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  1. Wow, another one where I was ready to tell my Dad not to watch in the morning. I'll be honest - I wrote this team off last week and was prepared to see them tumble out of the playoffs. The only downside tonight is that I have Campbell in a league, haha. That being said, I hate the PP lines. All five righties on the top unit? Steal on the 2nd unit? Playing Kotkianiemi on the left and Caufield on the right? Why on earth take away the one-timer from the wings? It makes no sense to me. Now, let's talk Cole Caufield... There is definitely an "it" factor with this kid. I'm no
  2. Tomas Plekanec (and Jaromir Jagr) helped Kladno gain re-entry into the top level of the Czech league. Didn't realize Tomas hadn't retired from hockey after Montreal. https://www.espn.com/olympics/hockey/story/_/id/31359668/jaromir-jagr-leads-own-club-back-top-czech-league-49
  3. Armia had the puck when he was hit. He had dumped it in, skated past the Jets player who then hit him, and had the puck at his feet when the hit happened. He was standing straight up when the hit came and it didn't look too bad, and isn't the type they normally call boarding on. But it was definitely from behind and he is suspectible, so it doesn't look good. Hopefully he just had the wind knocked out or jammed something and it wasn't his head.
  4. Ah, I see. So they're basically focusing on having someone who can all each game in person, rather than leaning on the national guys heavily to call games from a studio.
  5. Not exactly coming from the horse's mouth, but one of NBC Universal's other major players seems to be under the impression that NBC will, indeed, be walking away from the NHL after this season. Given that this has been my belief ever since they announced NBCSN would be shutting down, I tend to believe this isn't just wishful thinking on the WWE's part. What is surprising is that the article mentions that there is a possibility that the NHL could possibly abandon the two-partner model and double down on ESPN. The article also mentions that Turner Sports could be looking to expand their sports c
  6. Seems like they would need more announcers with there being so many more Sunday/Monday/Wednesday/Friday games this year, not less. Although, I guess since announcers aren't on the road, fewer people are able to call more games.
  7. I always pray the ESPN+ or NHL Free Game is going to have him on the call. I think it's only happened once this year. That's a real waste of talent to have him and not use him on a regular basis. Any idea how long his contract is? Would love to see him back in the Habs booth on a regular basis, especially now that I'll have regular access to games moving forward. Though, I wonder if ESPN+ is going to give you your choice of home/away broadcast like NHLTV does.
  8. Oh, wow. I didn't realize the roll-out was going so slowly up there. I just got my 2nd does today.
  9. Has anyone heard much about teams being vaccinated? Only team I've heard discuss it has been Vegas. I wonder if teams are now vaccinated and that plays into being able to go forward with a game on the same day as a positive test.
  10. Oh snap, wasn't expecting a 6pm start. Guess it's time to pull up the game and catch up!
  11. Excited to see Primeau in net? Btw, nice pic and quote.
  12. Oof. How could anyone be willing to make a multi-year commitment after all the locker rooms he's been run out of, including being shunned by a team on the hook for nearly 10 million?
  13. I think it's a case where they're desperate for help, but are not delusional enough to mortgage the future for this season, so they pay a cheap price to give him a few games to see if he can mesh with the team and revive the 60 point guy instead of the guy who could barely crack the lineup.
  14. Oof. It is not a good week for former Habs prospects/players.
  15. In what world is David Savard on any time, let alone one with Petry and Weber on the same side?
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