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  1. Meh, they are just a bubble team, one point out of the last wild card spot! 🤣 🤣 🤣
  2. So that would be replacing Rob Ramage. And do Lapointe and Ramage need to be replaced? Are they less than competent?
  3. It'll good for him to get the experience of the WHL playoff run, which would have been unlikely in Prince Albert. The Raiders get two younger players, two first-round picks and two later picks, a nice haul that will help them build for the future.
  4. ... and finally it's a 4-3 OT loss. 1g+1a for each of Harvey-Pinard and Dauphin. Primeau 23 saves on 27 shots.
  5. And 3-1 on a 2PP at the end of the second now.
  6. The only scenario that I can see where Ducharme survives into the next season is that the new management gives him clear marching orders on what they expect and he then follows through with a thorough change of approach to coaching the team. And I wouldn't bet on that happening.
  7. I would much rather have Scotty as an advisor (I expect he is not looking for full-time employment at this point).
  8. Thank you! Add to that, the right personality that can both work effectively with Gorton and deal with the media, and I think we'll have a winner for this race.
  9. I suspect that the GM will report to the EVP Hockey Ops. It's the way it should work based on the titles, too. This would simplify the decision-making, but it might still be a delicate dance for both Molson and Gorton. But if it works, it'll be the best thing Molson has done for the Habs' management organization.
  10. I agree. He needs to play. He won't develop sitting on the bench or in the press box.
  11. Not a figurehead. More like a Senior Assistant General Manager.
  12. Given that Solomon got the interim assignment over Madden, and they are doing an external search, I don't think Madden is super high on their list.
  13. Assuming their teams make Darche and Madden available to us. Although seems to be the usual practice ...
  14. One problem is that the Habs were trying to attack but they still ended up with faceoffs in the defensive zone. But, in any case, looking at the shift charts, I think neither Evans or Lehkonen played a lot in the third period, so I think that 60% would be three starts from only five shifts.
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