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  1. The fact that JD has any say in the next GM and isn't just hanging on to his job through the deadline is why Columbus will continue to suck. The organization needs to clean house and that starts from the top. Firing Jarmo was the right start, but JD and every other decision maker needs to go at the end of the season. Nothing changes if he just keep letting the same decision makers move the deck chairs around.
  2. But what is the benefit to Columbus? Why trade a local kid with no future on the team who can play center when Boone inevitably gets hurt again for a pure winger with no future on the team?
  3. Well that's depressing. Though I have to admit, I'm guessing the vast majority of Star Wars novels I read are at most at a 7th grade level, so I suppose that shouldn't surprise. Although I am curious how a grammar service would just the technobabble, haha.
  4. He was miles better than Merzlikins, but that didn't take much. He was good down the stretch, but as good as he was early in the Edmonton series, he was that bad in the last three games. That's what he is - brilliant at times, but mostly mediocre or bad. I just don't see how he isn't a guy that just goes year-to-year being a backup somewhere.
  5. Korpisalo gets 5 year deal worth 20 million?!?!?! Wow. What a massive overpay.
  6. I guess so. Between those moves and rumors about Saros being available, I thought for sure the Preds were heading into a rebuild.
  7. So, the Preds gave away Johansen and bought out Duchene to make room for Ryan O'Rielly and Luke Schenn? Ok.
  8. Oh, if I were a Flames fan, I would absolutely feel the same way about Gaudreau as I do the likes of Panarin and Bobrovsky (I'm struggling to think of a comparable in Montreal, except maybe JK and his offer sheet). If PLD had ended up in Montreal, than all would have been forgiven. Habs still trump the Jackets for me.
  9. Well, that fits because I'm a glass half empty person. And I'm a Jackets fan, so that first strike is a big one for me. If he had played out his time in Winnipeg and just gone his merry way at the trade deadline as a rental, that's fine. But so openly wanting out of a second team in two years... it's hard to think anything would be different in two years anywhere else.
  10. That's the whole problem with Dubois - his attitude. He is a me first player. He wants to be treated and paid like a first line center on a good team and that just isn't what he is. He is 25 years old with a 63 point career best season and has twice given up on being part of a team. If someone wants to pay him like a #1, let them. If the Kings aren't willing to commit to him as such and no other team does either, then maybe it humbled him and he's someone to work with as a good #2 at a reasonable price.
  11. "Johnny, who do you think didn't play hard last year. It's just between us, I swear!"
  12. Agreed. Turncoats are guys like Adam Foote who claimed to be willing to resign in Columbus, but on trade deadline day had a private jet waiting to take him to Denver to sign for less than what Columbus had offered.
  13. Or the fact that he, himself, has questioned whether he has a future in the NHL at all.
  14. Montreal and Columbus seem to have switched places. Heading into last season, the Jackets were expected to be in contention for the top pick and Montreal was hoping Price would be back early enough to get them in wild card contention. Instead, Montreal went off the rails immediately and never got back on, while Columbus surprised and while they were never truly in playoff contention, they scored enough goals to give people a sliver of hope through mid-season, before ultimately finishing in the top half of the non-playoff teams. This year, Montreal was expecting more of last year, while Columbus thought that Johnny Gaudreau would put them into the playoff hunt. Instead, Columbus went off the rails immediately and it is Montreal scoring goals left and right, giving that slight hope of sneaking into the playoffs. The most likely scenario in my mind is that Montreal does exactly what Columbus did last year and finishes in the top half of the non-playoff teams.
  15. How great was the Bash Brothers cameo? And how disappointing was it that Charlie Conway wasn't the secret contact inside the Ducks front office?
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