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  1. Both Bobrov and Lapointe were in attendance at Milstein's Florida combine.
  2. Win or lose on Monday, I think the market values for Florida's players are pretty well set by this point.
  3. The problem with aiming that high for playoff success is that young teams generally don't do well. Teams with extra 25-year-olds that have been around plus some key veterans are the ones that have the most playoff success. Teams with a bunch of guys on entry-level deals like Laval typically don't. There are some exceptions but that's generally how it goes. I think they should have made the playoffs (not having any goaltending for two-plus months did them in) but I don't put that all on Houle. Boucher has been around long enough that he doesn't need to go coach in Laval. He can just go back to working for RDS making decent money which might make more sense for him than riding the bus in the minors. Plus, I think management will be looking for someone more aligned with how St. Louis approaches things. Boucher, a rigid systems guy, probably isn't that fit. Bouchard is now the head coach for Syracuse.
  4. I'm not 100% sure on this but I think that particular loophole was closed in the last CBA extension.
  5. I wouldn't necessarily say it's about growth potential. To him, it was a better job to pursue. Someone suggested to me a few days ago that there was a real chance this happened. I didn't put any stock in it as I thought the AHL job closer to home would be more appealing. But if his family isn't with him when he's coaching in Laval, that obviously changes things.
  6. It sounds like that's the only type of trade they'll consider. Not a trade out but a small trade back.
  7. Backstrom will be back on LTIR next season, giving them a lot more flexibility. Oshie might be LTIR-bound as well.
  8. A random useless tidbit, I'm pretty sure today is the final day to sign a signed SHL player so they really dragged this out until the last minute.
  9. I'm surprised it took this long but Oliver Kapanen has signed his entry-level deal. Even so, it's Montreal or the SHL for him next season, Laval is not an option for him. https://www.habsworld.net/2024/06/habs-sign-oliver-kapanen/
  10. The rankings you're referring to aren't actually from CapFriendly and it's not an algorithm. They're scouting reports from Jason Bukala of The Pro Hockey Group, a former NHL scout. The Capitals (and every other NHL team) already have something like that in place for depth charts...at least they should.
  11. This has now been announced by the league, $88M is the cap line.
  12. Alexander Gordin has been traded in the VHL. The Habs hold his rights indefinitely since there's no transfer agreement with Russia. He got a one-year deal with his new team. https://www.hc-avto.ru/news/8653/
  13. Not really a good spot to put this but the Habs have invited Josh Nadeau to next month's development camp. https://www.eliteprospects.com/player/573985/josh-nadeau
  14. Also, an interview with Hughes (link below). Apparently the Habs reached out during the Swiss League finals to indicate they were interested and had one of their scouts meet with him. Then, a couple of weeks ago, they said they wanted to sign him and the deal came together fairly quickly after that. He also mentioned his goalie coach was former Hab Cristobal Huet. https://www.blick.ch/sport/eishockey/nl/hughes-ueber-montreal-wechsel-der-erste-kontakt-fand-waehrend-des-playoff-finals-statt-id19811358.html
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