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  1. Byron out for the next 5 months after hip surgery.
  2. Hoffman himself was not implicated in any of the cyberbullying, and his girlfriend/wife was never proven of any wrongdoing.
  3. So as of this moment, the Habs have roughly $6M, with Lehkonen and Kotkaniemi to sign. Yes, I know things will change (Weber LTIR, trades, etc). I guess the shocking part of Savard was that he didn't get a raise. Cheaper contract than I expected.
  4. Looks like Hamilton to NJD is done.
  5. One thing to keep in mind, he's UFA, so he will be getting a raise over his last contract of $4.25M.
  6. Arpon Basu said to be prepared for Savard's salary to be "shocking". Ugh.
  7. Agreed. My wife really likes reading her updates. As far as the post itself, it's not like it was unknown Price was going in for knee surgery.
  8. Landeskog re-ups in CO for 8 years. Just popped up on the evening news here. 8x7M https://www.tsn.ca/colorado-avalanche-re-sign-gabriel-landeskog-1.1673897
  9. I guess testing was the wrong word. I figured he'd be gone. His comments about remaining a Canadien seemed ambiguous. I took that as some level of dissatisfaction with the team.
  10. Same cap as Byron. I like Armia, and I think most would've expected more than his previous contract ($2.6M). Overall, interesting given Armia's comments at the end of the season seemed to lean towards him testing the market. That said, he needs to be better and bring more than Byron. I know Lehkonen isn't UFA, so how will his contract compare to Armia's?
  11. NHLN a little dumbfounded with Seattle's pick of Ryker Evans. I imagine there will be a lot of those selections considered "off the board".
  12. I don’t disagree. I highly doubt, however, he would not have been selected in this draft, regardless of his statement. I just done think that, for example, Tampa Bay selecting him in the 6th round would have led to similar outrage. From a personal standpoint from me, I’m all for second chances. However, I’m not supportive of the first phase of that second chance to be immediately very highly rewarded. Generally speaking though, a publicized crime would get a person fired from their job, forcing them to start anew to reestablish trust, not promoted.
  13. Would there be this much hullabaloo if he went as the first pick in the 2nd round? If the good ‘ol GMs club blacklisted him for the first round, only for the first team in the 2nd round to gleefully pick him? Analytically, I’m just trying to find where the potential outrage would be minimized. No draft this year? Picked in the third round? Never picked by any team at all, ever? Why would, for instance, arbitrarily sentencing him to a one year draft moratorium change anything?
  14. Well the Habs certainly woke up a ho-hum first round.
  15. Was the wrist injury from the Ovechkin hit? I remember that being a massive hit and Drouin never quite looked the same to my untrained eye. (I know he played well under Ducharme, but still, didn't seem like the same player.)
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