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  1. I think there is zero chance the Habs sign Kadri; a) they don't have the cap room b) they are rebuilding and Kadri will be 32 in the fall They are not going to blow things up to get better next year.
  2. He will be long gone before round 4. I would be all over taking him with the Oiler's pick in round 2 but I don't think he lasts that long either.
  3. I agree about Firkus, a very interesting talent, a home run swing type of pick. He will be boom or bust I think.
  4. Listening to the end of the conference call, Hughes was asked about Petry. He seemed to be very open to Petry coming back and when you think about, it's also a good negotiating ploy to make it seem like there is no panic at all to trade him. If there is not a decent offer then Petry likely stays.
  5. As discussed earlier, you would only trade for Dubois if: 1) he agreed to a reasonable extension 2) the price paid wasn't too ridiculous 3) you were planning on drafting Slafkovsky Very doubtful all those things line up but you never know. I prefer to continue with draft and develop.
  6. Last year was a mess, coaching change 1/2 way through the year. It took a while for Caulfield to show something last year.
  7. That's what I thought. They are NOT in talks. Purely a hypothetical.
  8. True. No question that Tampa was in a time crunch to move him so they could sign some players and other teams knew that.
  9. Does this reflect the type of return Montreal might get for Petry (not much) given that Petry and McDonagh are similar ages and the AAV of their contracts isn't that much different?
  10. The one thing I expect to happen in the near future is a trade for Petry. I still think Dallas is a logical destination IF they don't resign Klingberg.
  11. Sounds like Kent is busy. It is certainly a good thing if there is interest in Petry. https://montrealhockeynow.com/2022/07/02/nhl-trade-nhl-source-gotta-give-it-to-kent-hes-creative-and-determined/
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