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  1. I agree. We've given up on young dman far too often. I'd rather see what both can do.
  2. I don't want to move a Mailloux or Wifi this year, until we see if Dach can stay healthy and be the 1B centre. If he can't, than Mailloux may be what needs to moved to address that need. I also want to see what he can do at the NHL level. I also think it will be helpful to see if the surgically repaired wifi shows so progress this year.
  3. I didn't realize that was the holdup I thought the Friedman had said he was a guy who could have been moved at the draft?? he definitely would be my choice of the forward to pick up to play with Dach.
  4. I'd rather see if we can get Laine cheap if we don't ask Columbus to retain. It would also be good if we can move a forward out as part of the deal - preferably Dvorak, Anderson, and Gallagher- I know the chances of moving the last two are probably slim to none.
  5. I wouldn't give that package for Zegras or Necas. They are both to close to free agency and while they would probably want to break though the Suzuki cap, they aren't the type of players I'd want to break the current internal salary structure for. Not sure if I'd even do that for McGroaty - we have to be sure we can sign him. And I think that he's a guy our think Winnipeg needs to move, so there should be a discount factor on the fact they need to move him. He could always decide to stay in college for another couple of years and be a UFA. I love Ehlers, but he is to close to being a UFA. I want nothing to do with Marner, if past history is any indication, he will be looking for $12m/yr.
  6. Player development or lack there of has played a huge factor in the our draft failures. But, I think organizational philosophy does as well. There have been so many many players we have drafted over the years that a big part of the assessment both by management and our scouting department that didn't even mention a players offensive potential, it's been a lot about character. I for one am sick of hearing how a prospect, whether it's Chipchura, Higgins, McDonough, or Komisarik, or Timordi is that the highest form of praise about the player is that the player can be the future captain of the Montreal Canadiens because of his character. when I'm looking at who we are drafting, that is the farthest thing on my mind. I want a Lafleur, Robinson, Shutt, Naslund, Type of player - none of whom were captains. Busy all are highly skilled and productive players. That's what we should be focusing on. the next step for sure is developing a player. It starts with guiding the player before they join the organization, and has to continue with coaching both in the AHL and NHL. The coaches we have hired have been horrible. It's been well documented and reported how Therrien treated Terry Ryan in the AHL, and 20 years later you can see in the habs tv show of Subban asking Therrien to explain what he wants from him, and all he gets is more chewing out then coach. Thats not how you develop a player.
  7. Other teams like the Bruins and lightening found high end talent with late first rounders and in later rounds. We found a grand total of three in the last 15 years - Gallagher, Subban and Pactioretty. What separates the elite teams from the middle of the road to bad teams is good scouting AND development. our philosophy for too long was trying to find good Bob Gainey's and Mike Keanes rather than elite players for a LONG time. It also seems that most potentially skilled guys we drafted over the years were very small guys. Our European scouting was behind the times from the get go, and outside of Mats Naslund, Dahlin, V. Bure and Koivu, in the earlier years we didn't really have a lot of picks or success. Most Europeans we did draft were guys mostly with 3rd line potential like De La Rose. We used a top ten pick on a Russian twice - one in the best draft ever, and passed over consensus higher rated guys, and than Sergechev,, who we traded for the great French hope.
  8. I see Barron - along with Harris that are the two guys we move for help up front.
  9. With a guy like Hutson, you have to have guys that have higher hockey IQ for him to have success. I'd also rather not expose him to career AHLers who are borderline hockey players and will be looking to make a name for themselves by taking out an elite prospect. i think Horton is one of those guys you either had to leave in college to physically get stronger, or bring him straight up to the NHL. Reinbacher is the guy who may benefit from more time in the AHL if he doesn't earn a spot with the Habs at the end of training camp.
  10. For sure about Dach. If he is not healthy, or isn't a legit #1b/#2 centre, the rebuilt will be stalled until we get that guy. We also need a scoring winger to play with him. Maybe Roynwipl become that guy, but it would help Dach if there was an established scorer to play with him.
  11. aHitaon I agree. I see Mailloux having more of the Subban/Weber, shooter role. Hopefully, Hutson can be the new general controlling the play.
  12. Habs PP has sucked since we lost the general. Hopefully, Hutson can be that guy.
  13. Yeah, and I'm sure $950k+bonuses didn't ultimately factor into the decision🙄
  14. Is there really anyone on that list was a legit top line or top pairing time of prospect? I don't recall anyone thinking Hudon was going to be a top line guy. De La rose was seen as a potential 3rd line centre. Andrighetto was another in a long line of undersized players who was projected as a middle six guy. Sherbeck was seen as a boom or bust project. the only two guys that I recall their being any hype around were Fucale and Juulsen. I'm not downplaying the development part - I was complaining about it as far back as Galchenyuk, and even though I hated the KK pick, I was even more vocal about rushing a 17 year old into the lineup because of the GM's inability to acquire a centre. development was clearly an issue. But we also have been drafting a lot of 3rd and 4th liners. I can't even recall as drafting anyone like Hage, that there was a legit excitement about- let alone a Demidov type player. This year we had two first rounders, and it's probably the first time since in over 25-30 years that there hasn't been a single person who is upset about the picks. The Caufield pick was the only other pick I loved - but he fell to us and it became a no-brainer. But there was still the size concern and whether he would be able to be the same scorer in the NHL. Hell, there are still some who question him as a legit top line guy on a winning team because of his size. im not downplaying the player development issues the Habs have had since Savard was fired, and how player development reached a Harrold Ballard/John Brophy era level of incompetence under Bergevin/Thereian, but drafting was also a big issue. From Kostitysyn to KK we took the wrong guy too many times. There is further evidence of player development issues under Bergevin by the fact that players drafted during the last few years of the Bergevin/Timmons era are now prospering - after they were gone! Hell even Caufield was a mess in Bergevin's last year until that idiot DD was fired. So I agree that player development was a problem, but so was drafting.
  15. I'd expect us to be a lot more competitive as well, but competitiveness doesnt necessarily translate to wins. Have to keep in mind that some of the other teams that finished ahead had down years, and/or significantly improved as well. Most of our improvement hinges on the health of Dach and rate of progression of kids. There hasn't been a significant addition, and I wouldn't expect anything other than potentially a scoring winger.
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