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  1. Joshua Roy 1G 2A tonight, Riley Kidney pointless. What a difference a year makes for Roy, last year 35 pts. in 35 games, this year 42 pts. in 22 games.
  2. Not a terrible night for "team tank", Sens might get 2 points, Chicago will get at least a point, Islanders might do something. On the downside Buffalo gives up 6 goals in a row after leading 4-1.
  3. Obviously a fan who hasn't joined "team tank" yet.
  4. Cale Makar is a beast, 10 goals in 18 games. Makar and Byram, what a pair of young defenceman to anchor your team on the blueline for the next 10 years.
  5. I also agree, a year in the minors never hurt anybody. Defencemen tend to take longer to develop and another year of getting stronger will help Guhle get ready for the NHL.
  6. You bet it will be worth watching. Avs will be terrible for 1 more game, Habs win.
  7. Not everyone wants to operate under the microscope. Madden has done an excellent job and is very passionate about his job as a scout as per this interview.
  8. I just saw that Kaiden Guhle was traded to the Oil Kings. I might have to go to a few games now. The Oil Kings obviously value him highly as they gave up a whole lot for a guy who I believe is in his last year of junior. https://whl.ca/article/nhl-prospects-guhle-latimer-swapped-in-blockbuster-deal
  9. I don't see that happening. It doesn't work where management tells a coach how to coach. A coach can't be a puppet, players see through that and lose respect. If the coach doesn't fit in with your philosophy then you find a new one. A coach can't try and be something they are not. I don't expect Ducharme to be back next year but I also recognize how difficult it was for him. When you lose a Price, Weber, Edmundson, Danault, etc it's hard to compete. That's an enormous amount of defence and leadership to lose. Another loss that few talk about is Tatar. He was one of their best scorers during the regular season when he was here. It is most definitely rebuild time.
  10. And then Patrick could hire his old buddy Mario to coach. It just might work?
  11. Good post. I think Molson made the correct decision in hiring Gorton who will hire someone who he thinks he can work with. My guess is Darche as he comes across as a team guy who can work with people but that is just a guess on my part.
  12. You don't know that. I don't think Gorton has his short list yet. He may be monitoring these boards looking for some brilliant minds. He may be thinking outside the box, way outside.
  13. 100%, the interview will be a huge part of it as I really don't see a clear cut #1 candidate but I am on the outside looking in so I can only speculate.
  14. Agree with that as well. Young players need to build confidence and you don't get that sitting on a bench. They need to play a lot somewhere.
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