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  1. Any trade involving Suzuki is nonsense... Period!
  2. Ouellet isn't even a consideration at this point... You are likely the only person who believes we are not in need of a top dman particularly a #2 to anchor the 2nd pair but more depth Dman. If a top d is traded for(nobody on the UFA market left) it will push Savard onto the 3rd to insulate Romanov much like he did with Sergachev down the stretch and playoffs Also to say Norlinder is not an option? Have you watched him play a single hockey game that rules him out? Because Bergevin said publicly as early as yesterday that he will be given an opportunity to make this team. And he might have an inside track as his attributes are exactly what's missing I this lineup on D. Hes not 18. He's 21 (only 3 months younger then Romanov) and same age as Suzuki and others With that said I'm not saying he's making the team.... I'm saying we need a top dman to push Savard into the bottom pair and have Kulak Wideman Norlinder and Brook battle for the 7/8 spot. Not sure how anyone doesn't agree with this Edmun Petry Chiarot ?? Romanov Savard Kulak Wideman Norlinder Brook
  3. And if we sign a top D then Wideman/ kulak/ Norlinder/ Brook would be fighting for the 7/8 spots... we don't need more 5/6 D men... we need a #2
  4. Bergevin said Norlinder will be given an opportunity to make the team...
  5. I dont think we need any more depth defenseman. At this point a package that will move some of our wing depth and some picks and or prospects for a legit defender would be the way moving forward.
  6. Its definitely not my ideal depth chart either but, it is our actual depth chart right now... I put Wideman there as I think those combos might end up working best with a puck mover paired with a bruiser... I also see Chiarot and Romanov playing more equal, balanced minutes with Weber not boosting his partners TOI. Savard showed down the stretch and in the playoffs that he can insulate a young defender in TB and help him really take the next step. Hopefully odds are he can really be a steady partner to Romanov and help him flourish to. Wideman could help move the puck partnering Chiarot and no need to explain what Edmundson and Petry can do together. Of course I'm hoping we can trade for an upgrade on Wideman For sure... but it's what we got at the momment. Would be a dream if Romanov Brook or Norlinder could magically be top 4 worthy as soon as next year... then all our problems would just go away
  7. Well if MB is done on the back end till training camp you would have to think they are really gonna ask Romanov to take a step forward moving the puck after depriving him of TOI in the playoffs. Also, Norlinder could get a real look to make the team as one of the few puck movers in the system along with Brook in the 9 spot. Edmundson Petry Chiarot Wideman Romanov Savard* Norlinder Kulak Brook
  8. Should we take a serious look at Chara on a 1 year deal? That would be something... Hes 44
  9. Pageau or Paquette? PAGEAU would be nice as well
  10. Some chemistry? We put them together and went on a run to the Stanley Cup finals that got halted by a stacked (over the CAP) defending champion TB. And with that said, game 1 could of went either way and game 2 we dominated and lost but for some bad luck! We lost game 5 1-0... Caufield and Suzuki will be lined up next to each other almost guaranteed.
  11. I dont think Suzuki needs sheltering... Perry is an Ontario Habs fan like myself. He wants in MTL and I'm sure after a move or 2 we will sign him
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