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  1. Thankfully this one is broadcast on Sportsnet 1 so I get to watch. Schueneman - Wideman Might be a preview of our third pairing D to start the season so I can’t wait to watch them. Can’t wait to watch Heineman too
  2. Thanks friend for the comments. I kind of forget about Matheson because I’m so focused and excited about the youngsters. Our D might not be a total tire fire this year after all. Especially if Edmundson is not hurt long term
  3. I will greatly miss John Lu I wasn’t able to watch. Any opinions on: - sounds like Slaf struggled? -did Harris look great? -how did Guhle do? -Dach look good? -Messar at centre?
  4. So our choices now are either Sportsnet $200 or centre ice $250? The cheap $50 French stream is no longer available? I need to figure this out soon. I figured preseason games would be free to watch but nadda
  5. Why not? I can’t see a world where HuGo spend assets to trade for a Dman and if nothing is available via waivers then Xhekaj could fill that Edmundson hole - short term.
  6. Beck is getting a very deserved opportunity tonight. Guhle and Harris are going to be our best D pair I bet. Slaf and Dach are interesting
  7. I’ve been thinking that Xhekaj might be a short term replacement for Edmundson. Xhekaj needs refinement to his game and I worry that speedy forwards will burn him outside but if we can’t find a suitable waiver pick up he would provide savage physicality and a decent point shot. He isn’t just a meathead, he has some decent tools
  8. I hope both Slafkovsky and Mesar are playing. I’m excited to see how they do
  9. Slaf’s passing skills are elite and he has outstanding puck possession skills. He can skate through defenders while protecting the puck - with ease. I think he needs a sniper on his line and I think Suzuki is the perfect centre for him because Suzuki has a broad base of skills. He is outstanding at adapting to the play. Im pumped for Slafkovsky
  10. Wooot to training camp. It’s almost hockey time 🥳
  11. We certainly aren’t tanking. If we finish last again it’s because we genuinely stink or even that our D stinks soooo much. Im thinking we finish 20th OA or so
  12. I can’t see the Habs trading for an Edmundson replacement unless his season is over. “indefinitely” can mean a lot of things. I bet first choice is to fill it via waivers. It’s also possible that a team hits a major injury and that opens the door for a deal that includes a Dman.
  13. That’s unfortunate about Price but we are not paying a huge amount to get rid of him. Maybe they revisit the idea during the last year. What a headache
  14. I guess the other option is to pay Arizona to take his contract. Weber really didn’t cost that much to dump. That 10.5 cap is a headache even if we use LTIR like you pointed out so ideally Price agrees to a contract trade and it doesn’t cost us too much. I might consider Florida’s pick
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