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  1. Also interesting that Button has Lindstrom at 10, Catton at 14 and Silayev at 16. That's the lowest I have seen those guys. It's going to be a crazy draft, would love to have another top 15 pick but I can see why teams would not want to give up a top 15 pick without an overpay.
  2. Goalies are just so hard to predict, it's almost always a risk signing a free agent goalie to a big contract. The Oilers were a little desperate, Campbell was available, it was an accident waiting to happen. It could have worked out but it didn't, now the Oilers are stuck with a bad contract with some big raises coming up.
  3. Very interesting, are Button and Commandant the same person?? Both love Helenius. I really like Iginla too, Habs will get a good forward. Craig’s List: Konsta Helenius, Tij Iginla push into top five | TSN
  4. It's fun to project/guess who the Habs may take at 5, likely a forward, however that will be dependent on who the teams drafting before them take (Captain Obvious statement). It seems to me that if there is a forward they really want to get (ie Demidov or Lindstrom) then Anaheim is the obvious partner if they want to trade up. Of course, as we have noted, those trades are a rare occurrence.
  5. Plus what are Bouchard and Draisaitl going to want as their contracts are up next year? Plus they have a 3 million bonus for Connor Brown that cuts into the salary cap next year. And then McDavid in 2 years. Foegele had an excellent year this year but there is no way they can afford him now. Oilers have some big salary cap issues coming up. They are definitely in win now mode as they don't really have enough young players coming up on ELC's to fill the void except for Holloway.
  6. It's one thing to know who you have to shut down, it's another thing to do it effectively. LA and Vancouver knew who they had to shut down but neither were very successful. Having said that there is no question that Dallas is deep but the Oilers are deeper than many think. Dallas had 8 twenty goal scorers, the Oilers had 8 guys with 18 or more. Both teams have faced adversity in the playoffs. Dallas lost the first two at home to Vegas and came roaring back, the Oilers had their back against the wall against Vancouver. Where I give Dallas the edge is in goal. Oettinger is one of the better goalies in the league, Skinner has been inconsistent. Skinner had some great stretches this year but hasn't proven anything in the playoffs yet. I think the goalie battle is where the series will be won or lost.
  7. I think a big part of that is that our members are much more familiar with the Oiler team and are aware of any warts they have have whereas Dallas is not as widely known. I am pretty sure the Oilers had the best record in the NHL in the 2nd half of the year. I think the Oilers started something like 2-11, they have come a long way.
  8. Definitely a risk but I guess Tampa is going for it. They don't have a pick until the 4th round this year and the 3rd round the following year. They are emptying the cupboard to try and win it one more time. Do they have enough cap room to resign Stamkos? I guess it depends on what he is willing to sign for.
  9. Cole Caufield with 2 goals and 2 assists today.
  10. I think battle-hardened is the key phrase. They learned a lot from the Vegas series last year. Even the stars on the Oilers were willing to block shots, that sets a great example for the rest of the team. They were hungry and willing to pay the price. Dallas is deeper up front but they don't have a McDavid or Draisatl. I think the key is Skinner. If he plays well then the Oilers have a real chance.
  11. Yup, the Winnipeg pick is now 26, not that 1 spot is a big difference but in 2014 the Bruins drafted Pastrnak at 25 and the Habs took Sherback at 26, don't know if the Habs would have taken Patrnak had he been available, probably not. LOL The Oilers Canucks series was such a fun one to watch. Great intensity.
  12. That's unfortunate. Hopefully it's short term as they will really need him should they get past Edmonton and have to play Dallas.
  13. I totally get cheering for the team that has never won the cup. With no Hab team to cheer for I definitely cheer for the Oilers in big part because there is such a fun vibe in the city while the Oilers are still playing. I also have great respect for McDavid. The only Canadian teams I heartily cheer against are the Leafs, the Leafs and also the Leafs and sometimes Ottawa.
  14. I don't think there is much more he can do. He gives 100% every shift, he back checks, doesn't whine and complain, doesn't care about personal stats, he just wants to win the cup.
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