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  1. Wasn’t expecting Savard so soon. Nice knowing you Lindstrom
  2. I don’t want to bury Anderson on the 4th line for his contract. I want Anderson to face less pressure and easier assignments. Play Anderson with Pezzetta and let them smash and bang with speed and power. Anderson put together 2 or 3 games last week where he played hard but other than that he isn’t playing like himself. Anderson doesn’t drive the net with speed, he isn’t dominant on the boards, he isn’t mean like he used to be and he isn’t producing. Put him on the 4th without expectations and let him get his crap together.
  3. I again humbly suggest that Ylonen take Anderson’s place on the third line and ice time. Really fun game to watch although I was frustrated with Buffalo’s dirty play.
  4. Slafkovsky was great again and he is making some really incredible passes. Im excited for his future
  5. Fun second period apart from the Barron hit. Primeau is having a game.
  6. I don’t think the Primeau tripping penalty should have happened. He was making a save, he didn’t do anything
  7. Yep Primeau is playing great. Can he keep playing great for two more periods? Lots of turnovers from both teams and that makes for fun to watch hockey. Some outstanding shifts by our first line.
  8. Expecting many shots going to Primeau’s glove. Hold steady young goalie and prove them wrong. Go Habs Go
  9. That’s true but Wideman is an offensive Dman (pun intended) so that’s how he just barely gets NHL time. Not getting better for Wideman due to lack of skill? Xhekaj getting better because he has the skill and is now getting trained? At least that’s my hope and expectation
  10. I would not be surprised if PLD and Danault both crush us tonight, career games for both. Francophone players typically gain superpowers when playing the Habs in Montreal.
  11. This is why I said Struble is far ahead of Xhekaj in basic defensive development. He covers the wrong guy and puts himself out of position often. He makes terrible reads of the play during breakout and during Dzone coverage. He went from OHL to NHL so of course he isn’t defensively polished. Struble played 4 years I think it was at a higher level and is more polished because of it Xhekaj will get better and learn and I think AHL is a wise decision
  12. While I like this move and think Monty should get a starters amount of games I still think Primeau is not being well served for sitting for so much time
  13. Hey the Habs are banking on other teams wanting a player like Savard. HuGo on the other hand seem to be focusing on puck moving Dmen and I think that is the right path.
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