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  1. Old time hockey. You could see this coming, not surprised at all. By giving Wilson nothing but a little tap on the wrist the Rangers had no choice, out of the playoffs, they had nothing to lose.
  2. Agree, thought it was always sort of an unwritten rule\code that tough guys didn't go after star players. Once the code is broken then either the team takes matters into their own hands or the league better do something. The league did nothing here and totally dropped the ball so if the Rangers do nothing then they will look like a bunch of pushovers.
  3. Never been a fan of Avery but he is not totally wrong. If a guy like Wilson takes out one of your best players then you take out one of their best players. Wilson and the Capitals will get the message.
  4. Agree with that. Teams that are successful 3 on 3 generally have high end offensive talent that don't need many chances to score. Caulfield certainly fits that bill.
  5. It's a joke Tom Wilson only got $5,000 but this is also a cheap shot, play was over, puck in the net, player near the boards and not expecting to get hit at all because the play was done. No need for this.
  6. Let me see Suzuki has 12 goals and 24 assists, Mathews has 39 goals and 24 assists. I will have to think about that. That wasn't my point but perhaps there are just not that many shoot first centers so it stands out. I guess the important thing is that the line scores goals.
  7. I guess the point I am trying to make is that maybe Mathews isn't the great all around player some Leaf fans make him out to be. They were talking MVP earlier in the year. A great shooter? Absolutely no question about it. There is no better shooter right now.
  8. Not saying I wouldn't take him, of course I would. He is a great shooter. Just find it strange that a great centreman with a winger like Marner doesn't have more assists. There are many centres in the NHL with way more assists.
  9. Is it just me or does anyone else find it weird that Mathews has so few assists for supposedly such a great centreman. It's not like he doesn't have great wingers. McDavid has 34 more assists, that's a staggering difference. Even Nick has as many now. Does Mathews make players around him better or is he just a great shooter?
  10. I am starting to think that maybe, just maybe Caulfield might be staying up with the big team. I think 4th place is safe now, might actually be cheering for Calgary when they play Winnipeg.
  11. I agree about rebuilding the D, if Suzuki and KK develop the way we hope then the forward group is pretty close. That's an "if". We do need more mobility on the back end.
  12. Even if he wanted to move them, it wouldn't be that simple. Those are big contracts to move and they are not good value right now.
  13. May some know the answer to this question. If you have a UFA (ie. Tatar or Doug Hamilton) and an expansion team takes him, does the expansion team have a certain time period whey they are the only team that can sign him or is it a complete waste for an expansion team to pick a player who is a UFA?
  14. I always wondered why he was traded twice early in his career when stud defenceman are so hard to find. He seems to tick a lot of the boxes you look for, big, strong, mobile, good puck handler, 40-50 pts a year consistently. I expect he will be well paid as a UFA. If he is the kind of guy that "does his own thing" then perhaps the right destination as opposed to the biggest contract might determine where he ends up.
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