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  1. They are more optimistic about the Oilers than our members are!
  2. Two shots in the first period, even with four minutes of PP time.
  3. Is there any word anywhere on whether it's a blood clot somewhere, or a problem with his blood not clotting? From the way it's phrased, I suspect the latter, but I couldn't find any details.
  4. Yes ... but they might have picked Hayton or Zadina instead--both were picked before Hughes--and that would have been worse yet that Kotkaniemi.
  5. And the Flyers still don't know when or whether Michkov will come to the NHL.
  6. Indeed. When the Habs picked Slafkovsky, they said that they were not picking the best player that day, but, rather, the one they expected would be the best in five years. And, so far, so good ...
  7. This is similar to the football (soccer) VAR system: the VAR is an assistant referee, and the ultimate decision remains with the on-field referee. And I do agree that this would be better than having the league make the call.
  8. And I'm sure any new writers would be welcomed with open arms, to write commentary or opinion pieces of their own.
  9. That was the Florida D-man knocking the stick. The real question was the contact at the edge of the blue before that.
  10. So, is Nichuskin done in the NHL? Or will he be able to do a comeback somewhere else? It looks like he has lost two playoff series for Avalanche now so it seems unlikely that he'd be playing for them again.
  11. Almost all of those are one series only (Leafs, you know) so it may be how the opposing team plays against Matthews-Marner. The Bruins certainly contained him, but maybe some of those other teams (2018, 2022, 2023) did not. Not sufficiently motivated to analyze my theory, though! 😊 But, in a sense it's a small sample as almost every year it's only against a single team.
  12. Well, there was this guy named Ken Dryden. Traded at the end of the 1964 draft in a four-player deal (all newly-drafted players) from Boston to Montreal. The players involved didn't even know at first that they had been drafted by a different team!
  13. Tavares is the most likely one, I think. But current contract aside, I can't see that he would garner a huge return at age 33.
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