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  1. Price not traveling to Toronto. Those hoping to see Allen getting a slightly extended look may get their wish. Primeau called up and added to the taxi squad. And I guess since it's not in this thread, Gallagher out with the broken thumb for a few weeks.
  2. But an easy knee-jerk, since he was set to retire this year anyway.
  3. I"m unsure what the large circling/cycling in OT in the neutral zone was about, but that sure doesn't seem like a way to score.
  4. I buy 0% into a Hockey30 piece. Did anyone even click on the link to see the "article"? There's enough to discuss about the state of Price's game without piling on with a fabricated story.
  5. With Byron being waived and most likely unclaimed, how much breathing room cap wise does this make over the course of the week?
  6. Is PLD an upgrade over Suzuki or Kotkaniemi, talent wise? Just curious as I'm not a major watcher of CBJ.
  7. Bets on how long Poehling lasts? He's now the oldest of Bergevin's first rounders remaining.
  8. I did not receive one. I'll admit, during this offseason, I've popped onto the forum to read once in a while, but haven't checked the main page at all.
  9. I was unaware of the "taxi squad". Thanks for bringing it up. Just read the rules regarding it on capfriendly. Requires a minimum of 4 players, max of 6, one goalie is required. Waivers are still required for those that are eligible.
  10. Doesn't need to be a 2 way for him to be waived to Laval.
  11. All I have to say to this signing is...huh.
  12. Nice 2 goal game for Caufield so far. He was on fire to start that 2nd period.
  13. Let’s ignore the optics of the trade for a moment. Drouin-Suzuki showed some promise in the playoffs. Is it beyond the realm of possibility that Drouin could end up around 60pts or so playing with Suzuki for the better part of the season? We know Drouin isn’t the driver of the offense on any given line, but it sure seems he can be a competent winger especially if he’s not expected to be “the guy”.
  14. I guess when the agent said talks had broke off, he just meant for the evening last night. Ha.
  15. Price is going nowhere in the expansion draft. He has a NMC.
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