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  1. Simoneau doesn't play small at all. He also has been much better than Condotta this year
  2. I assumed Pezzetta cause he is with the team. Also it seemed the Sabres took some liberties tonight so maybe they will want him back in the lineup. That said if they do a callup, i doubt they do a Roy, Kidney, or Farrell as they seem to want to give them AHL time. Meanwhile vets like Gignac and Bourque are on AHL only contracts, and Im not sure the Habs would want to use up one of the 50 contract slots to turn that into a two-way deal and call them up. So maybe Simoneau cause he has a full AHL year under his belt.
  3. Two things 1 a move of anderson to the 4th line wouldnt have to be forever anyways. 2 this is all a moot point anyways as i think Pearson hurt his hand and thats gonna open a third line spot anyway. Ylonen to 3rd and Pezzetta back in on the 4th tomorrow seems likely.
  4. Great goals by both Ylonen and Slaf in the shootout with the pressure on.
  5. Barron DID NOT turn into the hit. The fact he was in a vulnerable position for a long time, is not a defence for Robinson. In fact it makes the hit worse cause he saw the numbers and still made the hit. Blaming Barron for being in a vulnerable position too long is ####ing stupid. It's like blaming a girl for wearing too short a skirt. I can understand the turned into it defence when that happens cause hockey is such a fast sport and you might not have time to readjust. But he was in the vulnerable position too long? GTFO with that Bull crap.
  6. That hit was absolutely a major and good on the team for making him pay.
  7. Hes played 3 games and they are 1-1-1 Seems a little too early to say much definitive
  8. What others? The talk has been Slaf should go to Laval for a while. But if we look at Slaf's last 10.games or so, the kid is figuring it out in the NHL. Who is the prospect we need to send to Laval to develop?
  9. No i dont think Seattle will do that. I just posted something i thought would be funny. I mean if we get a 2nd rounder for allen, take it and run.
  10. Allen plus for Shane Wright is the funniest outcome.
  11. https://ottawasun.com/sports/hockey/insider-trading-gm-brad-treliving-never-rests-in-search-to-help-the-leafs-defensive-core Seattle has called about Habs goalies. Buffalo has sniffed around Jake Allen.
  12. I think if you have a chance to get Broberg for one of the goalies and spare parts, you do it and figure out what other defencemen to move afterwards. Having too much talent shouldn't be an issue. Hutson may have higher upside than Broberg, but he's two steps below the NHL right now. There is going to be at least a full season in the AHL ahead of him next year. And there is no guarantee he makes it. Xhekaj and Struble can stay in the AHL, while you run Matheson, Guhle, and Broberg on the left for now, and other injuries could happen. I'm not saying to overpay for the guy, but he absolutely could be a good reclamation project ala Dach and Newhook, just on defence, and he's from the same draft too. For the right price you do it and figure out who are your best defenders down the road.
  13. His replacement, Lindstrom, is analytically a top-5 worst defenceman in the NHL. Savard isn't my favourite player, but to say he has been replaced and the team isn't missing him, is ignoring obvious evidence.
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