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  1. I say do not trade for him. Keep an eye on dach next year and evaluate his capabilities at centre. I'm not sure I want Dubois at all unless it's at a reasonable price. If aDach is a winger at the end of 24, then sign him, but if dach is a top 6 centre, then you say no thank you and look for team balance. Whatever that need is in 12 months.
  2. Quinn Hughes does just fine. Adam fox. Torey Krug. I've been big on this kid since he was drafted and I saw his highlight pack. His phenomenal rookie season helps reinforce it.
  3. I didn't see the game, but was listening. If Kovacevic hit was clean and Martinez made him fight, shouldn't there have been a penalty for Instigating? The league needs to Crack down on this I feel.
  4. How does AHL callups work after the trade deadline? Can Belzile and Tierney and Ylonen be sent down to help the rocket playoff push? If so, maybe hughes decided rather than eat salary and get a late pick, he would keep drouin and send someone down later to help the rocket? Just a thought. There's no way of knowing what offers he got for jd. Chances are they were not great, but there's still no way of knowing for sure.
  5. I wouldn't be against it if the money and term was good. He a skilled, consistent .5 ppg player. He's back checking way more under St. Louis. I'd rather give Drouin 2 million than Armia at this point. Everyone sees the skill and want him to be a ppg player. He isn't that. But I don't think .5 ppg consistently year over year is garbage.
  6. The organ player just played les canadiens sont la
  7. Anyone else seen the Subban Thornton commercial? It's really good.
  8. I'm unable to reply to quotes. I won't pollute the thread with superbowl talk after this. It was a hold. I said that. So by the book, it was a penalty. Just thought it was a shit call considering even if he didn't touch him at all, there's no way he is even close to making the reception.
  9. KC played great in the 4th and earned the win, but that call was pretty tight. He didn't interrupt his route at all, and he was a mile away from getting a reception. It was a hold. The hold didn't affect the route at all. Without the hold, he still is nowhere near being able to catch it. Huge impact on the game. Too bad. It was shaping up to be one of the better superbowls I've seen in a bit.
  10. I think a rank with a letter grade might be more accurate. None were good. A couple were adequate. 1. Gainey. C+ Drafted the only hall of famer the team has seen in 3 decades. 2. MB. C. Good at trades. Bad at managing. 3. Savard. C- 4. Goat D. 5 Houle F. Seems like a nice guy. Just incompetent. Trade the Mario or arguably Gretzky of goaltenders. Complete idiocy. I still have ptsd from that night. Remember exactly what I was doing. It's a traumatic core memory. Haha.
  11. I was young, so maybe it's selective memory, but It seems to me, that the early 80s Campbell vs Wales game was pretty competitive. This just seems like a waste of time.
  12. He was wearing 62. I lied. Must have been someone beside him
  13. His dad was wearing a price sweater. Hahaha. She had a 62 sweater it looked like.
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