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  1. That’s the type of 3 way deal I was proposing yesterday.
  2. Well, Benning stabbing Linden, Lafontaine getting screwed over in Buffalo are examples of issues when you have unclear lines of authority- and that’s without the complication of the French media taking obvious sides between a Anglo VP and a French GM. Molson has a history of crumbling when the language pressure points are pushed by the media. im happy with the Gorton hiring as well, but have some apprehension of a) the choice for GM, b) how Molson deals with potential rifts between the Anglo and Francophone.
  3. Oh, I agree Seattle isn’t a good team - I think going into the draft, Francis could have picked up a lot of good players cheap, and could have kept or moved them for more assets at the deadline. price didn’t know that prior to the draft. I also think the other motivation was being close to home.
  4. I think that would have been more a family decision, and hoping they’d have the early success as Vegas. Frankly. I think Francis really fxcked up a lot of his picks, and the way he managed thr expansion draft.
  5. Umm, he did waive his NMC for the Seattle expansion draft, and there are rumour he hoped that he’d be picked up. I don’t want Kane either. But if we can move Price’s contract, get assets for Price, and additional assets for Kane, I wouldn’t hesitate to make the move, ifwe’d only have to retain 50%, of 50% of Kane’s salary.
  6. Oh, I agree, just saying that Kane is an option, if we can’t find someone willing to retain most of Price’s salary - I can’t see too many other teams, unless we also took back a major contract, or retained salary. Price also has to approve any trade, so it would be a question of priorities on who he’d accept a trade to - winners, west coast? If Vancouver wasn’t such a cap strapped team, that still has to make sure they can lock up Peterson, they would probably be the most logical choice. I really don’t see Price wanting to stay if he knows there is a major rebuild. I also think we’d probably have to retain more salary with most other teams.
  7. I’d rather retain $1.75m of Kane, by trading for him and the moving him, AND get additional assets than having Price at $10.5m. I also think Price will be very unhappy to be here through a rebuild with zero chance of winning.
  8. Agree with that. That should be the case with all players his age during their first two years.
  9. I wouldn’t mind risk taking on Kane at 50% if we could lose the Price contract, and get a high pick, IF we think than we could get additional high picks, by moving him and retaining 50% of his contract. It would allow someone to get Kane really cheap. Of course, we’d have to gamble that he scores a lot, and is trouble free while we have him (I wouldn’t want to hold into him - I’d treat him like a pump and dump stock). big risk of course is Kane has had numerous stops and the severity of the issues has been escalating, and someone with his life style choices on Crescent Street would be like a kid with free access to a cookie jar.
  10. Agreed. However, I think we disagree about what to do with Caufield,I think we should keep him away from this train wreck and let him dominate in the AHL until at least thr trade deadline. Play Suzuki with scorers you want to move, and hope they do well to drive up the value of those wingers.
  11. Yep. We need a complete fresh start. Too many bonehead moves. I’d suggest going with Richardson fir the remainder of the year, and seeing who’s available over the summer. But that would mean two anglos, for a while and we certainly can’t have that🙄
  12. Based on what? His involvement selecting NJD’s third jersey? From what I read, he really has not had much involvement in the day to day. Not to say he couldn’t do a good job, but based on his body of work, there is nothing to suggest he Wilkins make a good GM. Rejean Houle sold beer, was a great teammate, a good guy, but a lousy GM.
  13. I can see why Engels is one of the few members of the media selected a while back to interview Bergevin. His column shows he’s got his head so far up Moslon’s ass that if Engels lips were moving, you’d still here Molson talking. What a crock full of shit column. https://www.sportsnet.ca/nhl/article/canadiens-molson-emerges-as-leader-fans-have-been-craving/
  14. That’s a pretty useless stat, considering how many players we have rushed into becoming NHLER’s.
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