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  1. That's really feeble, then. One day, and a meaningless dollar maximum. Presumably NHLPA didn't want any higher fines. Really, it then leaves suspensions as the only option with teeth.
  2. One day's salary? Is that one game, or are they also counting days off in that calculation? I would up the maximum to 10 games' salary, no dollar maximum. To be donated to NHLPA retiired players support fund, or NHLPA Goals & Dreams -- basically it doesn't go to the owners, to make this more palatable for the players. But this will likely never happen.
  3. Kudos to Woll for 58 saves on 60 shots, gotta respect that.
  4. And then gone ahead, and then the Marlies have tied it up again. Up to 54 shots now, a crazy finish, but the Marlies are not serving this win on a platter, to be sure.
  5. Marlies not making it easy. No scoring in the first, and the Marlies are outscoring the Rocket 1-0 in the second, in spite of the Rocket outshooting them 21-5 in the first fifteen minutes of the period.
  6. And the blender is back on in today's practice ... Anderson - Danault - Caufield Toffoli - Suzuki - Armia Lehkonen - Kotkaniemi - Evans Frolik - Staal - Perry Edmundson - Petry Kulak - Chiarot Romanov - Merrill Gustafsson Anderson now on his off wing? Evans on RW? And yet another line combo for Kotkaniemi?
  7. I'll note here that Gretzky in his prime could score on roughly 20% of his shots, similar to Matthews -- and to Lafleur and Shutt. Of course, having linemates who can give you passes helps, too. But Ovechkin and Crosby, for example, never shot at that level. Dominant players, to be sure, but neither was dominant because of a particularly lethal shot, they were (are) more multi-dimensional.
  8. His shooting percentage is almost identical to Toffoli. But he has about 20% more ice time per game, and he shoots about 10% more per 60 minutes. Toffoli is capable of 50+ per season as well, if we can have linemates that give him the opportunities. Suzuki, Kotkaniemi, Anderson, maybe Ylonen?
  9. Well ... admittedly Toffoli only has 13 assists (Matthews has 24)
  10. So ... tied with the Jets now (yeah, they have the tiebreaker).
  11. Jets losing 1-2 with seconds left, Helleybuck also out of the net.
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