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  1. Sorry, got little empathy for any of them. Players union goes along with it, owners are businessmen and $$ drives alot, union has a member on committee from what very little i know, so is up to both parties to agree on how is dealt with. Are lots of more hazardous jobs than being part of the entertainment industry for all of 5-10years for most NHLers.
  2. Old time hockey Baby! Whooooohooo.
  3. Had nothing to do with them playing together or apart.
  4. I thought both he and 28 were pretty scary in own end last game.
  5. Fun finish, awesome to see the lil guy come through again. Hard to believe Leafs didnt fill the net in the 1st period; every superstar on their team was allowed to simply walk out front of net totally uncontested. #77 & #28 i can do without seeing playing tomorrow...but best they got i suppose.
  6. Ya, nothing here is realistic and good luck coming up with any scenario. You can complain about it, sure, but for forseeable future those two will be on Habs roster and we are gonna have to live with it.
  7. You do know how naïve this sounds? SO, what kind of realistic master plan do you actually propose to rid the team of these 2 players?
  8. 1/3 of that line is playing & using his brainsmarts well and we all know which player that is.
  9. Ahhh, he is getting his ring as a Hab next year and retiring a Hab as well.
  10. In OT and they toss out Evans and Caufield up front, love it!
  11. 100% coincidence, he looks ready for retirement...from what i have seen so far, give me Poehling, Teasdale or some other kid for 4th line wing instead.
  12. When he started in the WHL he seemed like he would be a solid NHLer, fast skater, physical, but never quit panned out.
  13. Nice call. Another comeback, sweet. Primeau needs rebound work or hopefully he was just a bit rusty. Suzuki seems to of kicked it up a notch.
  14. Staal 5:56, most ice of any Hab forward? 8:16 for #27
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