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  1. Tire fire on rue de la Gauchetiere.
  2. All hail the GDTers. Not easy to get fired and then shake it off every night. 👏
  3. Anyone find it fitting that Bertuzzi is a blood relative of that other ape Bertuzzi?
  4. Anyone else here just f’ing love watching someone get burned at the stake for bad behaviour followed by organized institutional coverup?
  5. FLA might be F’d here. Powerhouse team with a legendary coach - except that legendary coach is now in the eye of a hurricane. Have to wonder how this affects the team.
  6. Time for Goal Caufield to re-emerge.
  7. The prosthetic disc talk around Eichel should scare everyone away. Highly improbable that he has a long career.
  8. Expectations and the 21-22 Habs. Like water and a grease fire.
  9. Man…. Talk about what have you done for me lately. Can we give out SSRIs over the web yet?
  10. As an MD, I almost blew my lid reading this thread - especially these days. 100% this. Medicine is data and peer review driven. Anything else can be dangerous. Now go out and get your Covid -19 shots HW.
  11. Hoffman returns early next week. Let’s go Edmundson!
  12. Hey man… we can just get 2 points another night
  13. Wake me up when Edmundson and Hoffman are back.
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