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  1. Word is that Montreal sent an offer sheet for Brayden Point and he turned it down.
  2. Alzner 5 years at $4.625m Defensive defenceman Credited for his size and toughness Best days with a top four defenceman attached to his hip Signed at 28 Chiarot 3 years at $3.5m Defensive defenceman Credited for size and toughness Best days with a top four defenceman attached to his hip Signed at 28 1 10th feels low.
  3. This should work just as well as the last time Bergevin signed a left defenceman long term on free agency.
  4. Aho is the winner. He got the contract he wanted. This isn't team versus team. This is a player wanting the contract he wants and forcing the GM of his current team to either agree to it or let him move on. That's the point of restricted free agency. Montreal looked good when the offer sheet was first announced and then everyone saw that Bergevin was too conservative and didn't want to give up more than a single first round pick for Aho. Once the details came out everyone was convinced Carolina would match it, except the few in Montreal media and Habs fans who thought C
  5. Muzzin won't be back and Sandin will replace him. Barrie, depending on his season, Leafs will try to re-sign. Never forget the Horton contract giving Leafs LTIR room. You can go 10% over cap in the offseason.
  6. Every player signs an offer sheet knowing there's two teams they want to play for. Nobody signs an offer sheet wanting to leave. If he wanted to leave, he wouldn't sign anything. No doubt Don Waddell got very cocky and not only admitted he expected the offer sheet to be more money, but also that he was prepared to fight him on a contract all summer. Not a good look at all. But they also have to fluff feathers because the deal was primarily designed for a big market to try to take advantage of a small market. Same thing happened when Philadelphia sent the offer sheet fo
  7. Not really. With young players demanding big money and five year deals to get out of RFA status, the league will finally move to where it should be. You pay your stars top dollar and make the middle tier players take paycuts. Instead of the past 20 years of middle players getting inflated deals in free agency while the top guys are expected to be team players and take paycuts. Shaw's health is also a ticking timebomb. Now he's back to being Chicago's problem. Good riddance.
  8. Leafs got the room due to Horton's LTIR. But the past few weeks have been ugly with the media. I wouldn't be a happy camper if I was Mitch.
  9. As a dinosaur you're forgetting Clarke, Murray, Poulin, Gilmour, Fedorov, and Francis winning it. When Carbonneau won in 88-89 he was the Habs 2nd highest point scoring centre on the best team in the league while being 4th on the team in goals. He wasn't a slouch in offence that year. I'm more impressed with the Fedorov and Datsyuk's and Kopitar's of the world who put up top scoring numbers while playing elite defence over guys who can let other players worry about scoring while they just focus on shutting players down. It's why the Subban's out there always impressed m
  10. Is he worth it? Maybe. He's like getting Saku Koivu all over again without the early injury while not having to put the weight of the franchise on him because you got Kotkaniemi who will also be at centre. If he really likes Montreal then the five years isn't a death pill like it might be in Carolina. Also five years is the window for getting the last juice out of Price and Weber. You don't have a lot of time to dilly dally and hope for the best. You also have to gamble if you want something great. Carolina doesn't do it if they don't think it works in the
  11. Great trade for both teams. Leafs are back in a win now situation. Their defence is basically a collection of out of town mercenaries. They sacrificed the best centre depth in the league and now have to hope they still got some jam in the forwards for the playoffs, which they kept losing due to Kadri suspensions. They can sign everyone now due to the Horton LTIR but they better hope the lesser known guys get better and someone stands out as a 3C. Barrie is a great long term fit for them but who knows what happens next summer. Kadri going to Colorado is perfect. They ha
  12. I was quite impressed with Bergevin to make an offer sheet, until I saw he got cute with it to avoid overpaying on draft picks. Make that two firsts, a second, and a third, and Carolina is now asking themselves if those picks are a Price injury away from a Top 10 unprotected lottery pick. It's now their version of the Kessel trade, which was also almost an offer sheet. Instead it's about trying to take advantage of a small market with a new owner spending lots of money, but it's also a team that has over $2M in new ticket sales for next year. Had it been both? Carolina sweats.
  13. There's a lot to like. They are the last of the 67 expansion teams to not win a Cup (California became Cleveland then merged into Minnesota who moved to Dallas), they are not the Boston Bruins, they have the "rookie goalie leads the team to the Cup" story that used to happen once a decade but now happens more frequently (Dryden, Roy, Brodeur was a sophomore, Ward, Niemi, Murray), they were the worst team in the NHL at one point, Larry Robinson is behind the bench and would get another ring for his career, and Jaden Schwartz has scored 12 goals in 19 playoff games when he had scored 11 goals in
  14. I wonder how Larry Robinson is doing these days.
  15. I haven't watched much hockey this year (lost interest around the same time my dad did when he was my age funny enough, at least he had me around to stay partially engaged) but work was slow so I watched this game and thought I would say hi. Is Claude Julien coaching or Michel Therrien? The young skilled guys were stapled to the bench while grinders I've never heard of were always on my screen. Who the heck is Weal? Is this guy some powerplay specialist I've never heard of? I barely saw Kotkaniemi, which knowing Julien and rookies is no surprise. Domi sure
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