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  1. I doubt that... Harris and Barron will be given all of camp and likely last cuts to make this team if they don't. Beck has been a standout... and Mesar not far behind. I'm really liking Richard's game
  2. Point is it wasn't that dark of an era. The era of darkness was post Roy 1995 and the dismantling of that contending team. We set the team back more then a decade. That's darkness...
  3. Price... and the point was it wasn't that dark...
  4. As dark of an era as it was, we still managed 3 eastern Conference finals and a Dustin Tokarski from 2 Stanley Cup final appearances That's a lot better then half the league
  5. I also read that kane and debrincat numbers dropped significantly when paired with Dach but havent taken the time to verify... at the end of the day hes just scratching the surface of his career and I'm sure MSL will help to break him out. Hopefully
  6. Losing is what causes the attacks by the media and fan base... patches was attacked because he was our sniper and disappeared for stretches... his style of play which at times came across as lazy is what it was all about. Being a fairly sizeable player but never using his frame and always playing the perimeter. Koivu attacked? He was beloved by most and unfortunately became captain of a team that was completely dismantled post 95 (a contending team I might add) which set us back at least a decade with continuous losses. Suzuki will be fine.. and is the only logical choice... with no pressure to win year 1 he has a chance to grow into the role. Leadership is not defined by age nor is it a prerequisite
  7. I disagree... Price has been an average goalie for most of his regular season play post Chris Kreider... (I HAVE NOT looked at his stats or other goalie stats to verify this claim)
  8. We failed to replace Weber LY and that hole still remains.
  9. Why not? Matheson was a direct replacement for Petry... I didn't include Scheuneman because he played a third of the season and was around the team for half but i probably should of grouped him in as well. The point was that's the group that will replace the minutes of Petry weber chiarot and Romanov as it stands...
  10. Yes we would need to move/ waive multiple players to make room for him in the lineup
  11. Read that Jagr compared him to himself and wanted to recruit him for his team until realizing his young age... (that would be an absolute dream as Jagr is easily top5 GOATs for me that I've been able to watch... The more I think about it... barring a multi player trade he might need to start in Laval as habs currently have 5 players to many knocking on the door (providing everyone starts season healthy)
  12. I feel we were never as bad as our record indicated LY to get the #1. We got lucky in that sense with everyone having terrible seasons plus all the injuries etc. The real key to next season will be on D and goaltending. Will a combination of Matheson, Harris, Guhle, Barron and Norlinder have any impact immediately at the NHL level to replace the hole left by Petry, Weber Chairot and Romanov. The other question would obviously be goaltending which is self explanatory. Agaiin alot of What ifs and expectation on kids making impact but even so this team will not be Conor Bedard terrible and we should stop thinking such unless we seriously dismantle the veteran core. There is to many young kids already in the lineup wanting to prove their worth as well as vets trying to prove they are still relevant.
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