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  1. BUT...can Mailloux defend at the NHL level, i think is the big questionmark?
  2. Just 6 shifts, 4:50 for Xhekaj, 1 shift in 3rd period? 5 points out of 8, successful west road trip.
  3. Maillloux 2nd star of game in 5-3 loss. Measar 1st star of game.
  4. Mailloux 1g (10)1a both on the PP 4 shots, mid 3rd period
  5. https://www.nhl.com/news/shane-wright-recalled-by-seattle-kraken/c-338426382 Bit interested to see reaction and how he does, but dont really care.
  6. Kapanen left yestefday's game injured...no world juniors for him??? Struble also out, injury, sickness or discipline? Engstrom 0pts 18:15 in CHL 1/4 finals Mesar 0pts 3 shots mid 2nd period. Mailloux 1a 1 shot mid 2nd period. 16pts in 14 games for Mesar...seems underwhelming. Injury or perhaps just adapting to OHL play, not that production is terrible, but? Mesar, just out of spite, scores 2g, late 3rd. Maybe will get empty net hat trick goal?
  7. Hope Monahan takes his time healing up. Busy month for games to play, bunch road games upcoming. Fingers crossed Slafkovski's las learned from 2 huge hits, after letting up on play not expecting to get hammered. I saw Schenn licking his chops watching him go behind the net. Good time for Guhle to score a goal or two. NHL rookie d-scoring "race" ranking.
  8. #44 shat the bed for sure, not sure #26s play or trip was "brutal", but what do i know.
  9. 3 points so far on road trip. 5 of 8 would make for a successful west trip. https://www.habseyesontheprize.com/2022/12/6/23495865/canadiens-kraken-game-preview-start-time-tale-of-the-tape-and-how-to-watch-tv-listings Tale of the Tape Canadiens Statistics Kraken 12-11-2 Record 15-6-3 46.2% (25th) Scoring-chances-for % 50.1% (18th) 2.92 (22nd) Goals per game 3.67 (5th) 3.60 (27th) Goals against per game 3.13 (18th) 17.1% (29th) PP% 26.0% (8th) 79.1% (12th) PK% 66.7% (30th) 0-1-1 H2H Record (21-22) 2-0-0
  10. Hutson recognized again. https://goterriers.com/news/2022/12/6/mens-ice-hockey-hutson-repeats-as-hockey-east-defender-of-the-month.aspx
  11. At least St Louis & crew seemingly seems to have things in hand and gotta like the message. https://www.sportsnet.ca/nhl/article/st-louis-keeps-things-in-perspective-after-canadiens-blow-four-goal-lead/ "But, as he said, St. Louis never lost his composure. “The coaches aren’t really ones to scream or yell on the bench,” Harris added, “but there’s a certain level and standard they expect, and that’s how it should be.” St. Louis will address all of it with the Canadiens before they take to the ice on Tuesday, about how they need to be more consistent in every area of the ice. But the message will continue to be about building. “Our good was really good tonight, and we’ll just try to focus on that,” St. Louis said. Practice will be about cleaning up the bad."
  12. Entertaining game for sure, 50 more of those this season would be fine by me. #44 seemed to have thumb up butt on at least 3 goals. Armia & Dadanov had lots of icetime and both got a point at least. 2 bad teams put on a good show. Slafkovski, you could see that hit coming a mile away, clean hit i thought. He and Guhle need a bit more self-preservation in their games...but maybe i worry to much. https://www.habsworld.net/2022/12/habs-blow-huge-lead-to-fragile-canucks/ On to Battle the Kracken!
  13. Aves lineup tonight Hudon & Galchenyuk getting a chance to play.
  14. Was stick in skates, so obvious penalty. Whaaatt?
  15. will 1,2 or all 3 make the team? https://www.nhl.com/canadiens/news/beck-kidney-roy-invited-to-canadas-national-junior-team-selection-camp/c-338425530?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=post&utm_campaign=CHCcontent&utm_content=EN-1205-Canada-WorldJuniors
  16. Not sure Gallagher will ever be back to old form. Seems slower and out of wind often. Hope he comes back in couple weeks stringer than ever, but doubt he will ever be a 30 or even 20 goal scorer again.
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