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  1. I am good with that. Let's also hope that Washington and Pittsburgh go into overtime.
  2. It definitely seems like Primeau has regressed, as you say goalies are hard to figure out. At least with Montembeault playing this well it has bought them some time. I think they would only trade Allen if a deal came long they couldn't turn down. Many (including myself) thought goaltending would be a weak point for the Habs this year. That hasn't been the case.
  3. Yes, that was a very smart move signing him for 2 years at a very team friendly contract. I wonder if his play will affect any plans they have for Jake Allen? Would they now trade him if the right deal came up or are they just happy to go with a Montembeault/Allen combo the next couple years as their goalie costs for both of them next year is just under 5million which is very reasonable (assuming Carey is done).
  4. I would have loved to see Florida lose in regulation tonight but at least Pittsburgh won in overtime and got 2 points. Florida has 32 games left (20 at home). They had a decent road trip which gave them some hope. I figure they will have to go something like 22-10 in their last 32 games to catch a playoff spot. Not easy but doable if they get hot. They have the 10th toughest schedule remaining. Montreal has the 2nd toughest schedule and Vancouver the 28th toughest so the Canucks should pass Montreal. Unlike last year (especially in the East where the top 8 was decided early) there should be some very close races for the last couple wild card spots in both conferences. That should increase trade activity which would be good for the Habs trying to unload some veterans. That is my theory anyway.
  5. Thanks, I assume the link is on the lastwordinsports website
  6. Good point. And if he has professional aspirations why would he want to tell the world that he is a blabber mouth.
  7. That makes sense. Washington could be a buyer at the deadline as they might be in a dogfight for the last playoff spot.
  8. I hope that's true (assuming it's somewhat reasonable). Cole belongs in Montreal.
  9. I love beating Toronto and Boston BUT if the Habs win the rest of their games against Boston and Toronto (total of 5 games ) then a bottom 5 finish isn't going to happen. I can live with an entertaining 6-4 loss tonight with Suzuki scoring a couple and Xhekaj beating the crap out of some Bruin who gets a little too mouthy.
  10. Nice to the Panthers lose tonight. Now if only the Penguins can beat them tomorrow night that would be awesome. C'mon Sid the Kid.
  11. The Jets still have some leverage as Dubois will be an RFA instead of a UFA so I think they would hold out for a bit more. A deal like that would definitely speed up the rebuild for the Habs, not sure I would do it but I get the attraction of getting Dubois. Kudos to Dubois for putting together an excellent season with all the rumours floating around of him wanting to move. He has been a professional this year.
  12. Certainly Vancouver will be stained by how they handled this one. It's a head shaker how they let Bruce Boudreau twist in the wind. Not ideal circumstances for Tocchet to come into. And what's going on with Ottawa? They can't get anything going. You would think the coach or GM is on thin ice there.
  13. We don't know all the circumstances behind the decision to shut the season down for Cole. Did he want to continue playing? Was it an injury he couldn't make worse by trying to play through it? I like to think they put a lot of thought into it. I don't have enough info to be critical yet.
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