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  1. I think he is the key cog on whatever line he is put on. He is the guy that gets stuff done so others look good and he does have some hands
  2. I read Grant’s interview this morning and there is some good stuff there. Good questions about Logan to start as well. I recommend a read
  3. I keep seeing the Eichel rumours. KK Guhle Primeau Drouin 2 first rounders Would you do it?
  4. You do good work and maybe you will make a career of it. I remember following Friedman when he was on that website only and look at him now
  5. Great article 👍 and holy hell that must have taken a lot of hours to write! Agree on both Detroit and Columbus. The Jackets are killing it so far this offseason in general. I bet they dump Domi next
  6. There seems to be a lot of smoke at the Savard rumours so that would not surprise me. Disappoint me but not surprise me
  7. It tells me that you are either a low effort troll or an unrepentant abuser yourself. Either way we have nothing to talk about - ignore Good luck with your life.
  8. Yes welcome to the old boys club. It doesn’t matter that you caused such great harm to that young woman. I mean she is just a woman right and you might be a great player. We all make mistakes wink wink 😉 It was a classless move not a savvy one
  9. He didn’t just pass around her pic - that pic was innocuous, nothing identifiable. He purposefully tried to shame her and humiliate her by then linking her personal information including all social media. He is indeed a young predator.
  10. Is that you Marc? Or have you ever worked for the Blackhawks organization?
  11. Just like Bergevin ignored the situation in Chicago you mean? Or do you believe that he was the one person who didn’t know? Of course the kid can rehabilitate but this move along with the Chicago stuff sure seems to outline an old boys club mentality. It’s not a big deal to him Young women around the world kill themselves over this exact issue but that doesn’t matter cause great job Bergevin. 💩
  12. This tweet sums it up Bergevin not aware or didn’t think it was a big deal? I have to wonder now
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