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  1. Don't want another box. And prefer to have an option to watch either on the TV or on my PC.
  2. $200 at the moment, if you have not subscribed yet.
  3. From one old man to another ... I think this is now the only option for streaming (apart from the "free" streams that rebroadcast nhl.com). $200 sounds like only $17/month, but it's really more like $29/month of Habs games.
  4. Beck was 10/17 on faceoffs, not bad at all for an 18yo kid in his first NHL game. Maybe he could give some lessons to Dach?
  5. The Athletic had a story about this. Apparently Mysak picked it up from watching Bellemare switching from left to right last spring, and practised it. Beck saw him doing it, and decided to try it himself, too. Apparently he's using that for all the left-side faceoffs.
  6. So, the option to buy streaming from the NHL in Canada is gone now. And I can't see the option to subscribe to the French broadcasts only on the Sportsnet site. Now, Sportsnet Now Premium is on sale for the time being for $199.99 for the year. And it appears to not have regional blackouts for the Habs if you are subscribing outside the Habsland, but still "Limited blackouts apply". Small print says "All Sportsnet exclusive games are available blackout-free on SN NOW PREMIUM. If a game is on more than one network, the game is subject to regional blackouts. SN NOW PREMIUM includes all out-of-market games blackout free." Can someone decode this? How many Habs games would this exclude? $200/year is getting to the acceptable range, given that I don't pay a monthly cable bill.
  7. I'll have to wait for them to visit Kitchener!
  8. Finding a credible Danault/Bergeron-style centre in the second would be super fantastic. I will hope for good things from Beck, but I'm not about to start holding my breath yet.
  9. That's a grand total of four 2021-22 regulars in the lineup tonight (Caufield, Hoffman, Pitlick and Allen). Or maybe five, if you include Pezzetta in that category. Looking forward to seeing what the kids can do in a little bit more serious game than the rookie tournament.
  10. If he was able to elevate his game to the Toews and Kane level as an 18yo, that could be what convinced Hughes to trade for him, even if he wasn't able to drive the play with Chicago's bottom-six wingers next to him.
  11. This. I'm very interested in what some of our prospects (Slafkovsky, Guhle, Hutson etc) can do in the NHL, but it's really too early for me to start counting those pumpkins ...
  12. "might not be sidelined too long" -- isn't that what we thought last September, too?
  13. I find it unlikely that they would trade for an Edmundson replacement at this point, unless he is done for the season somehow (and from the incident description that shouldn't be likely). My money is either on a waiver pickup or another younger defenceman (if Hugo can find one that's available at a reasonable price), at this point in the rebuild picking up a struggling grizzled vet really doesn't make sense.
  14. Hmmm. St-Louis insisted it was "lower body".
  15. I'd say Matheson qualifies as a top-four LD. And they have added Barron and Harris to what we had a year ago. In addition, Edmundson's current injury does not appear to e a recurrence of last season's back injury.
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