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  1. tweet says an ankle twist. I think its knee for sure
  2. He actually has been practicing with a full contact jersey for more then two weeks and even taking morning skates and travelling with team knowing that he had no chance to play until as early as Nov 4th because of LTIR. That tells me he's been ready for a while now and just marinating. He was clearly put on LTIR to play it safe and give him extra time to be ready as well as "coincidentally" help the habs with decision making on the opening night roster. Let's not try to read to much into this
  3. Depends. What if he's been ready for a while now and went on LTIR only because of Habs forward group just a little crowded. Seeing how he fairs with Pearson and Gally and moving Monahan between Newhook and Slav could get that li e going. But, Anderson back on the top line? Coming into the line up with RHP out could be most ideal.
  4. Monahan again... this guy is saving our season thus far...
  5. Again that was Maxim Lapierre's take as I was paraphrasing
  6. Interestingly, everyone saying we messed up Kotkaniemi's development by rushing him into the league... yet here he is at 23 yrs old and 10 pts in 10 games (4G 6A) playing 2C on a juggernaut... Can he keep it up? LaPierre had an interesting take on allowing NHL calibre players the time to learn the game in the NHL and not in a lesser league. He used stars like Jack Hughes 3 seasons to get going and McKinnon 4 seasons to reach his potential as well as kotkaniemi. He believes most players agree, that if a player is NHL calibre he will get it in time as he learns the NHL game. Feels Habs are bang on in there usage of Slav as he learns to play in the NHL
  7. Monahan will get more than 5.85 million a year if he can remain healthy this year. He is a very good hockey player
  8. guhle is a stud. cant wait to see him fully developed in a few years time. his speed is killer
  9. Monahan 44 games missed in 9 seasons with Calgary (17 in final season) 57 games missed with Montreal in 1 season trying to play with a broken foot. this injury prone talk is so over played. Hes a horse who messed a hip and broke a foot and is clearly back in business. we should re-sign this guy, provided its a reasonable AAV. he fits in well and has so much value over the next 4 to 5 seasons insulating Dach Suzuki and the kids. if he returns to his average games played is the risk im willing to take. if hes injured he goes on LTIR.
  10. He does turn over the puck to easily in possession. He still gets knocked down too easily and has one hand on his stick way too often. He's only 19, and signs of growth are there. I expect him to break out in the 2nd half of the season or earlier. Especially if Monahan slides between him and Newhook when Dvorak returns
  11. -Our D is really maturing on the fly... Kovacevic had another strong, strong game. He elevates everyone he's paired with. I would be very surprised if analytics didn't show this. -Slav turns the puck over to easily at times. With that size I would demand more. -don't look now but, Suzuki all of a sudden has 6pts in 7games and caufield is money 3on3... long gone are the days of starting Danault to defend 3on3 The acquisition of Newhook and resigning of Monahan, really stepping up without Dach around to do some heavy lifting.
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