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  1. El-Stink-O We will clinch tomorrow against Toronto
  2. It’s been a good run Triz 😢 No OT Caufield tonight
  3. That’s depressing Put Caufield with KK and magic will might possibly happen
  4. That period was crazy 😝 and fun Evans - KK - Caufield Do it Ducharme
  5. Perry is ridiculously good and great save Allen. Toffoli 🤷‍♀️ We look decent overall
  6. Im happy that he wrote that statement and why would they disagree with it? Cause of old boys club secret rules? If that’s the case then good for firing them too
  7. The department of player safety is such a poorly run organization I’m not sure it should continue. Even hiring “good” guys to run it would not ensure bias nonsense from happening. Don is also right that the player union has the power to bring change but they don’t care either. I think we need an independent body of people that clearly define the rules including repeat offenders rules. Then enforce the rules with even handed sentences.
  8. So Wilson gets that fine and THIS gets a hearing? Joke of a league 😜
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