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  1. I have been pondering all summer on the DACH move. and keep asking myself, why? ( on mulitple fronts...WHY ? Do Hughes and Gorton know something? Or is it wishful thinking, A Big C, young, to justify not picking a C ( WRIGHT) at the draft and getting Slafkovsky.. Dach, hasnt shown any JR, or early offensive potential pre or post his draft year? and Chicago too eager to pawn him off.. NOW, this is curious to me, either Hughes is a genius, or its a gample and wishful thinking. Now , suppose, fine Romanov still is trade.. BUT KEEP THE 13th pick.. get JS and are the habs better off with ; 1. JS and a center prospect taken 13th like one of the ones available like NAZAR? OR 2. HABS TAKE WRIGHT, as their C, and then take a winger like KEMELL or even MIROSHNICHENKO? Wright and Kemell instead of SLAFKOVSKY and DACH yes depends on DACH, and if was better to go with Wright.. soon we will find out over next 2 to 3 years. But the trade for DACH, is curious WIshful thinking gamble, ( as there doesnt appear to be any history showing Dach's potential ..) or Hughes knows more than most...hmmmm?
  2. I too live in Edmonton. Go talk to the staff at the JW Marriott, and what was happening during the bubble? Kids will be kids, and we all mature. Even the slightest of error in judgment. ( Nothing illegal or anything serious..) but perhaps nothing more than immaturity from his home town and close to family with good intentions. I am talking about Maturity level and whether that player has matured and evolved .. Talking character here. Discipline and focus where off ice maturity translates to on ice leadership and respect.
  3. Hope Hughes did his due diligence on Dach.. Living In Edmonton , and Kirby from Sherwood Park.. We have to ask why did Chicago so readily trade Dach? Or simply the trade worked to their advantage and rebuild. But why trade a 21 year old.. Character? Off ice incident.. maybe a certain time when a player is willing to circumvent the rules during a certain Bubble year during playoffs in Edmonton, ? Perhaps was an 18 year old error in judgement and the team officials sat down with him. Maturity, injuries .. talk about potential? The age old term for athletes ... I don't know. Chicago stayed at the JW Marriott in a city where the staff at the hotel talk. Young kids mature. Afterall people make mistakes. Nothing major at all here. Just saying a reflection of one's character .. Hope Habs did their due diligence and the kid excels . But Montreal is not a city to continue to make bad decisions off the ice. He is seen as a 2 way player, 200 ft game, sounds similar to Wright. It appears Hughes had a plan. What if? Could have? Should have? Time will tell.. good night all.
  4. of course.. Wright is the logical choice all things considered and being a C. WHAT IF, off 1st pick to NJ for their 2nd pick..they pick the big winger and Habs still get WRIGHT...plus.. what if ( and this would happen,,..PIPE DREAM, Devils flip or give up the 2023 FIRST..( thinking Bedard ) ) than its a no brainer... at end of day I will be surprised Wright isnt a HAB
  5. Interesting thought , Habs trade down a spot, Devils may well just want a winger for Hughes. Habs get an extra pick or a 2023 draft pick, plus...and they still Get Wright at 2... If ever there was year to do it would be now...especially with whom is rated Number 1 in 2022.
  6. Yes if dropped to 2, Cooley would be the logical choice. At 1, the pick is Wright. ( No pun intended ) Although his goals are less than when he was 16. https://www.hockeydb.com/ihdb/stats/pdisplay.php?pid=227271 Covid has impacted development of prospects during this time, we simply lack of playing. In essence losing a full year development. When one sees a drop in statistical evidence at times , many times, it's a red flag But in this situation , Wright is the safe pick, as many are in same situation. His evidence statistically in latter half of season showing he is picking up and improving. I am assuming this trajectory will continue. Habs pick him, give him 9 games , and evaluate. And if need be have him go back to junior. This is not a Yakupov situation or other 1 overall busts But that is wild card here is the development timing during covid, only time will tell. But same can be said for Cooley also: https://www.hockeydb.com/ihdb/stats/pdisplay.php?pid=238269 Not a dramatic improvement from previous year either So yes, the pick is Shane Wright , all factors considered
  7. this is legit 🤔, ( RIght 😛😉) some names from the past on there.. Wow..(???) Heatley, Phaneuf, Bieksa, Braithwaite... haha 🙃😒 ( good for laughs anyways, even if not real) In any event, Kaiden and the young guys show up..would be cool, Waiting to see the official list for Canada.. ( on Twitter, people thinking it's actually legit, haha )
  8. Excellent interview with Mathieu Dare and his background and insight of his experiences with Brisbois and Tampa.. And his current role with the Lightning. ( July 14, 2021 ) Last 2 minutes away: if a GM role opens up: " ... If it happens it Happens.. " but is happy with palm trees in his backyard.
  9. Have a look with waybackmachine site: https://web.archive.org/web/20211022041820/https://didthehabslose.godaddysites.com/ From yesterday, there you go. ( yes says it all and the class or lack thereof the Canes )
  10. Well, for everyone who was cheering for habs to lose. The MTL slot would be where nashville ball was placed. ( alphabetic order ). So there you have it. Just a guess, unless the balls fell differently, all things equal, unless Nashville ball was out, MTL wouldnt have won the draft lottery. A 12.5% chance or into playoffs we go. You always go for the win and keep team going. There you have it, lets now all get behind our team! ( have a positive feeling about it..) very similar to the 1993 run in a different way!! Let get after it!!!
  11. Would be more fun if was just 1 for 9 PP in series!! Penguins are there to be had! Even a mediocre PP would give habs the win!
  12. Habs should just reject the PP! The PP had to end to tie the game.
  13. Well, that is the reality now at 3 to 1. At 1 to 0, a pp to take it 2 to 0 lead Habs. Instead its 2 to 1 , Penguins. At start of period, another pp , to tie it.. Its 0 for 7 pp .. All that is required is a 1 for 7 ( 14.2% , still very ordinary to below average ) This game would be, 2 to 0 or very least , 2 to 2 Now last opportunity, do we make it 3 to 2 down, or do we go 0 for 8 pp. We have 3 key players ( weber, price, petry ) all over 30. We have 2 young players at 20.. And an excellent 2 way centre in Danault. Great grit and scoring in Gally. With Tatar as support. Rest, we arent good enough. Drouin, has had too many opportunities, his hockey IQ is not there. Reality is coming to. Be, 0 for 8, or 3 to 2... Says it all
  14. Well, I brought out my habs Jersey from when I was 4 years old. I took it out of the frame, and held it, well too small to fit into it, haha Last time I did it was the 93 cup run and the OT wins... I am not superstitious, but sentimental as life long Habs fan. Suzuki is coming of age fast, with Danault penalties, he stepped up with the PK's Solid effort!! Great to have hockey back!
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