and shift compilations, I actually see a lot of Makar and Fox in him. That’s probably hoping for too much, but if he comes close to that type of player, we could have a pretty decent D in a few years. I can’t see all of Guhle, Hutson, Harris, WiFi, and Barron becoming legit top 4 D for a GOOD team (as opposed to being forced into that role because of zero depth). But even if 3 of them make it as legit top 4 Dmen, we should finally have a solid D in a couple of years.
  12. Costco? Oh wait, they probably would require him to show up on time.
  13. There will always be a GM that will take a chance and I agree that a cheap team that is still in bottom out mode will consider him on a cheap show me deal. they are exhibit A for steam where Mgmt has done everything possible to finish last, but the players and coaching staff won’t quit
  14. There’s a difference between players earning ice time and a spot and it being to them.
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