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  1. What a backwards league. Here is the issue... The NHL could be promoting Connor McDavid having the best season since Wayne/Mario.... Matthews lighting up the goal scoring.... young talented D like Hughes, Makar, Fox, etc.... Nathan MacKinnon etc. Nope, cause DOPS is a joke, the league becomes about eye for an eye violence again. And yes, current fans like fights and stuff. But this will be the image of the NHL tomorrow on every sports show, and sports fans who aren't NHL fans will never be exposed to the skill parts of the game and think th
  2. shit game. Meanwhile the Sens are 7-1-1 in their last 9 games, ruining their draft position after being eliminated from the playoffs. Feels like what the Leafs did for years from 2006-2014
  3. The team (well the players) started Bilbo.
  4. Rangers fire President John Davidson and GM Jeff Gorton. Chris Drury named Pres and GM Apparently, according to Freidmann and Seravelli, owner James Dolan wrote yesterday's statement from the team and JD and Gorton disagreed with it. That was enough to fire them. They were already on thin ice from missing the playoffs (even though I personally think they've done a good job on that rebuild).
  5. Well Chabot is out for the rest of the season, and he's the top LHD. The Sens D is so bad, that Mete immediately became their #2 LHD when he was picked up.
  6. This is the issue with the DOPS not doing their job. There are no real good deterrents to a guy like Wilson if the league isn't effective at bringing deterrance. It makes teams take things into their own hands. And then we get an eye for an eye justice that never ends. The Rangers go after Backstrom tonight, The Capitals then go after Zibanejad, the Rangers go after Ovechkin, etc... etc.... No one wins and the league is worse off as more stars get hurt. Its so short sighted by the NHL to handle discipline this way.
  7. There is a limit in that you can only have 3 retained salaries on your books at any one time. But there is no year limit. The Leafs still have part of Kessel's contract on the books and that was like 7 years.
  8. The NHL is allowing 3 way trades where teams take on salary to faciltate trade deadline moves. Can't see how they say no to this. That said, its going to be expensive due to the number of years left on Weber's contract. If Marleau for 1 year at 6 million cost a 1st round pick, imagine what multiple years of ~3.8 million cap hit on Weber will cost.
  9. It already goes to the NHL Player Assistance fund. And its one day, based on the number of days (not games) per season.
  10. A player on 700,000 doesn't get a $5000 fine. Its 50% of one day's salary up to a maximum of $10000.00 (15,000 if fined/suspended in the past 18 months for the same offence). So yes, there will still be differences, but Haley is not paying 0.07% of his salary. Its not as big a difference as your post says.
  11. I agree, Wilson should be suspended. I also agree this should be suspended. This is a similar play as Hunter on Turgeon in the 93 playoffs. Its not as bad as Hunter so it shouldn't be the same.... but its still cross checking a guy after the play is over and he is in a vulnerable spot.
  12. Tom wilson isnt afraid to fight an enforcer. It does nothing but force a top forward to double shift.
  13. The numbers show that Merrill-Romanov actually played more minutes and were much worse than Merrill-Kulak
  14. Good on the Rangers. Another good name for Player Safety would be Paul Kariya.
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