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  1. Exactly, and I don't disagree. But 60 points and hoping for 65 is not worth the contract he just got. He got the contract for an established, consistent 70+ player. Even with a 70-80 point season, he still won't have the resume of Zibanejad has, and Zibanejad's contract is buying out more UFA years. And that is an especially good contract to compare if you're going to make the tax argument, as New York's taxes are closer to Montreal's than any other US city.
  2. Love that he is locked up, but that is a CRAZY deal for such an unproven player. Mika Zibanejad put up two 70+ point seasons (and was on pace for another in the shortened 2021 season) before he got paid like this. I feel like this is the contract he should have gotten AFTER putting in a good season in the spring.
  3. FYI - It looks as though the remaining Habs pre-season games will be available on ESPN+ in the states and wherever else they are the primary carrier of the out-of-market package.
  4. He didn't coach under Torts... He was just hired by Larsen this offseason. He never actually got behind the bench in Columbus. Was not enthused about the hire and am not the least bit upset about him being gone, but the fact he was hired at all says a lot about Brad Larsen. Jackets gonna suck.
  5. Reminds me a lot of Carey Price's career trajectory when they kept giving him the job Halak had earned. Worked out pretty well. Like Price, Caufield has an it factor about him. He was instantly their most dangerous player and will have to play his way out of a major role.
  6. Ouch. That's why the only name/number I've gotten on a jersey was a replica Columbus Chill jersey earlier this year, with number 33 and the name "Mad Cows".
  7. Ok, let's put it this way - he's not a 2nd line center on a team with playoff aspirations.
  8. I just don't see a 2nd liner when I look at Christian Dvorak. A solid two-way forward with an apparent ceiling of 45 points screams third liner to me. A #2 center has to at the very least put up 50 points consistently.
  9. Seriously? For a 25 year old player whose best season was on pace to barely crack 45 points? Is he some kind of defensive stalwart like Danault that I don't know about?
  10. I haven't missed that point at all. There doesn't have to be a qualifying offer made if the team who owns his rights next year works out a contract with him. If a team he is content playing for offers him a 3 year deal at a salary he and his agent feel is fair, he will more than likely take that deal. With the ever present risk of career ending/altering injuries in pro sports, very few athletes are willing to play on a series of one year deals, which is the only way he will be making 6 million on his next contract unless he puts up a season worthy of such a salary. Most players are going to take 12 million guaranteed over 3 years rather than hoping they will be able to get a 6 million deal every year. Sure, he might make 18 million in those same 3 years. He also might have a terrible season and end up making league minimum after the team doesn't qualify him, in which case it would take 6+ seasons to make back the 6 million he lost by not taking the longer deal.
  11. That is only true if Kotkianiemi is comfortable playing every season on a one year deal. Very few athletes are willing to go for an extended period playing on one year deals where there is more money now, but is gone completely with a bad injury or poor play that results in the team not tendering him a qualifying offer. It is far more likely that if he players relatively well, he signs for 2 or 3 years at the going rate for a player of his age and performance and instead of waiting for a qualifying offer every year.
  12. I don't understand the comparison. I don't recall hearing any rumblings of Aho being disgruntled in Carolina. He just didn't have a contract and the Habs came along and gave him a great deal. With Kotkianiemi, reports are saying he wanted out after the Final benching and was telling people close to him he had played his last game as a Hab. Bergevin had to be aware of this, so not getting a center this off-season is inexcusable.
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