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  1. unless that 20 year-old 3rd overall pick probably should also have been a rookie.
  2. I don’t get why the rangers didn’t go after ovechkin or backstrom.
  3. One of the fundamental issues with the whole setup is that the union defends the offender, and no one is there to speak or represent the interests of the victim - who is also a union member.
  4. Good on him for firing them in that situation. They’ve done a good job building, but I think it sends the league and message that teams are any going to keep bending over and accepting bad decisions. I wish more owners with join him in voicing their displeasure. Looking at the box score today looks like the league did a great job handling the situation 🤮
  5. Just got home from Physio. Well I guess no comeback tonight.
  6. I meant that I would have thought that a deal like that (kraken select Weber and trade him back to us fir lower cap hit, would be treated the same way as when a team buys out a player, they can’t than resign the player for the same season. Not sure if there any restrictions like that for the Kraken, but it sounds like the same end result.
  7. That’s about what I’d expect from a scum bag like Avery. Sadly, something like this is more likely than the NHL getting their shit together.
  8. Wilson should absolutely have not only got an hearing, but received an immediate suspension, while they decided on the length of the suspension. I do think that this does merit a suspension as well. Dale Hunter laid a similar cheap shots on Pierre Turgeon in the playoffs after Turgeon scored a goal. That hit ended Turgeon’s playoffs (which benefited in the 93 cup win). Incidentally - Hunter was also a Cap.
  9. I thought they was a year limit for those types of moves, like there is with buyouts.
  10. TBL did that this year, with Yzerman brokering the deal. I think the Duschane and Karlsson trades were similar. So it does happen. You do need a sharp GM though 😉
  11. Not sure if Kulak will become a legit top 4, he will if he can translate his advanced stats into actual points - something the habs need from their dmen. In any event I’d protect him over Weber and hope that Seattle takes Weber’s salary. Friedman made a good argument today that that Seattle may try and draft a roster close to the lower limit to weaponize their cap space (in which case they could worry well draft Kulak if he is available over Allen). But I think they can still weaponize their cap space by picking Weber and trading him, while retaining half of his cap hit. That may
  12. You’re probably right. That’s the NHL for you though. I’d be nice if other teams also responded in support of the Rangers. I used to like Laviolette, but have zero respect for him now. Not only for his typical just a hickey scrum BS comment, but for also giving that meathead and “A”. Caps are definitely going the broadsheet bully route now.
  13. There’s very few refs that I’d want in that job. Most good refs that have a good relation with the league, would probably be gutless. DOPS is a pro Allen, but there is a bigger problem in who they report to.
  14. Kariya and Lafontaine would be logical choices - particularly Lafontaine (from what I’ve read Kariya has had little interest in involvement in hockey). Which is why I can’t see a league run by Bettman and Campbell ever making such a logical choice. Shan again was the only decent choice, but he was not what I’d call a guy who always played cleanly, but about as honest of a player that power forwards from his generation were.
  15. I’d say at least about 10 times the fine Wilson got.
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