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  1. Can't see a comeback tonight. Execution is horrible today. They really need to practice cycling. No goals off the rush equals loss everytime.
  2. Hahaha. Almost comical how bad this team can be.
  3. I dont care if I ever see Staal or frolik in a Habs uniform again.
  4. Need Tatar and Gallagher back big time
  5. Anderson needs to massage their d's ribs some more.
  6. I wanna see cycling and slot shots for a change. If this team can't rush, they don't score as a rule.
  7. I put it together. I'm just a bug fan of bilbo. Having a bilbo and a tuna on the same team as pricer, webs, galley, etc is pretty cool.
  8. That snipe from his side the first beat Campbell. Just not the post.
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