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  1. Brian, any idea how much his bonus for scoring 20 goals will be?
  2. Good to see Montreal traded Allen for anything at all. I've never been a fan of his, and his time was overdue to leave. Now Montreal will get more opportunities to see what they have in Primeau as their backup.
  3. Has anyone heard any rumours what the injury is to Struble? I hope it's not serious, although I am glad to see Kovacevic back in the lineup.
  4. Oh that's no coincidence. Let's hope he plays a decent game, and the Habs jettison him to New Jersey for ... anything.
  5. Pezzetta scored a nice goal too. Tough to watch ex-Hab Charlie Lindgren being pulled, but I don't really blame him for any of those goals. I am very surprised at Montreal's start tonight. Washington looks listless though.
  6. Slick Nick gets a rebound off the post to put the Habs up 2-0 ! Quelle surprise!!
  7. Caufield dishes a beautiful saucer pass to Suzuki, and he puts it in the net. Habs up 1-0 !
  8. You may be right. It's also possible that with New Jersey very close by and in need of a goaltending improvement, the Devils could be the target team interested in Primeau.
  9. Negated by Harris panic puck over glass penalty; took Flyers 29 seconds to score PPG/
  10. I can't remember a time when the Habs scored on every official shot on goal in the first period. This may be a team record! Let's see if someone in the media or on Twitter will confirm that.
  11. Close call on the Flyers scoring chance, had to go to a refs video review. It was not clearly over the line no matter what angle they showed. Refs [finally] made the right call.
  12. Montreal has 2 shots and 2 goals. Gotta love that. Savard got credit for the goal later.
  13. Good shot by Barron, and a great tip by Monahan to get the Habs on the board first!
  14. Another start for Primeau versus Philadelphia. I can't help but think they are showcasing him to generate more interest by the Flyers.
  15. Yes to all of the above! Armia is terrible, and block the ice time from Ylonen. An Armia demotion would boost Ylonen, and give Heineman a chance at some 4th line ice time. He did not fare that well in his first games, but it's easy to think he needs some time to adjust to the NHL pace and coach Marty's philosophies.
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