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  1. CapFriendly has already placed Byron on IR. Weber remains on the active roster. I wonder how long it'll take to have Weber verified as not playing next year (and potentially longer). Does this have any real meaning to the club currently?
  2. I think some of these teams didn’t read the memo on a flat cap for who knows how long.
  3. Has anyone done a DD on what Paquette brings to the table when compared to Danault?
  4. That’s a steal. Now let’s get some scoring pop.
  5. High stakes move by Bergy. I think this is a window into how badly he wants to win. I hope the player becomes a stud and a respected member of the community but if it doesn’t work out, the move looks brash when he simply could have traded the pick down for another 2nd rounder.
  6. So much for Price missing the start of the season. MB. Do your thing tonight!
  7. I’ve been thinking that if someone were to develop the AI for accurate drafting, they would have beaten Bezos into orbit.
  8. What’s the cap situation with the new info?
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