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  1. Price has been good since the coaching change. Weber has not... that pair yesterday I was not a fan of. Weber forced to carry the puck... leave the kid with Weber and give the lions share of minutes to petry and Edmundson.
  2. Byron is better then all of the above and he had a pretty good game. Missed a bunch of chances but props for creating said chances. Hes a very good 4th liner
  3. Sergachev currently plays LD on TB 3rd pair.... he is nowhere near a #1 at this point in his career. Would he be a better fit on MTL 1st pair? Who knows
  4. isnt Ducharme stating Romanov will line up with Weber and not Kulak? And look at those numbers from Price over 4 starts! Wow!! Where you been Pricey, where you been!!
  5. he did not deserve a demotIon.... And Edmundson should stay in lineup
  6. Romanov being a rookie is B*llsh*t!! There's rookies younger than him literally everywhere playing big minutes in big situations accross the NHL. Dont tell me Romanov if given more of an oppurtunity cant step up to the plate like young Dmen b4 him! And with that said you think its better to put with our #1 Dman? You name Kulak who is playing as our 5/6 but fail to mention Weber who has underperformed more so than anyone. As well as Chairot who has look erratic at times playing with weber. Kulak has shown over and over again with added responsibilities he's been more tha
  7. i disagree... not that he wont step up to the plate tonight following Waites firing but of your assessment of his play. He has not been good all season for multiple seasos now. But, for some stretches in good play!!
  8. I don't agree with Armia assessment... so he got kris-crossed in a scissors play in OT... He hasn't been any worse than other Habs during this stretch. He Suzy and JD have shown greta chemistry already in the playoff bubble... i think Chiarot and Weber need to be split more than any other line. Weber has not been good in particular
  9. i luv the new FW configs... DD is really trying to build up Kotkaniemi and rightfully so if he wants to see real success. He started with serious PP time, then gave him some important faceoffs and even started the 3on3. Now coming off 3 strong games, he gives him our 2 best goalscorers not named gallagher. Its the kids chance to run with the opportunity, hopefully it sticks. As for D, I couldnt agree more. I think both Weber and Chiarot need a break from each-other and Weber needs much need an injection of life. Who else but Romanov to provide that youthful exuberance he has b
  10. KK... We can only hope Ducharme can help KK really blossom. Until then we wont take the next step full step. it was a good game for KK i liked romanovs game to.
  11. Price's decline has been consistent since being hurt in NYR series... Everyone can say what they will but the stats show he's been bad far more then hes been great. Sure he's had some stretches where he's been Carey Hart Trophy Price but those games are few and far... Yes he was really good in the playoffs LY but end of the day, he got out dueled by Hart. Is the demise of Price organization-destroying? It is if Primeau cant play over his read through the rest of Prices contract. Driedger has out performed Brobovsky and FLA has gone with driedg... dont tell me Mtl
  12. Does anyone know the name of the song played during Beliveau tribute
  13. It's official... I'm done either the reverse jersey. As beautiful as it is... we started losing once we put it on
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