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  1. In 2016-17: 12:11 TOI (on 5v5), 9.5 shots/60, 10.64% shooting In 2020-21: 11:00 TOI 8.0 shots/60, 7.25% shooting The rookie season shooting percentage was likely unsustainable at 10.64%; 7.25% is low but not atrocious. He's taking 15% fewer shots/50, and in addition to that, he's getting 10% less 5-on-5 time, and instead playing on PK, where is far less likely to score. The biggest factor is the drop in shooting percentage but 15% fewer shots/60 and 10% less 5-on-5 time make in impact.
  2. Who was he playing with back then? I can't remember that far back ...
  3. I don't think there is any compelling reason why they have to trade Eichel, but I think at this point they want to, as long as their return is high enough. Eichel's NMC kicks in a year from now so it might get more difficult to trade him at that point, as Eichel will be able to veto teams he doesn't want to go to. Although he might not do that if he really wants to get out of Buffalo ...
  4. Agreed. But that extra $2.5M would make moving Byron a "must" just to get back to the cap level we have today. Of course Bergevin may be working on that as I write this ...
  5. Right. It's the Habs or back to Sweden, though, he will not be in the AHL this year.
  6. Yes, he was. But the AHL is not the NHL. Leskinen was doing well in Laval, too, but couldn't play well enough to break into the Habs lineup. The gap between the two leagues is substantial, and it's a tough transition for many players.
  7. Apparently 2x $1.25M. I didn't think we would be able to get him for the league minimum again.
  8. Presumably Bergevin was only offering one year.
  9. If we consider player development babysitting and can't give him a chance to develop some chemistry with his linemates we should just give him away. And focus on trading for older players rather than drafting young ones.
  10. Definitely not suggesting "always" or permanent linemates. But I would like to see what Kotkaniemi can do having the same linemates for 15-20 games.
  11. We are not a cup contender. We wouldn't be even if we had signed Douglas Hamilton. And we won't be next year, either. Doesn't mean that a playoff run won't happen, and that really should be the goal: get in the playoffs (and not on the last day of the season), and start by winning the first-round series.
  12. Not yet. No word on anyone else pursuing him at the moment.
  13. He said he was specifically going to work on his skating, and I think that's a good move. He has strength and muscle already, but some additional speed would help -- and better balance, too. The skating coaches Armia has been using are quite good.
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