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  1. Part of me wants the Panthers to win so they can't sign their depth and start sucking. Having said that, my emotions tell a different story. I'm on the oilers bandwagon. Especially with the comeback.
  2. He seemed to be playing defense a lot last night. Quiet offensively, but he was pretty solid in his own zone other than the penalty.
  3. It was the right call imo. Their pk has been incredible.
  4. I don't see Ghule exploding offensively. The Nurse contract is over the top overpay.
  5. Thank you. Not to mention he played all of last season on the right side. I don't want to come off as a fan boy, but ghule is not a player I would want to trade unless the return was proven. Ghule will probably be a 30 point guy earning a reasonable percentage of cap hit and playing in the top 4 for a decade.
  6. Yep. Better than the Orr jump or lemieux borque deke. I watched it 5 times at least. Magic.
  7. Alberta provincial tax is more than zero. Used to be flat 10, now it's more. Nearly par with British Columbia. Yes, management is an issue, but there is no denying the tax advantage that Dallas, Vegas, Tampa, and Florida have.
  8. I know the state tax comes up a lot, but I can't help it. The numbers don't lie. The percentage of zero state tax teams in the league vs the percentage that make the semi final is enormous. Bob has been the difference. And Bob is a free player. You can pay 10% less when you don't have a 10% state tax.
  9. I hope they get bpa, regardless of position. Unless the consensus is that bpa is too close to measure.
  10. Yep. Let your on ice actions determine where you fit in the line up.
  11. Haha. Their defense, defensive forwards, and goaltending were very good.
  12. Ya but next to crank shaft and tuna, cube was an amazing nick name. So there's that.
  13. This team and 2011 Canucks are the only good Canadian teams to go to the final since 93. Maybe 04 flames.
  14. Barkov was unbelievable tonight. So many high danger chances foiled by his giant brain. Him and Draisaitl are my mvps so far, now that shesterkin is out. I don't notice a standout in Dallas. Maybe benn? Maybe Ottinger?
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