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  1. That And things arent that difficult for edmonton to match as i said above. Why make a contract negotiation easier for them
  2. I dont think it would be that hard to move Kane. Yeah theyd have to attach a pick or something but thats something a team in their position can do
  3. The problem isn't the second round pick. The issue is the Oilers will match like Carolina did with Aho. 4.1 isn't a number they can't absorb. There are rumours that Kane is going to be LTIR'd and even if not, they could likely match the offer sheet and move him.
  4. The compensation would be a 1st and 3rd round pick. The compensation formula is (Total value of contract) divided by (years to a maximum of 5) So your contract would have an aav of 4.1 for cap purposes, but for rfa compensation is 4.92.
  5. Exactly. Puckpedia may look different but appears far more accurate than these guys. Making the site look like capfriendly doesn't make them capfriendly
  6. I dont even think hes a top 10 prospect in the organization. His OHL numbers are underwhelming. Thats not giving up on him but it is saying hes expendable.
  7. Yeah, Portzline gave an update yesterday and Laine is still in the program.
  8. Can we put the popup ads back up, just when someone visits from a Realist's IP address.
  9. Youre allowed to.disagree. The manner in which you do it, and how rude you are to the writers (and its been more than once) is what makes you an asshole. And your comments in response... and multiple of them... just prove my point. I can hear you smashing your keyboard in anger from here.
  10. The issue is that the KHL is negotiating with itself. Nothing is changing with this, not while Russia continues to be at war with Ukraine. Without a comprehensive league wide transfer deal, (like the NHL has with the SHL, Liiga, Swiss, Germany, Slovakia, Czechs, etc....) any buyout of a KHL contract goes against the team's salary cap and would be a violation of the rules on ELCs, so its not possible. And the NHL is not negotiating a league wide transfer deal given Russia's status internationally. So this really changes nothing.
  11. Go to the net and let the Sedins get it to you, is a strategy that only works if you have the sedins.
  12. Woll, Broissoit and Stolarz have never been #1 goalies on a team. Its crazy.
  13. Necas not worried at all. His game isnt perimeter player. Ehlers a little concerned but i think its overrated too. He plays on the counterattack and there is no reason why that doesn't work in the playoffs. Clutch and the like isnt a thing. Remember how ripped pacioretty was here for not being a playoff player. Somehow he magically became good in the playoffs when he left. A lot of this is small sample size making any natural hot/cold streaks amplified. Players have 4-5 games in a row in the regular season where they struggle. No one notices. But do that in playoffs, and these narratives appear.
  14. Who cares. Fights dont win games. There is zero correlation between teams with fights won based on hockeyfights, and nhl games won. I want Arber to practice being able to defend so he can play bigger minutes without being a liability than worry about training to fight. When he has to fight he will, but the fewer times hes doing it, and the better defence he plays... the better.
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