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  1. Montreal and Columbus seem to have switched places. Heading into last season, the Jackets were expected to be in contention for the top pick and Montreal was hoping Price would be back early enough to get them in wild card contention. Instead, Montreal went off the rails immediately and never got back on, while Columbus surprised and while they were never truly in playoff contention, they scored enough goals to give people a sliver of hope through mid-season, before ultimately finishing in the top half of the non-playoff teams. This year, Montreal was expecting more of last year, while Columbus thought that Johnny Gaudreau would put them into the playoff hunt. Instead, Columbus went off the rails immediately and it is Montreal scoring goals left and right, giving that slight hope of sneaking into the playoffs. The most likely scenario in my mind is that Montreal does exactly what Columbus did last year and finishes in the top half of the non-playoff teams.
  2. How great was the Bash Brothers cameo? And how disappointing was it that Charlie Conway wasn't the secret contact inside the Ducks front office?
  3. Brad Treliving is the man! Chill forever!
  4. Oh, I know. I'm not trying to contradict or anything. I'm really just highlighting the wishy-washy-ness of the NCAA, an organization who for a time allowed schools to provide bagels to student atheletes, but only if they didn't also provide cream cheese.
  5. Athletes get super special treatment. A lot of them were already doing all their classes online to maximize training time even before COVID. And as the NCAA is now dissolving into two mega-conferences that are going to range from coast to coast, we're going to start seeing schools setting up home bases thousands of miles away from campus so athletes can have a central location to live during long road trips and attend classes remotely. In other words, there are reasons why college athletes can't attend camp, but missing classes is at the bottom of that list.
  6. Well, the big schools make a lot of money off of football and basketball. Must sports at most schools are just trying to scrap by. Student athletes also get a lot. Tuition, room and board, elite trainers and facilities, top notch health care, etc. That's probably six figures a lot of places, plus now athletes can make money off of their name, image, and likeness while still in school. Sure, it kind of crazy how the top football/basketball players are making pennies compared to what their programs bring in, but that is not true for most sports at most schools. All that being said, it seems like the NHL could simply allow teams to invite players to training camp without having to sign and pay them. Like in golf, amateurs can still play professional events and simply not take their winnings.
  7. As a Jackets fan, it still hasn't sunk in that a star UFA not only wanted to come, but turned down more money to do so.
  8. Keep in mind they have Drouin listed on LTIR, so adding him to the roster puts them well over, with 3 roster spots still to fill. Of course, if Price is done, then they are in the clear easily.
  9. Can confirm that Benelux and Dieu du Ciel are good recommendations, having followed Joe's advice a few years ago.
  10. Oh, please do go on. This should be good.
  11. Leon Draisaitl, Alex Tanguay, Mark Parrish, and Andrew Brunette. Stamkos is right on the edge, at 16.9%.
  12. Fewer than 50 players with at least 200 career goals had a career shooting percentage of at least 17%. Only four of whom were born after 1970.
  13. Wow. It's not every day somebody I've never heard of gets traded for two firsts and two potential late bloomers, much like Hagel himself.
  14. hockey-reference has steered me wrong! A number database is one thing they have over hockeydb, but obviously not perfect!
  15. Enough about retired numbers... How about speculation as to when someone will be the first to wear 50, 66, 69, 87, 96, 97, or 98?
  16. That would definitely be the difference. I watch most everything that doesn't involve judges whenever it is on TV. Cross Country and Alpine I pay for a streaming service for all that NBC doesn't show, which is more and more recently. Biathlon I get replays from Eurovision. Luge is often available online, though I do tend to forget about it more than the others. I feel like the Olympics just brings more attention to China's horrible human rights record. I feel like average people had never even heard of Uygars until the diplomatic boycots. Then again, I tend to assume the average person is an uninformed idiot.
  17. Haha, forgot I'd done that and commented on how it was already being ignored in 2012, haha. Guess it takes NHLers in the winter games to get any real hype going around here. But as good as Canada is in the Winter Games, still surprising NOBODY wandered into the lounge. In some ways, the time difference makes it even better. You can just records everything overnight and be able to watch everything faster. Just takes a little avoiding of the news and social media. When there are 8-12 hours of coverage you want to watch most days, being able to skip commercials and events you don't care about is a necessity. US men and women got off to a good start in curling, but hitting some bumps now. Men got wrecked by Canada yesterday. Curling is probably the most annoying sport to deal with the time difference, because of how NBC covers it. Because curling tends to do well for them, they out it on the longest delay, with overnight games being saved till the evening most days before the live game at night. This year that has meant many games being condensed into a 2 hour window, including commercials and stupid commentary. They skip entire ends at times, and often the first 8 stones of an end. US finally got a monkey off their back in speed skating, getting our 1st medal in an individual event since 2010, and the first women's individual medal since 2002 with Erin Jackson taking the gold. She is the 1st black woman to medal at the Olympics. She had won 3 of 6 world cups in the 500m this season, but had a slip in the qualifying event and finished 3rd, out of an Olympic spot. There was a rule to protect medal contenders that they get a reskate if they fall, but she stayed on her feet and finished the race instead of going down. Brittany Bowe, who already qualified in the 1000m and 1500m where she is more of a medal threat, gave up her spot in the 500m so Jackson could go. In the end, Bowe also got to skate when other countries did not fill their allocated spots in the event, so it was nice that she didn't have to give up her spot in the end. Scary moment in biathlon this morning. Ingrid Landmark Tandervold appeared to have bronze locked up in the Pursuit when they cut away to show the Marte Olsbu Roiesland cross the line for gold. Then Elvira Oeberg came across the line and 2nd, but it was Tandervold'd fellow Norwegian Tirill Eckhoff in 3rd. Then all sorts of athletes started coming across the line with no sign of Tandervold. Finally, she appeared on screen barely at a walking pace in 14th. Her body had completely given out on her in the last kilometer and she needed medical attention right at the finish line. Sound like she is ok now, though.
  18. I'm finally caught up enough to talk some Olympics and not even a thread for it. Ouch. On the plus side, the US got a bronze from Jessie Diggins in the cross-country sprint and Scott Patterson put up a really solid 11th in the Skiathlon. Deedra Irwin put up our best ever finish in the biathlon Individual at 7th, and the mixed-relay team was in the thick of it until the final leg. Lindsay Jacobellis finally got redemption from giving away the 2006 gold in snowboard cross. On the down side, the mixed doubles curling team finished a lousy 8th. Our medal contenders in the men's and women's 1500m speed skating didn't come close to the medals. Our male lugers all made the top 20, but none were in contention. Our female lugers did even worse, with only one of them even making the final run. And then there is Mikaela Shiffrin... And NBC made her look so bad last night. They kept the camera on her while she was sulking on the sidelines for more than 10 minutes. They made it look like she was having a meltdown that was holding up the entire race, but no, the competition was still going on in the background.
  19. It seems like they announced the whole team got the first dose during a little break in the regular season, then the second dose after the 2nd round sweep. You misunderstand. I didn't ask if they were putting only close contacts into protocol. I was asking if the only close contacts who had to go into protocol were unvaxxed people. I seem to recall that as soon as they all got the 2nd dose, it took a positive test to require quarantine.
  20. Weren't they only putting close contacts in quarantine before the team was fully vaxxed?
  21. Third time around... He got it both during the regular season and the playoffs last year. He is clearly walking around licking doorknobs.
  22. Exactly, and I don't disagree. But 60 points and hoping for 65 is not worth the contract he just got. He got the contract for an established, consistent 70+ player. Even with a 70-80 point season, he still won't have the resume of Zibanejad has, and Zibanejad's contract is buying out more UFA years. And that is an especially good contract to compare if you're going to make the tax argument, as New York's taxes are closer to Montreal's than any other US city.
  23. Love that he is locked up, but that is a CRAZY deal for such an unproven player. Mika Zibanejad put up two 70+ point seasons (and was on pace for another in the shortened 2021 season) before he got paid like this. I feel like this is the contract he should have gotten AFTER putting in a good season in the spring.
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