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  1. That's what young teams do sometimes. Exciting some nights and some nights very unpredictable.
  2. Even though he is the youngest I think Beck has the best chance to make the team given his all around skill set (ie. skating, faceoffs, 200 ft game).
  3. Certainly there may be a lot of truth to what he said but I don't think an equipment manager should be writing a kiss and tell book. Players should be comfortable being around the equipment guys/training staff knowing stuff they do won't end up in a book. The equipment guys get to see players at their best and worst. I guess his motivation was to make a buck but he probably lost a lot of respect.
  4. I thought Dadonov looked pretty good last night, he definitely has skill, very good skater. I think he just got off to a slow start this year. He is far from done but he needs to keep playing well and put up some numbers to convince other GM's to take a chance. There is still time.
  5. I agree, I think Biesksa is a pretty good comparison. It's pretty impressive for a guy who wasn't even drafted. He is mentally tough and we certainly know he is physically tough. And he is hungry to play. There is a reason he is still in the lineup. I was joking with a friend at the game last night that if I buy another Habs jersey that it might have #72 on the back. Of course that might be bad luck. I saw a couple KK Habs jerseys at the game last night but none with #72. I have a feeling that Arber will be here a lot longer than KK was. He just wants it more and is willing to do whatever it takes to stay here. I am cheering for him.
  6. Agree about Matheson, he was very engaged and his skating is definitely his strong point, made some great rushes. I thought Suzuki was just OK. Arber didn't look out of place at all which is is good when you are playing a team like Edmonton, still needs to work on his discipline but he has a great wrist shot. He will score 10 goals this year which is pretty darn good for a rookie D who many thought wouldn't make the team.
  7. It was a fun game to be at. You just can't play shorthanded for the first 10 minutes of a period against McDavid/Draisaitl and not get burned. I thought Guhle looked great, so mobile.
  8. I don't think Jack Michaels is that bad, don't mind him at all and I do watch a lot of Oiler games. Now Jack Edwards, there is a homer.
  9. No question he has had to deal with a lot of injuries and he handled it with a lot of class. I am cheering for him. He has the kind of character you want on a team. However I wonder if all these injuries are totally behind him and the contract would have to be very reasonable as there is risk given his injury history. I trust Hughes to do the right thing. If he continues his solid play and stays healthy he will fetch at least a 1st round pick as there will be big demand for his services.
  10. I really like Monahan too, quality guy, quality player but Monahan will be a UFA with all the leverage in any negotiations. I think Hughes has to stick to the plan. I hear what you are saying though, Monahan is a guy you want to cheer for.
  11. The Monahan trade is looking like very good asset management. Not so much for the Flames. Monahan has 1 more point than Kadri AND we get a 1st round pick. Great work by Hughes. If Monahan keeps playing like this then he will be a very valuable trade chip at the deadline.
  12. Yup. Zero points in 10games and 3.4M/year for this year and the next two. He isn't going anywhere unless there is some kind of major turn around in his play.
  13. What I look for from HuGo is to build a team that can compete for many years. Obviously winning the cup is the final and ultimate goal and hard to do when you have 32 teams with the same goal but if the Habs can be a legitimate contender for a number of years than I won't complain too much about the job they do. These boards are for discussing and analyzing every move they make. That's what makes it fun as everyone has different opinions and sometimes it takes a while to determine whether a move is good or not. Right now the Dach trade looks very good, hopefully it still does in a couple years.
  14. 100%, best offer regardless of team and I have no doubt that Hughes feels the same way.
  15. Monahan certainly isn't doing anything to hurt his trade value.
  16. We knew there would be days like this. Buffalo was due. I expect they will bounce back tomorrow night.
  17. Both good points. At this point they need "high end" "elite" players. Right now they have many good prospects, better to use extra picks to move up or use in later years as you don't want too many "good " prospects coming through at the same time.
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