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  1. If their information isn’t correct then that site is useless. Hopefully they figure it out
  2. I tinkered around there for a little bit and the site looks every bit as good as cap friendly. Great news
  3. Yeah so turns out the Slovak reporter who said the Habs offered Mesar, Harris/Struble +1st for McGroarty just translated an original article from Hockey30 LMAO rumours are fun
  4. This pic is making the rounds as speculation or as a proposal. It just looks so wrong and unnatural. Great player that doesn’t fit with the Habs mostly due to salary and future salary demands
  5. I wouldn’t believe anything that comes from Slovak rumours but it’s fun to speculate and I’m bored still.
  6. I read the same thing but I hope it isn’t true. Haven’t seen any credible reporting on it at least. I remember this being an issue when the trade request was made. Can’t see it being an issue in Montreal though. If the guy has the skill there is a open spot on the second line
  7. I’m bored waiting for something to happen. Necas, McGroarty, Laine…. The longer we wait the more the rumour mill starts cranking up. I have read a whole bunch of allegations that McGroarty is demanding playing time guarantees and that’s why he hasn’t been traded yet. Hope that’s not true I think it was Commandant that suggested there might be movement once Laine is cleared to play. Waiting for something to happen feels like:
  8. I wonder is Rempe will continue the tradition of requiring a signed contract from the other player before fighting?
  9. In my mind if Andersen and Skinner are top 15 then so is Montembault. I think it depends how your brain chooses the criteria. I look at like, is Montembault better than those guys? To me Monty is at least as good.
  10. Even other team’s backups are better than Monty? Fans are nuts
  11. Sure is but fans think Montembault is the 34th best goalie overall? Come on now
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