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  1. I couldn't access the site last night either. Thought it was an issue with my Daughter's internet as I haven't had any problem at home.
  2. http://www.tsn.ca/roberts-five-time-stanley-cup-champion-with-habs-dies-at-75-1.381920
  3. Tokarski played well but he doesn't have Price's puck handling skills.
  4. Off to work unfortunately. Enjoy the game guys. Go Habs Go.
  5. Because I work Saturday and would like to see the game after work.
  6. I would watch rds as I do during the regular season, but unfortunately Shaw cable doesn't have it in high definition here.
  7. His body was found today in his vehicle at a walmart parking lot in Saginaw.
  8. ere is a copy of the internal CBC release sent to staff today... Quote: While this isn’t the outcome we had hoped for, I’m pleased to say that through an agreement with Rogers, CBC will retain HNIC on Saturday nights, including 320 hours of prime-time hockey and the Stanley Cup Final for the next four years. This may not be the ideal scenario but, it is the right outcome for Canadian hockey fans and is an acceptable adaptation to the role of the public broadcaster in the modern world of professional sports rights. A world in which partnering with a wide array of other actors is a key to success. A little bit about our deal with Rogers. CBC pays no rights costs for the broadcasting of hockey games. Rogers is bearing the sole risk around hockey revenues; (they sell the inventory and keep the revenue – the overall selling process is yet to be defined), while we continue to make Canada’s game available to all Canadians wherever they live. Quote: However, starting next year, Rogers will assume all editorial control (all editorial decisions with respect to the content, on-air talent and the creative direction of HNIC – we have the right to be consulted and there is a commitment to excellence) under the new agreement.
  9. They say the agreement means there will be no more regionalization of games and no more local blackouts.
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