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  1. I’m doing stuff tonight but this means I’ll watch the recording around 9. Can’t wait to see him play
  2. Many of us are pointing out Marty’s overuse of players, especially players that are playing injured. It’s downright dumb and clearly a weak spot for St. Louis. Why push players in meaningless games?! It’s foolish
  3. Dach transformed that first line so I would be okay with that. I do agree that for HuGo the Québécois thing is mute but for many Francophone fans, it’s still important. HuGo may not care but there would be backlash if a French “stud” wants to be a Hab and then gets turned down by the Canadiens (presuming reasonable contract demands). There doesn’t seem to be much interest in a trade to bring Dubois next season but signing him for free as a UFA in 24/25 works just fine.
  4. Watching Pezzetta celebrate like he won the cup was worth it.
  5. Don, your winning streak comes to an end tonight - hopefully 🤔
  6. Yes there could be salary cap issues to navigate but keeping Dvorak or Evans perhaps to play 3C while cheaper is nowhere near as good. If Dubois is a 60 point guy he isn’t getting paid 10 million. What is fair for that production? 7-8 million? 7-8 million would support your argument because that is a lot to pay a third line centre. I get your argument because it has merit. I do believe that Dubois or any other move will be decided after the draft because we may get a really strong forward there. It seems to me that a large, fast, strong, skilled, Québécois player that wants to play for us is an extremely rare thing and we should look for ways to make it work.
  7. At face value a trio of Suzuki, Dach, Dubois down the middle would be formidable. Dubois is a significant upgrade on Dvorak. Of course salary demands are part of the equation and if Dubois wants too much then it won’t work. Tavares wanted a payday more than he wanted the leafs. Dubois wants the Canadiens - seemingly badly. He may be a very proud Québécois Would a signed Monahan and Calgary’s pick get it done? Jets get a replacement for Dubois and a pick and it costs Montreal ~ nothing
  8. That Buffalo goalie has made some damn fine saves.
  9. My starting position regarding PLD was simply to wait till he is UFA so I’m not hell bent on a trade. I do think PLD is closer to the Kane situation than Horvat. Islanders knew that there was an opportunity to sign Horvat. Any team knows that there isn’t an opportunity to sign PLD. The most that I can see in a trade for PLD is a first and a cap dump. Perhaps Calgary’s pick?
  10. Buffalo plays an unorthodox style. They seem to cycle themselves around.
  11. This is my thinking as well. It’s worth exploring
  12. I want to lose 8 in a row and I hope nobody gets injured in that time.
  13. Exactly this. There is benefit to getting Dubois a year early though. It gives the Habs a year before we make our big contract offer. We get to see how much we like him before committing. The cost of that is what I’m wrestling with. My angle is partially about using our glut of LD to make it happen.
  14. Everything you say is part of the discussion. Can we make a deal here? Habs will never give up Matheson for Dubois so I consider that off the table. If a Matheson type return is what Jets demand then there is no deal to be had. From the jet’s perspective they either try and win next season or they try and get value for a guy that is walking to UFA. Every team know that Dubois is going to be a Canadien so his trade value is pure rental. In my proposal, I added what I consider to be a very good second pairing Dman from a glut of LD on our team. He is young and proving to reliable - he would be a part of the Jets for a long time. In order to get a player like Harris, you have to take Armia. The Jets aren’t getting a big payday on Dubois IMO
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