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  1. I used to have nhl live or rogers gamecentre live before that. Something like that. I think they aren't doing that anymore. Is it sportsnet app where you get every game now?
  2. I agree with this. Why not Edmundson first? The performance expectations are minimal, and he's been around. I hope the media and fans cut suzuki some slack and let him grow into the captain.
  3. Having that one extra trick could certainly make him less predictable.
  4. He's probably more useful smashing defenseman in the boards and passing to another one timer guy. Maybe he can work on his saucer.
  5. I'm kind of rooting for this guy. I love a good underdog story.
  6. Anderson has one move. Fire up the afterburner and power past or through everything in his path. Scare the shit out of the goalie and shoot in close. Not knocking it. It's fun to watch. I just haven't seem much else as far as shooting goes.
  7. He's had no run support his entire career. Played a single season woth an 80 point player. Kovalev. All of their limited success was him. It's a yes for me dog. But not right away
  8. I'm not sure I'm a fan of this move. Habs suck. Who knows how good the 1st will be?
  9. Strongly agree with this. I think that extra year of development would help a lot.
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