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  1. Right on. This team needs to graduate from good to great.
  2. That’s an outstanding Wolverine type recovery.
  3. Nothing quite like watching a middling team with limited upside decide they’re not interested in playing a game.
  4. Hopefully the OT last night put a heavy weight on Calgary’s legs.
  5. I got vaxxed, Leafs got waxed. It’s been a good day.
  6. Personally I’d like to see Romanov put Marner or Matthews into the 3rd row of seats
  7. Thumbs are tricky. If broken, 4-6 weeks minimum. Could be up to 8 depending on details.
  8. Interesting top 3 lines. Anticipation for Staal at 4th line centre is real.
  9. If we get a Frolik-Staal-Perry, the summation of their age is 104.
  10. Alright..... need to find something else to do until Monday. At least our boys get two bye weeks?!
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