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  1. Zach Benson (5) & Eduard Sale (17) would both be intriguing prospects and barring Panther playoff run Habs should pick up couple good prospects similar to those 2 kids (if end up making both the picks).
  2. Dobes only faced 8 shot so far in a 5-0 route of Harvard...so Farrell's last game will be today.
  3. Who will move on this afternoon? How soon will Farrell be a pro? Will he be off to the world championships? Ohio State University vs Harvard University 2:00 pm (Bridgeport, Conn.) - NCAA Northeast Regional Semi Final (single elimination) - Watch on TSN.ca or RDS.ca Jakub Dobeš - Sean Farrell - Rögle BK at Skellefteå AIK 2:00 pm - SHL Quarter Final (Series tied 2-2) (best-of-7) Adam Engström - Tony Sund - KalPa Kuopio at Pelicans Lahti 12:30 pm - Liiga Quarter Final (Series tied 2-2) (best-of-7) Oliver Kapanen -
  4. 1g1a 4 shots for the captain, nice. 3 shots for Pezzetta in 6:01 icetime Dach with another strong game. 28:55 for Matheson Kinda setting in 28th spot with 10 games left. https://www.habsworld.net/2023/03/swayman-steals-win-from-habs/ https://www.habseyesontheprize.com/2023/3/24/23654270/farcical-officiating-contributed-to-a-testy-game-between-the-habs-and-bruins-nhl-refs-are-bad https://www.habseyesontheprize.com/2023/3/24/23654487/rating-the-montreal-canadiens-tank-nhl-draft-lottery-odds-the-beantown-nonsense-edition
  5. Watching taped game, after 2..awesome I thought was gonna be a blowout and still may be. Dach is looking great! But like Habs play so far.
  6. Dom Alphabet on The Athletic; did an interesting look at make-up of cup winning rosters and playoff series winners. Superstars carry the day for cup and playofff series winners. Boston has the most with 8 this year, sad to say the Panthers also up there with 7 i think it was. Only 54% of higher 'seeded' teams win series (fancy stats can up that % if betting as Commandant noted before).
  7. BU wins 5-1 Hutson 1g 3 shots +3 Tuch didnt play? https://www.ncaa.com/game/6131272
  8. Another loss. https://www.habseyesontheprize.com/ahl-laval-rocket/2023/3/23/23652588/laval-rocket-bridgeport-islanders-ahl-recap-score-highlights-emil-heineman-scores-in-losing-effort
  9. Maybe will 12 months from now? Especially if he improves on this years play, which might make for quite a fun year to follow, with another world juniors to play in also.
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