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  1. Is it just me or does Poehling look so much faster on his skates since being called up?
  2. kulak was really skating well last night i thought. Same with Evans who is coming into his own. Poehling looked good to on his skates(arguably his weakness)
  3. its more then just Edmundson (whos been a rock since joining)... weve lost 2 of our top Dman when you add Weber and his 20 plus minutes as well. So the loss of Edmundson coupled with Weber is catastrophic. Not to mention they both were key cogs on the PK along with Danault and Byron.... add all that together and its no wonder the team is 0-5 to start and just north of 50% on the PK.
  4. Suzuki will be fine. Evans has shown when healthy that he is a capable C. Where lies the problem is KK was replaced by Paquette and now Perreault (a winger) Not to mention we brought Savard on to add to our D core but needed 2 Dman (one to replace weber). Add to that danault, Weber, edmundson and Byron (4 key cogs on our PK) all removed and we have the worst PK in the league at around 50%... couple that with a PP running at 0% and its no wonder we are 0-4. Realistic fans of hockey and more importantly the Habs understand that with 9 players removed from this teams playoff run and alot of them key players, we would have a rough start maybe even a rough year. Fix the special teams and we can right this ship. Cause we could easily be 2-2 if the leafs and rangers went our way on special teams alone.
  5. Well your not winning many games when your PP scores 0% of the time and your PK stops the other team from scoring 50% of the time. At this rate we are doomed 6 for 12 on the PK 0 for 10 on the PP Atrocious
  6. I disagree on petry... I didnt like his game last night. He had no pace to his breakouts.. slowed it down way to much, held on to the puck and made bad decisions. My personal thoughts is all. Am I worried about him long term? Absolutely not.
  7. We call that BS... its game 2 not game 20 or game 30. The mental tiredness of playing up to 20 minutes of on ice hockey? Gimme a break but for the goalie and he was fresh. these guys took a bus from TO to Buffalo and settled in by 1am. They lost because they weren't up to the challenge of Buff home opener. Petry made bad decicuons Romanov was turning over the puck all night. Chiarot I thought played well but took some untimely penalties. Our PK was bad and our PP was worse. it was the difference in game 1 as well as game 2. The 3rd and 4th line do not look good over 2 games. The Engvall line owned us on Wednesday and it carried over to yesterday. I'll wait for players to return and iron out the wrinkles but don't tell me a team with half the players in there 20's are fatigued after game 1 physically or mentally because if that is the case we are so fkd all season...
  8. I thought petry looked slow and made bad decisions with the puck. We just can't win faceoffs or get the puck in the zone on PK... somethings never change
  9. Boy do the leafs look rather ordinary with matthews out of the line up. Am I the only one who thinks they continue to get weaker yearly and have basically done away with all that depth they built up from missing 14 of 15 playoff seasons. With Reilly now set to leave in the summer...
  10. Republican? Democrat? Independent? Wondering if you get my vote...
  11. KK trying to keep pace with Dvorak day 1... already with 1G 1A in the 1st. Both on the PP
  12. Norlinder is older then KK currently... not sure if we can compare. Lots of powerplays so it will be interesting to see how they play 5on5 after they kill the 4 minutes
  13. We are so deep at wing, neither likely even get sniff of a call up
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