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  1. I really hope they flip Petry before training camp starts, but that will be a tricky move. Petry is a LD, so that gives the Habs Petry, Harris and Guhle as natural left shooting blueliners. The other five defencemen are right shooting. I'll need a little time to digest this trade, but will have more to say when the Habsworld WWI article is published sometime this week.
  2. BPA fits a team when they have depth, but that's not the case in a rebuilding Montreal. I give this team credit for rallying back to make this game 4-3. They made it exciting to watch.
  3. I lost respect for Craig Button. His "mock draft" has the Habs picking two left wingers, Colby Barlow and Eduard Sale. I doubt Button has looked at their depth chart lately, because this team has a much bigger need at center and right winger, over the left side. Also, Craig must have forgot that Slavkovsky is the left winger they drafted first overall last summer. I don't have anything against these two players, but with so many good centers at the top half of this draft, I would seriously question Hughes judgment if he used both of his picks to take two left wingers. Also, Button is terrible as a colour man during this game. Too many times, he interjects to talk about something unrelated or little related to this game while the play is in action. One time the guy calling the game had to interject to quickly describe a scoring chance. I used to think Pierre Mcguire was a terrible colour man for the Habs, but Button now has risen past him.
  4. Now Dadonov starts thr 2nd powerplay?! Is Marty St.Louis trying to lose this game?
  5. Armia was on the 2nd wave of the PP and did...nothing. On his next shift he gets a lazy slashing penalty. If this team had more healthy bodies up front, I would hope he would be a permanent scratch. Right now he is a waste of a roster spot.
  6. Don't underestimate Arber Xekaj, who is 1 year older. He's much bigger and meaner than Romanov also.
  7. Welcome to Montreal Slafkovsky! I admit I thought the Habs would pick Shane Wright, but I have to trust Hughes and Gorton (aka Horton). At least until they screw up. LOL
  8. I am glad to hear they are working with him; hopefully that will build him up into a better person, instead of tearing him down like the "cancel culture" would prefer be done. I don't condone what he did, but he was an immature kid when it happened. Bergevin also eff-ed up by drafting him, when he asked not to be drafted. I wonder if that debacle will get discussed at an NHL GM or governor meetings. I would think if a kid decides to opt out of their draft year, then that should be allowed.
  9. That's a good point. I wonder exactly what his bonuses are? Other than the something tied to winning the rookie of the year award or finishing in the top vote-getters for that, what other types of bonuses could they be?
  10. Agreed. I would like to see more of Ylonen to get a better read on him.
  11. I am late in posting this, but our newest podcast (episode 89) was recorded the evening of the trade deadline, March 21st. Quite a lot of Habs topics were discussed, and many laughs were shared too. You can listen to it at the Habsworld URL below, or from your favourite podcast feeder. Please note, if you use Spotify to listen to our podcast, you will have to scroll to the bottom of the list to find the newest episode. This is due to a bug with the Spotify app; I am working with their technical staff to get this worked out. https://www.habsworld.net/2022/03/habsworld-podcast-episode-89/
  12. Yes. As Brian mentioned, Paul and I are active in the forums. Jonathan, not so much. Feel free to ask any questions about the podcast, and/or give me feedback.
  13. Good day everyone Our newest podcast, #88, is now online. We had a lot to discuss given the news of the hiring of interim head coach Martin St. Louis (and why there is the interim tag), the recent trade of Tyler Toffoli, the play of the Canadiens since the coaching change, and much more. Feel free to give us feedback (bad or good) here, on our Podmatic host, or any of the many podcast feeder services you use. -Norm http://www.habsworld.net/2022/02/habsworld-podcast-episode-88/
  14. Hey everyone The latest Habsworld podcast is now online, where we talked a lot about the new Habs GM and many other Canadiens topics. Give it a listen. http://www.habsworld.net/2022/01/habsworld-podcast-episode-87/
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