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  1. Definitely an organizational public perception shift from "if you want loyalty, buy a dog". Given Hughes' comments in general about Petry, he wasn't really blocking anyone, as there was absolutely zero intent on keeping Petry. He was merely a key piece in a trade they wanted to make. I said: ‘Listen, I know you didn’t go to bed expecting to hear from me this morning. I was probably one of the last people you expected to.’ I know they were as a family uptight. They’ve got four young boys and they were about to start school in two weeks. So I gave him my word. I said: ‘Listen, we saw an opportunity here to facilitate the trade between Pittsburgh and San Jose and to help ourselves. But we’re mindful that you’ve got a family and your own career and Montreal’s probably not the place you’re expecting to play.’ I promised him that we would work expeditiously to get him moved and that we wouldn’t drag this out trying to maximize every last piece of value in the trade. It probably took a little longer than we anticipated.” https://montrealgazette.com/sports/hockey/nhl/hockey-inside-out/stu-cowan-canadiens-hughes-tried-to-do-the-right-thing-trading-jeff-petry-again
  2. Not gonna lie, Detroit was where I expected him to go. Admittedly, I did expect a tiny bit more for a 50% retained Petry, but it is what it is.
  3. I don't see a chance of Reinbacher on the team. That makes 9. Also, it's pretty easy, waivers exempt guys will make room. That's 4 guys. No, not all will be sent down. If 2 of 4 waivers guys go down, that's 7 D, with Wideman as a scratch. None of the vets have played a full season in years (Matheson the only outlier with 2 years ago in Pitt). The situation at D isn't nearly the logjam it was at F, and that's not even considering what's going on with Petry.
  4. Armia was ok until his various illnesses seemed to derail him. Hard to get a read on him fully the past couple of years since he was in and out so frequently. If we could have the Armia of his second season with us, that would be something. Anyway, the trade. I am curious about when/if Petry will be flipped. People here were plenty fed up with the quality of his play leading up to his ultimate departure. I guess there's a difference between Hoffman taking a spot for a young forward, and Petry taking a spot from a young defenseman? I"m assuming the lack of fervor surrounding Petry's return is that the expectation is an impending departure. If it sounds like I'm not impressed with the trade, that's not the case at all. I figured Pitlick was going to be waived and I have no issues with Hoffman being traded. Happy with a 2nd round pick, and no retention on Hoffman. DeSmith I'm neither here and there, but it would seem kind of bad juju to move Allen before he even plays a game into his new contract. I will say, full red eye Petry is still quite the haunting sight!
  5. I knew someone would focus on the player I randomly chose. It’s ok to disagree. Simply put, I don’t view Hoffman as the roadblock and roster liability that most here seem to. Doesn’t mean I want to extend him. Just means I don’t think the Habs need to go above and beyond to trade him, nor do I think they should try to assign him to Laval. Waive Pitlick, sit Armia, heck, sit Hoffman. RHP is a cool story and all, but folks are acting like him starting in the AHL is a massive disservice to a potential superstar forward. No youth getting a chance? There are what, 9 players 23 and under that will be on the roster opening day.
  6. I don't think anyone hates Gallagher, it's a poorly aging contract, which most people figured would be the case the moment it was inked. While Gallagher is not the same type of player as Armia and Hoffman, he is equally a cap hit that is not commensurate with his play at this point. Anyway, Hoffman was only behind Suzuki, Caufield, and Dach in scoring last season. I'm honestly baffled why he has been singled out as as issue for the roster. Signed for another few years? Sure, that would suck. But he's on an expiring contract. He's not keeping anyone significant out of the lineup. We as fans always talk about rushing guys to the NHL, but then complain when 19 year old Joshua Roy may not get an opportunity because of Hoffman.
  7. My point was not necessarily that he will magically be worth a high pick, more that the Habs are not in a position where they need to sweeten a deal for someone to trade for him. Retain salary, sure. Add a pick or prospect to take him? Heck no. Given their histories, Gallagher, Monahan, Evans, Savard, and Matheson will probably be injured before training camp even starts, and Armia will have a mystery illness. Oh well, after this season, we can stop whipping on Hoffman and turn our nastiness on Gallagher and his anchor of a contract. Although I guess enough are annoyed with Armia, too.
  8. Crazy how much ink has been wasted on a player on a relatively minor deal, on a team that doesn't require cap space, and whose contract expires after this season. The Habs aren't Cup bound this year. Play Hoffman, hope he pots some goals, and has some value at the deadline. But to sweeten a deal to trade him, or buy him out seems absolutely ridiculous. Waive/assign Pitlick, RHP, Pezetta, sit Armia. Do the Habs on Aug 2 have a lot of forwards on the roster? Sure. Will all of these players still be here come Oct 1, doubtful.
  9. Looking at the Athletic article from 10/22, they have the '19 draft as: 1 Hughes 2 Seider 3 Zegras 4 Cozens 5 Byram 6 Boldy 7 Caufield Dach 10, Newhook 16
  10. Our first rounders, especially the last two drafts, HAVE to convert into high end talent. A 1st OA, and a 5th can't be meh. They simply can't mess up acquiring high end talent for free when they have the opportunity in the draft. I certainly hope the gamble on Monahan returns a good draft pick at the deadline, and that they get another pick for Hoffman. Even if it's to keep flipping those picks for the Dach and Newhook types. I think it's looking up, but I've been down this road before of hyping prospects (Komisarek, Higgins, Perezhogin, Kostitsyn!)
  11. He’s still RFA at the end of the 4 year deal.
  12. You gave me a good chuckle with this one!
  13. Don’t get me wrong. My surprise-o-meter is barely more than a subtlety raised eyebrow.
  14. Edmundson out should please the “vets get too much ice time” crowd. I figured he would be a deadline deal. Now I’m curious what will happen the rest of the summer.
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