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  1. I have given up the evil liquor, but Go Finn contingent Go! Maybe Ylonen can join em this season?
  2. Well $5.7m for 60points + key defensive play, is more correct and sounds way better.
  3. Not much happening and most likely seen TSNs bit on Guhle. Kid is now listed 15lbs heavier (6'3" 203) which cant hurt and nice to see him fill out a bit. https://www.tsn.ca/video/~2252326 Guhle 1g1a today, in 2nd period so far. Trudeau plays later today. (he managed to avoid getting any points in a 9-8 game, just 1 cross-checking penalty)
  4. Both Lehkonen & Armia are 30pt/yr guys. Maybe if all stars align they might be close to 20g in a year, but would be a career year.
  5. Hoping a better offense up front might offset even more plodding defense.
  6. Guhle 1a 2 days ago GUhle/Treadeau 0 pts yesterday world junior camp Tuch/Kapanen 0 pts 2 days ago.
  7. Oulette can manage a light load also, not saying he is solid; but nice cheap experienced adequate short term fill in. I am not too worried about 3rd pairing depth. Kinda assume are done tinkering on defense, unless one of the $3.5m clydesdales is included in trade deal (which aint happening). Chiarot in last year of deal; 7pts -18 Edmundson 2yrs younger, 13pts, +28 (Just so wide a disparity in stat is why using, Commandant, thats all!) If one does happen to be included in trade, just hope would be Chiarot.
  8. Realistic? You know that would be, one of Suzuki or Caufield.
  9. Which Habfan wouldnt, besides KK's mom?
  10. Devils advocate, seems like an easily tradable contract & player.
  11. Yup, pimple faced young fella, had to add picture,. just for that.
  12. 0pts for #11s in 5-4gm Kostenko 0pt in 4-1 pre-season game. July 31 games Sweden U20 at USA White U20 1:00 pm - World Junior Summer Showcase (Plymouth, Michigan) Luke Tuch (#11) - Finland U20 at USA Blue U20 4:00 pm - World Junior Summer Showcase (Plymouth, Michigan) Oliver Kapanen (#11) - Canada Red U20 vs Canada White U20 8:30 pm - Canada NJT Summer Showcase (Tsuutʼina Nation, Alberta) Kaiden Guhle (#00 White) - William Trudeau (#00 White) - https://habsprospects.com/
  13. Wonder how Brook & Norlinder will fare in training camp/pre-season. Would Norlinder accept starting season in Laval, or more likely NHL or back to Europe for another year and he wont be a #7 or 8 d-man?
  14. Dom L the athletic, not fond of Hoffman signing. Dont know if stat he refers to is important, but assume 'negative' whatever isnt good. ..."his inability to handle even-strength minutes will be an issue. He’s had a negative expected goals impact in five straight seasons, with last year’s being the ugliest."
  15. Dom L the athletic, not big on Savard deal; ..."I don’t think he’s a top-four defender anymore and at his age, a four-year deal carries a lot of unnecessary risk. He’s already not worth $3.5 million, what’s he going to be worth at 34? Savard’s best comps are Roman Polak, Braydon Coburn and Alexei Emelin."
  16. https://www.nhl.com/news/buffalo-under-no-pressure-to-trade-jack-eichel/c-325873862?tid=277548856
  17. Somehow, i dont see those 2 playing on same line. But, obviously hope they would play well together, maybe on the PP in a few years.
  18. Go #11 Go! July 30 games Finland U20 at USA White U20 1:00 pm - World Junior Summer Showcase (Plymouth, Michigan) Oliver Kapanen (#11) - Luke Tuch (#11) - July 28 games Finland U20 4 USA White U20 3 (Final) - World Junior Summer Showcase (Plymouth, Michigan) Oliver Kapanen (#11) - one goal (2) Luke Tuch (#11) - one goal (2)
  19. Interesting for sure. What would be cost?
  20. But, he didnt play 1 game in the NHL in 20-21, doesnt seem likely. Would be awesome though.
  21. When is training camp? Mid Sept?
  22. Was it Savard that crushed Suzuki a couple times with big hits? Or was that a Vegas d-man?
  23. Glad Habs didnt sign Perry to 2 years.
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