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  1. I would not sign him as a 3rd line centre but I would sign him as top 9 lw depth if it a cheap show me contract
  2. If he could just get a few more goals, the guy would be a total gem. He is an amazing forechecker and defender. Amazing player without the puck.
  3. Let's hope Suzuki and Evans continue their progress and more importantly, that KK finds some consistency. As pototoe head says. Those 3 young centre's are very important to a successful year this year.
  4. Lehkonen will play his entire career in the NHL. 4th liner min salary maybe but I would bet on it. He is too good defensively.
  5. Great signing. Very good defensively. Awesome puck protector. Will probably average 10 less points per season than Anderson. #7 forward who can step up to top 6 as a fill in. The team needs defensive forwards if they lose danault.
  6. Nope. It's not an issue on account of the loopholes.
  7. So loopholes can reduce taxes enough that it's not an issue? Ok. Strange that state tax is discussed with every contract.
  8. So loopholes can reduce taxes enough that it's not an issue? Ok. Strange that state tax is discussed with every contract.
  9. Ya you couldn't do it based on after tax dollars, because of deductions and loopholes. It would have to be a multiplier. If Washington state combined tax rate at the highest bracket is 22% and new York is 44%, that's an enormous disparity and should be included in cap calculations. A multiplier based on average tax rate of all teams would help even this out. Only for games played at home of course.
  10. I agree. Maybe add all state and federal tax percentages and divide by 32 teams This would be the average. Average percentage divide by real to give a multiplier. Eg. Florida might be real × 1.1 Kucherov 10 million would average out to 11 million. Quebec might be real x .9 Price 10 million would average out 9 million. Something like that. It would be a true cap then, for sure.
  11. That could be a very exploitable solution. Rich people are awesome at lowering their taxable income.
  12. I'm disappointed that bilbo hasn't taken off for Cole caufield.
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