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  1. Armia was vaccinated. Everyone on the team was prior to the start of the 2021-22 season. So if he has long covid or some other complication its not about the vaccination. It can still happen even with the vax. Its like a seatbelt, it greatly improves your chances but its not 100%
  2. Given the way his ankle bent when he hit the post a high ankle sprain which means he will be good for next season is a good scenario. I was worried he broke something or tore ankle ligaments. It bent weird.
  3. Hes likely to add muscle between when hes drafted and age 23 or 24. Most prospects arent filled out when drafted.
  4. Better than Cale Makar Better than Quinn Hughes Better than Owen Power Better offensively than literally any defenceman who played junior, College or europe for 1 season after their draft
  5. I don't question Armia's effort level. His offensive production is inconsistent, but his physicality and defensive game are always there.
  6. He doesnt have anything close to armias game in his own end
  7. He can't He wasn't papered down, meaning he's ineligible to play for them. If he's healthy, his option is the World Championship.
  8. Without the contract and russia baggage, hes number 2 ahead of fantilli The talent shouldnt be a question. But the risks are also there.
  9. Hutson doesnt have a comparable in the Habs recent history. You cant compare him to Mete or Harris, they dont have close to the offence he has. Hes breaking records for a teenage defenceman that were set by Brian Leetch. They are 30.year old records and set in a higher scoring era. This doesnt mean he will make it. But the comparables arent great. The best comparable right now isnt in Montreal. Hes in Vancouver and hes doing pretty good in Quinn Hughes. Now even then Hughes had a bit more defensively... but thats the type of skating and offensive game im seeing.
  10. If we are only talking 18 year olds than many dont fit the criteria... mete doesnt fit... and a bunch of others that people say the Habs have rushed. Price doesnt fit either. The only ones who do are KK and Slaf. Even Galchenyuk had half a season of OHL at 18 due to the lockout. League wide we are talking 2-4 guys a year who are in the league at 18 in their d+1
  11. Drouin has 19 points in his last 22 games. Someone is gonna give him a cheap deal and see what happens
  12. I seem more in gurianovs skating, size, forecheck.
  13. I dont have a lot of hope for him Dude is essentially victor olofsson in buffalo.... or like mike hoffman, in terms of style. He can shoot the puck at an nhl level, maybe even a high end nhl level but the rest of his game sucks. Not sure if he ever makes it and if he does, he will just frustrate us.
  14. A healthy financial environment is good for the sport.
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