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  1. You would think if we stay at #5 it's either Benson or Smith... unless one of the 2 go earlier but highly unlikey
  2. Well Lehks was used primarily in a top 6 role on Stanley cup champion Avs Also playing in top 6 of Stanley cup finalist Habs... I think you could all be wrong here...
  3. Just the confidence alone to make that pass with 3 seconds left instead of the the easy take the shot he was given... Sublime! Caufields finish too... Bottom corner... fantastic! This guy is a 50 goal scorer in the making
  4. I still believe the biggest obstacle to koivu's career was linemates post habs strip down after the Roy saga. He was surrounded by some really good players in damphouse, turgeon, recchi, rucinsky and even an end of career richer etc. to name a few. When he came back from his knee they were essentially all gone with nobody coming through the pipeline until plex came through and the kovalev trade... The big issue to his speed was his decision to wear a knee brace for the initial seasons post surgery for comfort and extra safety. But, he did end up removing it and only put it back on when he sprained his other knee again years later. I wore my brace for 2 seasons after my ACL and LCL full repairs and it slowed me down significantly. When I decided to remove it, I had zero issue with mobility or speed. I believe using his cancer, eye injury and knee injury to justify his drop in production from those 50 games in his sophomore season was and is the easy way to make excuses for him. The sad fact is the Montreal Canadiens were stripped down of all there quality and were completely mis-managed for years. We never rebuilt this team properly until the lead up to their Centennial season. Countless players have their knees repaired and don't miss a beat 2 years post up. Put koivu in a quality top 6 for his first 5/10 seasons and surely his stats would have been in the upper echelons of the league that was staked with +100 point players. However, taking a 50 game stretch of a 20 year career is an out-layer no different than saying Brian Savage was an elite scorer using only the month of October. The saddest part of this all is looking back and saying what if... Koivu has always to me = true champion on a terrible team
  5. Suzuki is one of the top centers in hockey right now... is 200ft game is sublime
  6. We make it sound like Saku was tearing it up and then fell off the map post ACL... he had 56 points in 50 games before going down... basically a PPG season. It was an ACL injury. He was fine after that like most players are. He played 17 seasons after that. Loved Saku for his fight and just maybe if he had better linemates throughout his career he could of produced a heck of a lot more instead of featuring solo on his lines for the largest of stretches. That was way more of a crutch then his Knee repair
  7. that is not happening. They are arguably the hottest line in hockey right now. Why would we change that? and with Hoffman having some recent scoring success on the dvorak line the only other choice would be to put him back on the 4th with Armia and Evans and move Drouin up or put Slav with Mona and Ander... i would love to see the new lines but figure he draws back in on the 4th where he left
  8. Galchenyuk is NOT a Center... multiple teams and there systems have proved this to be true. Kotkaniemi put up good numbers as a rookie and that 1st year in no way hurt his development. If anything injuries in his 1st 2 seasons hurt his development and that could of been attributed to not being physically ready (weight). But don't tell me an NHL players career is defined by what happened and were he played in his rookie season. Galchenyuk didn't cut it. KK bailed on us
  9. does he draw in on the left of Monahan and Anderson in place of Dadonov? I think so
  10. what a bunch of bull crap... Galchenyuk faultering is on Galchenyuk and has nothing to do with development. He was given all the chances in the world! same goes for KK
  11. Pitlick waived clearly shows there is no intention of sending Slav or any other rookie down currently.
  12. intial thought was pietrangelo pulled up and showed the numbers but anderson definitely had time to avoid the hit from behind...
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